Alley Cat's Pizza  


The winner of the Jason's Cup Marketing Competition is 朱 英禎  of Huafan University.  She is a hardworking student who has never missed a class.  The ideas she came up with are not only creative, but also feasible.  To those who took the time to participate in this compeition, I want you know that I appreciate your effort.  There will be plenty of other competitions next semester. 

The winner will receive NT$1,000 and one large pizza.

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  • esltalk
  • Yes, please make sure you include your name and your class (Monday 8-9) in your post. So far no one has entered the competition; therefore your have a good chance at winning. Have fun with it!
  • 機電2-B
  • B9602111 林洋菘

    In the YAHOO home page, receives seeks the cat to throw over Sa, will receive seeks to receives popularly seeks has the cat to throw over the Sa then curious person to select achieves the advertisement effect not to spend money

    在YAHOO首頁,收尋貓披薩 ,收尋到熱門收尋有貓披薩 然後好奇的人就會點 就達到廣告效果 又不用錢
  • 機電2-B
  • B9602097莊家豪

    You can post poster in convenience store(ex:7-11).
  • b9602126 黃裕方
  • You can search yahoo's lifestyle play advertisement or if you have a good results to school or work , that you can take a some discount. And I have a good ideal that an good artisan to a meal .
  • 林廉晧
  • 機電2A B9602010

    If I have to be part of my pizza shop. I want to every one welcome to my pizza shop can feeling that nice and warm right away. So I want that color decoration inside are pink and white mainly. Because of it can make come people he or she in commont with at home. There are still some left I want to use great material really inside. Very important thin even though the price will to low price.
  • B9611058 張皪文
  • 環設二 B9611058 張皪文(Monday8-9)
    According to the advertisement propaganda,I am of the opinion that some measures can be use.I think in order to attract the pedestrian to pay attention.Therefore,I have some suggestions to tackle the things.To begin with,publishes the newspaper and distribution of leaflets around the corner.Second,a coupon for pizza from pizza shop was designed as the product stimulus.At last,we may lay aside the TV monitors to hit the advertisement in the shop entrance.
  • Cicenly
  • well, I not sure where to posted.

    Here are Cicenly and Teresa.

    Our idea are posted below:

    First,hire someone to paint an artistic mural that ties into Alley cat's name,logo and information at 中山二號美術公園,大安森林公園,天母公園,南港公園 and 長安綠地擴建區 etc.

    Secondly,ask the local bookstores to insert coupon in cookbooks.

    but,we think the best idea should be:write message on the sidewalk in front of the store,with provocative sayings like,"pizza eating cat!" such like that.
    It would be fun.


  • ed
  • another suggest b9610137

    In looks like second life at on-line game to build a virtual dining room. Let everone know this special restaurant
  • B9611034 冉彩彤
  • 環設二 B9611034 冉彩彤 My class (Monday 8-9)

    You can start from the shop transformation, that can attract the customer vision is the shop front. Second, the good propaganda designs poster can attract people. The poster marks the shop the address or the map, posts in the shop front nearby bulletin board or the Convenience store. To send in the lively area some the circular.
    Set a blog, puts some picture that to made pizze process or the pizza menu picture, underlines Alleycat’s pizza quality of thing.
    To hold eat the activity. Let everybody to know that pizza the taste.
  • 機電2B B9602065 許承弘
  • 機電2B B9602065 許承弘

    For me,
    Friends said"This store's food is delicious , you can try it"
    This way is good.
    so I think a way.
    The way is everybody talk to everybody.
    for example:
    0 ~ 5 people "10 percent off"
    5 ~ 10 people "20 percent off"
    over 10 people "30 percent off"
    The old customer find his friend.
    His friend find his friend again.
    This way can let many customers know this store.
  • 機電二B B9602083 蘇詠評
  • Idea

    My idea is holds the activity which promotion and the beloved pet eat together

    If you will bring your beloved pet in the store to eat the pizza together you have obtain cheaply the price and for you and your beloved pet photograph

    Afterward you and your beloved pet picture show in the store, these pictures can hold the voting,have most the ticket can get reward
  • 電子2B B9603102 謝承志
  • 電子2B B9603102 謝承志
    You can use of propaganda posters.To collect a photograph or picture.
    No matter the joy of things, sad, funny, stupid,warm. Can 10 percent off.
  • 美術二B9609003鄧首威
  • You can use some prize with your commodities, let customer want buy it.

