Balboa Island, California Venice in CA? 

I grew up in southern California, one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Some of my students have asked me to write about stories of my hometown in my blog so that they may see America through my eyes.  Balboa Island is the first installment of my hometown stories.  Balboa is located in Orange County, California.  Personally, I think Orange County has more culture and class than its neighboring L.A. County.  People who reside in this part of the town are considered "old money."  There is a free shuttle that takes you from the LAX airport to Balboa everyday.  Once you are here, you can rent a kayak for $15-$20 per hour or you can rent a boat for $50-$70 per hour.  If you are on a tight budget, you can take a harbor excursion or a dinner ferry.  Tour guides on these excursions will fill you in on the history of the island and the latest gossip news in town.  Many of the yachts in the harbor are owned by Hollywood celebrities.  Once in a while, yacht owners would invite you to board their yacht to have a drink or smoke a fat joint (hey, it happened to me).  From the harbor, you can board a ferry to the Catalina Island, another paradise on earth.  As you are cruising through the harbor, you will feel like you are in Venice.  There are plenty of good bars and restaurants in Balboa.  My favorite is the Ruby's Diner on Balboa Pier.  They serve the best fish tacos in orange county.  You and your date could watch the sunset on the pier and enjoy your Mexican food at the same time.  I can't think of anything more romantic than that.  For more stories on other romantic hangout spots in California, please come back to visit my blog.  I will have periodic photo and video updates for you.


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  • Student
  • Teacher,
    You grow up the place is very beautiful.
    Really enviable.>"<
  • 吾
  • 上課想上什麼課程,是留言在這邊嗎。
  • 華梵機電2A
  • B9602126黃裕方

    I hope you can put your photograph , because I like taking photo and I'm learning . so can you put your photo for this blog. Anyplace is all ok.
  • 悄悄話
  • 華梵機電2B B9602083 蘇詠評
  • Can i want to know any people usual at other country?
    Usually eat something or drive the car usual something.
    Buy the house usually,look it important first.
    If teacher you know why,people usual it.
    I hope you can put in your bolg.
  • 資二A  B9610012  游淑雯
  • I want to know some every year certainly will snow place, also wants to know that said that they when snowing how was to pass, certainly also wanted to look at some snowscapes picture.
  • 環設二B9611041汪芷安
  • I suggest that the teacher can announce for American humanities special feature in the place ,isn't special feature in the tour place of sort .BE the humanities of concerning this place feeling customs .Allow us to understand this place in the United States so big so much,but feeling customs very different.
  • 機電2B B9602065 許承弘
  • I want to know representative of the food in any country.
    I like to eat.
    I hope than you can put picture or write in your blog.
    Thank you.
  • 中文二 b9606040 劉怡婷
  • I suggest teacher can introduct foreign music in class .
  • 機電2-B 9602097 莊家豪
  • I want to know pretty girl in any country.
    And I want teacher paste girl's picture.
  • 機電二 B9602019吳宇翔
  • I want to know that American where has the natural landscape also to have some special local custom
  • 機電 2-B B9602111 林洋菘
  • Introduced that concerns some overseas good food, I to eat the comparison to care.
  • 中文二 b9606028 江依亭
  • I hoped that teacher may introduce American some amusing places and the good food, but also has, if must arrive at the US to study away from home, which matters needs to pay attention to?
  • 機電二A B9602059 王思惟
  • Put on an English song and have the translation in blog every week.
  •  孫士倫  機電2A  b9602053
  • 孫士倫 機電2A b9602053

    孫士倫 機電2A b9602053

    Teacher’s blog which can paste something special up because I feel teacher is a various person. Therefore, the blog can paste some article up which suggest how to live to be interested and be more meaningful.
  • 林廉晧
  • 機電2A B9602010

    Hello my teacher I want to propose your blog can write down your ordinary mood a diory. Sometime can to share your between man and woman .And also about at school to get along students . Either talk about reading in USA . At lest I very want see about investment in your blog.

