The Santa Catalina Island is twenty-two miles off the coast of Los Angeles.  It is, in my eyes, paradise on earth.  The folks on this island are so friendly that you’d think you are in another world.  As a teenager I visited Catalina often with my family because my uncle used to be a sheriff on the island.  This is where I received my first lesson in horseback riding.  It took my coach only two minutes to explain the basic maneuvers.  He told me to take the horse around the track a couple of times and then we were on our way to the mountain trails.  There were Rattlesnakes everywhere, but the horses were not frightened by their sounds at all.     

Most people would check themselves into a hotel when they are on the island, but if you want true seclusion from the modern world, you can visit one of the seventeen Boat-in Campsites.  These campsites can only be reached by kayak and you must bring your own food and drink.  At night, you and your loved one may enjoy a meal under the stars, completely undisturbed.  Nightly camping fees are only $12 per adult—this is a lot more affordable and romantic than your average hotel, don’t you think?  If you are not into camping, then a room at the Pavilion Lodge would run you $133.28 a night, tax included.

I'd like to know what you consider a fantasy trip.  What aspects of the United States would you like to see in my future articles?  I would appreciate your feedback.  If your idea is something that I can write about in my future article, you will receive two gift certificates to the Taipei Country Club.   There are plenty of gift certificates to go around, so please keep those ideas coming!  There is NO LIMIT as to how many tickets you can win.


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  • 機電二B 盧柏辰
  • Can experience travel of the space shuttle in the US.
  • 俞怡辰 中文二B9606075
  • Thank you, this semester has been hard JASON teachers teaching in the classroom will give us a total surprise and joy. Finally, let me thank the teachers of English PASS, very grateful.
  • TSINT- Yvonne
  • A little of advise for your blog.

    You can introduce the different aspects of the theme in a week.

    For example :
    1. Famous brands (ex: About Christian Dior ...)
    2. Hot topocs (ex: About financial tsunami..)
    3. World attractions
    4. About shopping
    5. Health and life
    6. Combat aerobies
    7. About famous people

    I think it will be famous for your blog.

  • TSINT-Yvonne
  • A little of advise for your class.

    Dear Jason:

    You can give a focus before class.
    we canto put on a live sitcom, and you can Video it .
    Not only students can learning English but also using your a professional .

    I think this is very helpful .

  • 貿五忠 陳叡含 59361161 Johnny
  • 貿五忠 陳叡含 59361161 Johnny

    After I readed this writings, which let me want to go to this island,

    Or other place like there, but i do not know any place like that, it has trees clern

    river bule sea mountains animals...bula bula....Maybe it's a island and not too far..

    Where? Where?.....(m)...about 關島>.<

    I hope the trip's expenses not too expensive because I'm a student ..and

    I'll take trip with my girlfriend, so I have to prepare double money.....=.=

    Make wish ........I hope I'll pass at this class HAHA
  • 二貿四忠鄭秉豪
  • 二貿四忠鄭秉豪

    hello !!!Jason

    i like motorcycle

    maybe next time you can write someone about motorcycle

    they have a lot brand to talking !!!!

    or the GT games teams

    finally thanks this semester's teaching

    we have learn a lot about thing

    Thank you