    When they consume, giving a point, if they collect ten points, they can exchange some prize,

    Add the price of your commodities, but write “25% discount” on your advertisement.
  • 環設二B9611076林太郎
  • Almost Famous
    Loagn: Are u still working at pizza restaurant?
    Mark:Yes, although I don’t quite like that job but I’ll still working on it.
    Loagn: Is any problem with this job?
    Mark:It’s a bad time, because of economic getting worse, plus too many similar restaurants so the business can’t get better. Do you have any good idea for promotion?
    Loagn: Let me think! could try working with dancing studio.
    Mark: I can’t get it. how?
    Loagn:.First, you must know the level of costumers in your restaurant. If students are your costumers for the most part, than you need to focus on students. Moreover, they normally eat at restaurant with low price. However, the promotion spread is very quickly between students.
    Mark:mm..and? anything eles?
    Loagn: Nowadays, dancing is the most popular hobbits for young people so you can consider teaming up with them, such as be their sponsor to support their performance. Second, post poster of advertisement at their studios. Thus, students will be attracted by the poster.
    Mark: Loagn! What a cool idea. Let me give it a try. Thanks loagn!
    LoagnBy the way! You could even do three people get one free for promotion. That will be great.
    Mark:Well. I really appreciate you. If I succeed with all your plans, than, you will get free pizza for good in my restaurant.
    Loagn: Haha…thanks. I am on diet.
  • 機電4Ab9402011陳漢章
  • The unpaid holiday gives favored treatment specially 8 zhe, Monday to Friday, proves depending on the staff has the preferential benefit.
  • 資二A  B9610012  游淑雯
  • If I am boss, I may in has holiday time give the 20% discount preferential price, and in proclaims the circular in the neighbor lively place release, may also by in proclaim in the circular to print the preferential benefit volume.
  • 環設二B9611043吳思妤
  • 環設二B9611043吳思妤(Monday8-9)
    1. The brand vivid advertisement (media, plane) - increase the exposure rate, enhances the customer
    2. to provide to the commodity approval sends out the service, increases the customer convenience, so as to raises in Gaodian the turnover

  • b9610024 李明展
  • Hi!Everybody!
    Look here!
    The hot pot shop conducts opens a shop the celebration!
    No matter is any pot class! A rate 20% discount!
    Moreover! The full ten pots deliver a pot!
    Welcome the electricity booking!
  • 孫士倫   b9602053  機2A
  • 孫士倫 b9602053 機2A

    孫士倫 b9602053 機2A

    Network will be a key, and it can’t be lacked for now people, I feel that we can try to use “無名小站” to be a advertisement, for example, we can set up a blog. We can paste a pizza's picture, and then present to a favorable program, just like to discuss in the guestbook, and let everybody to discuss a plan to decide buying and selling, this can be close to young man, from young man popularize a pizza’s store.
  • 機電二B  B9602093  盧柏辰
  • 1. Asks the entertainer to crank up the advertisement or to conduct the compassion activity again increases the popularity using the television media and the news.

    2. Using the network popular search, the tribe standard, nameless and so on increase checking over one by one rate to increase the popularity.

    3. Establishes shop owner's credit or by gives a discount the volume, the present thing with the specialized service attitude and so on to increase customer's attraction.
  • 中文2  B9606072林子瓊
  • Can use the network, or using the propaganda playbill, the lovable small stray cat which joins in the shop, causes the human to pay attention, perhaps may use some small techniques, for example: Every to alley the cats consumer, has with the cat related goods, all enjoys the preferential benefit
  • 電子2A B9603060 高偉倫
  • idea

    I think we can sends the circular on nearby school .

    The circular is written : If your test get 100 then you take your examination paper to come , you can get a free small pizza , and if you come with your parents , we will give you 20%off

    this is my humble opinion :)
  • 機電2A B9602026吳民凱
  • 1.Birthday on the day,the dinner party in our restaurant.The birthday person can be a free meal.