  • 中文2 林子瓊  B9606072
  • I hoped that teacher you later may let us look cinema English this appearance we can be very happy
  • 中文二 高于婷
  • post more pictures of your beautiful face so there will be lots of guys downloading them!
  • 中文二B9606057彭世玟
  • Mr. Jason, could you introduce some rock bands?
    I LUV rock & roll very much!Especially lyric rock songs.
  • B9603006張瀚軒
  • I suggest that you can put some pictures and photographs about landscape in your blog.Besides, you can further describe and introduce these pictures;emphasize the features of one place to every reader.
  • B9611038 環設2莊孟儒
  • Jason
    Could you introduce Beatles albums?
    Of course, almost everybody born during the past 60 years or so has heard of the band but I find the majority of people don’t really know their music in depth and what made them so influential. I’m sure most of you have heard the familiar Beatles’ hits such as “Hey, Jude” or “Let it Be”.
  • 中文二 B9606018 吳芊玳
  • i want to know your personality and ordinary action of leisure time ,example:rightful.extroversion...etc & play
    i hope you can talk youself more.
  • 中文二 B9606074 林政緯
  • I want to know some USA works as the red fashionable brand as well as the famous designer. And which also has invites teacher tells us to go to when the USA to have not to be able to miss the shopping good place. Also has the scenic spot which and the amusing place cannot miss about the USA. Thank you very much!!!!!!

  • 機電
  • Teacher your work has many us not to contact, whether can tell us you how to receive these work, as well as this attention are assorted, inexplicable marvelous will like this only then not be eliminated.
  • 機電4Ab9402011陳漢章
  • Teacher your work has many us not to contact, whether can tell us you how to receive these work, as well as this attention are assorted, inexplicable marvelous will like this only then not be eliminated.
  • 中文二B9606041 廖怡筑
  • Foreigner's song, because in theirs lyrics, possibly can appear very many with the English different meaning which usually learns, can have quite many slangs and the spoken language -like terminology.
  • 中文二張承雯B9606050
  • May introduce the Japanese culture.
    May also introduce some popular associations.
    The hope can contact various countries' different culture Luo in the classroom.
  • 中文二 B9606051 劉靜蓉
  • As long as teacher's blog already had introduces the scenic spot, then I think possible to cut into from this spot extends. May introduces after the scenic spot, enclosed 1-2 proverbs or with local related a few words and so on. For example: Introduced when Rome -> All roads lead to Rome
  • B9606070 周喜文 中文二
  • 我知道你看了會很想打我




    【ㄎㄨ ㄍㄡˋ翻譯:)】
    Because my English is poor, basically most of the word can not read, if teachers are willing to back of each are accompanied by texts in Chinese translation, the unit was an important phrase and key word and its translation, I think it will be for me is a great help.

    How red Popularity? In addition to rich content, user-friendly interface, beautiful pages, the message up on extra points】 【is not choice, ha ha, I believe most people are realistic, there must be rewarded under the brave / Yong Women's:).

    How to make courses more interesting? Next semester to open a】 【English film shows how? Very interesting guarantee喔! Perhaps the course will be washed into the cap, then the number.
  • B9606021中文2王心妤
  • i want to know the travel of U.S.
    In the trip ,i want to know the custom and tradition.And in blog ,take som picture of the trip.
  • 9606075 中文二 俞怡辰
  • *Write some interesting studying in the United States
    *Or write something and get along with an interesting story between pets
    *Or put out photos
    *Layout can be lively, and increased interest
    *Be the best in bilingual, Not only in English
  • 中文4 B9406001 蔡子淮
  • 上課想上的內容

    I want to know that which well-known bands the United States has .Among them, I am particularly inquisitive is a rock'n roll band .I want to understand that the origins concerning this band still has the style of this group .With other of principle etc.In addition I hope can broadcast music to be used as to have a class while having a class of content .Let our ability side learn English side to listen to a pop music .
  • 環設二B9611076林太郎
  • 上課想上的內容:
    Can use more music for the class . Like hip hop . rap . funky , r&b , jazz . house , sofa and rock ! Bec music can make funny so mouch !
  • 中文二B9606041廖怡筑
  • 上課想上的內容

    I want to know US besides the fried chicken, may happy and so on fast food foods, has not had other good food?? They can also have some place snack and so on!! Also, 〝defeats in Jin Nv〞 in the photo album compared to the Buddha advantage, US's night of shop probably has the little difference with Taiwan's night of shop, may introduce??