    2.Birthday that month.well be get a free beautiful gift.

    3.During the more than NT1000,our restaurant .You can get a free small pizza.
  • 環設二B9611042吳思瑩
  • A person comes to hit 85 booklets, two person of above colleagues hit 85 fold again 95 booklets, at the same day has the longevity god, the longevity god hits 85 folds again 95 booklets, and has the mystical small gift
  • 環設二 B9611057 李欣樺
  • 環設二 B9611057 李欣樺 (Monday8-9)
    I think you can hold a taste activity.If the taste is good,people will visit many times,and they also take their friends to go.It can let more people to know Alleycat's Pizza.Or you can invite idols to endorse Alleycat's Pizza,and to hold some propaganda.By way of media,it can let Alleycat's Pizza be more famous.
    I hope these ways can help you:)

    By the way,I visit the Alleycat's Pizza's website.There looks warm,it is a good place to relax with friends,and Alley is so cute.I will visit next time.
  • 中文二 b9606040 劉怡婷
  • I will to hold a competition that could let person to statement the pizza . If could to statement very well , we can to give a reward to eat the pizza for free. Or to hold a party can eating the pizza for free ,and to elect who dress up most like the cat king or queen , they could be shop sign.
  • 環設二 B9611003 游顯光
  • 1. Monday to Sunday everyday launch different sense of taste give a special discount of 50 per cent.
    2. Employees took to the streets and issuing around the coupon.
  • b9610084 連姿晴
  • Hello!Welcome to Eats bakes full!
    Here provided all kinds of baked the material to supply you edible!
    Now just when the anniversary celebrates!
    Now so long as comes here full five people to deliver three high-quality beef!
    The full ten people deliver five beef sur- person of free!
    Welcome the booking!TEL:02-99564324
  • 李傑
  • Pizza Hot到家

    I think I can hit and promote fighting first
    Cheap period first
    Or have full period first
    Can try to put up the advertisement in yahoo home too
    Perhaps can try and send and propagate in a lot of places of crowd singly
    For example: A Ding, east district in west,et al. a lot of place
  • 電子2B B9603085 陳敬
  • 電子2B B9603085 陳敬
    I think that you can Invitation the spirit idol to speak on behalf for this product,Or reduces slightly this product or discounts,This should somewhat be possible to let more people purchase such product.
  • 中文二b9606044鄭宇芯
  • Alleycat's Pizza

    Alleycat's Pizza provides many kinds of pizza.
    We started Alleycat's Pizza in Taipei not long age.
    So our pizza all have been marked down by 15.
    If you order under 10 pizzas,we will give you unbeatable discounts!
    And you will have free pizzas with "Buy ten give two"
    Furthermore,using the "allowance of government" also have discounts.
    For example, pizza ought to NT200,but when you used the "allowance of government" ,you will only pay NT150!
    Finally,we will hold a "Big Stomach king" game.
    If you got first prize,you will have half-yearly free pizza coupon!
  • 機電二 B9602019吳宇翔
  • If I am a store shopkeeper, I will implement some discount plan shampooo to buy deliver greatly am young, the drink initial cost 20, will buy 3 pot 50 Yuan total price remaining sum less than 10 Yuan direct rejections
  • 環設2 B9611038莊孟儒
  • Alley cat's is not common in Taipei
    Maybe is not have good location
    The exposure rate too low
    So must make the union with the advertisement or DM.
    Each has the specific pizza special price daily Monday to Friday(Ex:Subway)
    The advertisement may tie up pizza the bladder to let the customer be easier to see

  • B9609059 黃貞羽

    The restaurant fundamental set wants complete and the service must be good.
    Finally conducts some theme activity to lead the atmosphere.
    Let the server put on the subject clothing to attract the customer.
    For example female servant attire and Punk wind, Indian wind and so on.
    Meal the spot completes shouted that the slogan lets the customer increase the curiosity.
  • 美術二 B9609059 黃貞羽
  • Above has the mistake.


    The restaurant fundamental set wants complete and the service must be good.
    Finally conducts some theme activity to lead the atmosphere.
    Let the server put on the subject clothing to attract the customer.
    For example female servant attire and Punk wind, Indian wind and so on.
    The meal completes shouted that the slogan lets the customer increase the curiosity.
  • 工設二 b9605014 張譽馨 星期一下午ㄧ,二節
  • In my opinion, Alley cat's pizza's main clients are working people. To increase student customer, you may give some special discout just for students. For exampe, you can give 8% discount by student's identity card, and so on. You may also support some school's activities like the baseball game they hold then students will advertise your store on school's web or Ptt as reward. On the special holiday, you could make something special that just support on that day, people always like special and surprise, like special menu or special souvenirs. You may send out handbill to pedestrians to advertise your restaurent and let more and more people know it. These ideas above are my tactics to promote store's brand, i hope they can be effective.
  •  機電二B9602100 江德威
  • 1.
    May deliver the company or the school asks everybody to try to eat the coordinate dwelling anxiously then.
    Promotes the special taste with the menu which innovates.
    Conducts the activity non-periodically or sends to be possible to hit the popularity
  • 環設二B9611033李純因
  • Alleycat's Pizza,it's a rarely known pizza in Taiwan.
    But you may engage in a activity in the specific holiday .(Ex: X'mas,halloween...)
    And in ordinary day ,you can hypothesis subject ,and change everyday.(Ex:movie music....)
    At the same day the visitor is putting on the related subject classical clothing or carries concerns this subject material, may obtain a Croccante.And also change everyday.
    You can sends the circular to people,let more people know this news.
  • 環設2  丁婉玉B9611044
  • Do some discount to attract people to try.
    Because Alleycat's Pizza's is not famous.
    Make the ad or mark to let people remeber.
  • 電子2A B9603058 楊偉智
  • If you want to enable a shop to promote the human spirit all of a sudden, my idea is night of the use likely night of shop general subject, but the PIZZA shop may comply with similarly, meal which if can put on assigns clothes that same day which selects to have the discount, but such method has held the heart which the young people like playing, as well as distinctive quality.
  • 環設2B9611049黃哲瑋
  • People can apply for a VIP card,and people who have VIP card can buy PIZZA by 20% off.
    Buy large PIZZA can have Pepsi coke for free.
  • B9611026趙紘毅環設2
  • In fact, could be invited in accordance with some influential figures to volunteer artists or marketing, as well as leaflets sent and held some small activities such as try to eat or concessions
  • 悄悄話
  • 中文2 王心妤
  • 1.we have a number of well-known.
    2.It's have marketing campaign ex:when our custorms buy our goods ,we can give some rebate in marketing campaign.
    3.sponsor t.v. program or soap opera.
  • 張承雯
  • 英文報告-行銷策略Marketing strategy
    If we want to sell one to throw over the pizza shop,we need some good drops.
    For example, we have to let the customer know the shop characteristic is anything. Is likely in shop product or shop owner characteristic and so on .
    Then we may penetrate the communication media to propagandize .Is likely the television advertisement or the magazine and so on way .
    By these methods,the customer may have the preliminary understanding to our shop.
    But has the curiosity after our shop,then possibly comes in the shop to expend. This is a good start.
    Then gets down we then to be possible to grasp customer's heart from the service attitude. By has politeness manner kindly,in addition delicious throws over pizza,believed that the consumer may have the confidence to us,further becomes in the shop faithful customer.
    Hands down because of the old customer good oral traditions,thought that can have more people to be willing to visit to patronize.
    Begins first from the marketing,holds customer's heart again,I thought that this is road of only way the successful management.

  • B9611039 黃慈雯 環設二
  • The full receipt of NT$500 can be exchanged one small pizza when being added by NT&150 according to doing shopping.
  • B9606006 朱英禎 中文二
  • In order to excite the consumption rate , We designed several kind of promotion plans to enhance the expense in this recession time.

    * The following is several promotion plans:

    1. With the Convenience store cooperation, the collection full ten spots deliver small pizza

    2. Expends the full 2000 Yuan, delivers the Department store to give a discount the volume

    3. Extra service, over value meal matching movie admission ticket

    4. Conducts the activity to attract everybody regularly , for example big stomach king competition and marketing competition. . . And so on

    5. The expense collection spot, achieves certain points to be possible the free exchange different complimentary gift

    The hope may penetrate above marketing method to raise the consumption rate, enables the pizza shop to be possible to achieve certain economic level.
  • 周喜文B9606070
  • 【作業】

    店名:Alley Cat’s Pizza
    1. 店的所在位置很不好找,麗水街那邊的門牌號碼都會亂跳。
    2. 網路上,沒有專屬的「中文網站」,所以客人如果想要了解這家店是在哪裡、菜單是什麼,有什麼樣的特色,這些資訊並不是很容易找到。
    3. 招牌很小,而且用的色系偏暗,可以說非常的不顯眼,很容易沒看到就走過去了,在加上從店名上來看,看不太出來是個披薩店,也沒有清楚的圖示或者標誌。
    4. 麗水電的入口處是一個狹小、向下的樓梯,裡面燈光又很昏暗(暗紅色),很容易讓第一次來的客人望而卻步,不敢走進去。
    5. 裡面實在太狹窄了、座位也不夠。
    6. 價格並沒有很平價,以這種裝潢來說,有點高了。

    1. 如果還要再開加盟店的話,盡量不要選在小巷弄或者是路牌號碼亂跳的地方,可以考慮開在鬧區的轉角處。
    2. 建議設置專屬的中文介紹網站,可以介紹店裡的菜單、特色,也可以有清楚的地圖標示、電話、營業時間、活動、顧客意見表…等。
    3. 招牌盡量選用對比強烈的顏色,店名也應該特別強調”Pizza”的部份,最好外面立個清楚的標誌(例如:一隻貓嘴上叼個大披薩、旁邊板子上寫招牌菜之類的。),這樣路過的人會比較敢走進去。
    4. 店的入口處也應盡量寬敞、燈光明亮。
    5. 有時候吃東西就是在乎一種氣氛,店內位置太少的話,坐不到位子的客人就只好外帶了.,建議店內盡量寬敞一點,再用裝潢隔開。
    6. 店員的服裝可以再變化,女僕裝之類的,可以常常更換,帶來新鮮感。

    Name: Alley Cat's Pizza
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan Lishui Street, 6 on the 1st
    1. Shop location is不好找, Lishui Street side will bounce house number.
    2. The Internet, there is no exclusive "Chinese websites", so customers want to know if the shop is where the menu is, what kind of features, such information is not very easy to find.
    3. Signboards small and used偏暗color, it can be said very inconspicuous, it is easy to not see the left over, in addition from the name of it, do not come out is a pizza shop, nor clear icon or symbol.
    4. Li hydropower is a narrow entrance, down the stairs, which are very dim lighting (dark red), the first time makes it easy for guests to discourage, not daring to go into.
    5. There be too narrow and not enough seats.
    6. Do not have a very cheap price, this decoration is a bit high.

    How to improve in order to bring more tourists?
    1. If they were required to re-open stores, then try not to elections in the small alleys or signs bounce number of places, can be considered in the downtown area of the corner.
    2. Proposed by the Chinese to introduce the exclusive website, you can introduce the store's menu, features, they can have a clearly marked map, phone, hours of operation, activities, customer feedback table ... and so on.
    3. Signboards try to choose a strong color contrast, the name should also be special emphasis on "Pizza" part, preferably outside the legislature a clear sign (for example: a cat talking about a big pizza Diao next board to write signature dishes like.) so that people passing through it would be more daring and went.
    4. Shops should also be possible at the entrance to the spacious, bright lights.
    5. Sometimes care to eat is an atmosphere that little shop location, then less than a seat guests to sit on the outer had., It is recommended that the spacious store as much as possible, and then separated decoration.
    6. Shopkeeper clothing can change, such as maid installed, you can often replace, bringing freshness.
  • 汪芷安B9611041
  • This very day formally starts since the promotion activity.As long as 2′s aring together dressed in the same clothes can immediately possess a special discount.2 people go together to enjoy a 10% discount. 3 people go together to enjoy a 20% discount . The capacity is 100 everyday and want to buy as quickly as possible!
  • 俞怡辰 中文二B9606075
  • 英文報告-行銷策略Marketing strategy

    Our pizza are all hand made, it's different from pizza found elsewhere.
    Thin crusts are crispy and crunchy and thick crusts are for bread lovers.

    Our seafood are hand-picked each morning from the market place.
    on the go to ask:Anything to drink?Are you finished?
    (Would you like me to clear this from the table?)
    Would you like more water?
    Would you like anything else?
    Men's restroom is upstairs
    Minimum charge is 2000 for the room
  • Yvonne :)
  • Good idea !

    Dear Jason,

    In my opinion, the best ways to Alleycat's pizza are as follows:

    Firstly, I would like to spend little money to produce key ring, and
    each store will have a pizza made key ring.
    Then more people in the station or the local release.
    And to work with the Catalog.
    Catalog have to be above all the pizza shop.

    Secondly, With key ring to store the consumer can enjoy a 20 percent discount.

    Last but not least, to launch activities a 公仔.
    Each key ring with a 公仔.
    Besides, A series of combinations,Consumers can collection.
    The special 公仔 is it?


    I believe that consumers will have to collect toys and eat pizza.

    I believe that this series of promotions, be able to attract not only children but also serves to attract young people.

    I hope you will like the idea.

  • 北科國貿-陳姿樺&王姵雅
  • A advantage of resources, such as big screen may played University portfolio or interior sales of product.
  • Linda
  • 1. We could take the discount to custamers on holidays or celebration.

    2. Welcome customers to join the membership .
    They can enjoy lots of welfare and pays off it.

    3. Give the special presents to members whose birthday is on this month.

    4. Collecting cards to exchange some products or gifts which they want.

    Thank you !:)
  • Amber
  • At first , we can take discount on our product to attract cusomers, then give mean to get back to them.
  • 北台灣 59461148 BONNIE

    About Alleycat’s Pizza’s marketing strategies.
    We can exploit the website to disseminate Alleycat’s Pizza.
    Like use the keyword to search the website.
    This way is commonly seen.
    Young and working professional would be an optimal target consumer group.
    Those people most likely surf the net to search information what they want.
    If they saw Alleycat’s Pizza’s advertisement on the YAHOO.
    Maybe they curious about search Alleycat’s Pizza,and want to know more what a restaurant about Alleycat’s Pizza.
    They have difference between other pizza shop.
    We use the traditional way to bake the pizza.
    Intice people to want to getna taste.
    And we can put some discount tickets on the Alleycat’s Pizza ‘s website.
    Everybody can print that.
    Increase people want to eat Alleycat’s Pizza.
    The other, in the weekend can build a activity ”TRY EAT!!”
    This activity can let everypeople to taste different other pizza.
    Just have baked pizza scent to trigger people come to see.
    What’s that got robust flavor and this does look very appetizing.
    This is a good marketing campaign too.

    關於Alleycat’s Pizza 的行銷手法
    我們可以善用網路,去宣傳Alleycat’s Pizza
    若他們在YAHOO的首頁見到Alleycat’s Pizza的廣告
    可能會好奇的去搜尋Alleycat’s Pizza
    想了解Alleycat’s Pizza是怎麼樣的一間店
    Alleycat’s Pizza不同於其他的Pizza連鎖店
    且可以在Alleycat’s Pizza的網站上放上一些折價卷
    增加了想去吃Alleycat’s Pizza的意願
    另外 在假日可以舉辦試吃大會
    什麼東西聞起來很香 讓人流口水
    也會燃起大家的食慾 因此來到店內用餐

  • Oscar huahsing
  • Alleycat’s Pizza

    *I think the boss can dress the "BIG PIZZA" at his shop and send flyers ~(that is so cut)
    *I think changing external appearances only first change signboards ~(要非常誇張且一目了然) that is best
    *The money and food can Reasonable
  • B9606038
  • I think the pizza store can collaborate with the credit card company. To collect the bonus points can get a free pizza.
  • b9602120 陳曦涵
  • You can on the Apple Daily. I think we should be hard not to notice.