The winner of this contest.  


The winner of the 2009 Cover Letter Contest is Jessie Yang of 北台灣科學技術學院.  She utilized what she has learned in class to compose a professional and concise cover letter.  Her earnestness is very inspiring, and I know that I can always count on her to set a positive example for other students to follow.

I'd also like to extend kudos to the students who worked assiduously on this assignment.  Your progress in English is the best reward for me as a teacher.     

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  • 華梵大學下午一點劉佳明
  • How is my name Liu Jia Ming Xian reads in the Huafan University Electronic engineering Department interest likes the outdoors going for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival the unnecessary time is soaks all day in the motor supply shop studies maintains with repairs my locomotive
  • 俞怡辰 中文二B9606075
  • My name is sally, cheerful and lively female college student, currently attending University Huafan second year. I live in the scenic Sungai Taipei, I was the only daughter, was born in a harmonious family, the family members of her grandmother, mother and father with me. Engaged in the work of the father is doing business, mother is housewife. From an early age to my strict parents, but also give us an open self-learning environment. Rational in my personality a little creativity, the groups responsible, it is easy to obtain the trust of a friend. I hold a "successful today because yesterday has done a lot of things" attitude towards life, and urge their continued efforts to strive for the best in everything.

    During the performance of students on the results, but I want to learn from experience, in addition to the remaining class time, I occasionally work more than to enrich the social experience in order to understand the direction of their own future employment; my job is to uphold the concept of the the spirit of team co-operation and responsible work attitude, work will be requested as soon as their status in order to maintain the best; at work in order to maintain the competitiveness of their own, I also arranged for the relevant licenses and English learning courses to enrich their own magazine professional and foreign language ability, so their spare time, have more opportunities to get a second skill, you can reach a much wider range of professionals in the field. Finally, in the hope that their future can not only work independently, but also between the same peer more leadership skills.

    Long career in the request to have the stability of their performance expectations for each piece of work can be a talent show, and strive towards the goal, the company's contribution more. Hope that one day we can be sure that fulfill their part in maintaining the best situation.
  • (1) A second-year college student is called a sophomore.
    (2) People generally don't introduce their family members in cover letters. Focus on who you are as a prospective employee or intern.
    (3) There are quite a few grammatical mistakes in your sentences; therefore, it is imperative for us to go over this assignment together either before or after our class.
    (4) I believe that your English will improve in time because you have the will to succeed. Good effort!

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  • 華梵大學(一)下午一點 電子3A 黃冠
  • My name is Guan Huang, I want to be a private teacher.
    Mathematics and physics both is my favorite subjects, and my accomplishment is not bad, I can teach elementary school student or junior high school student.
    I will not only teach them studying but also teach them how to play in their free time. I’ll take them to do exercise, watching movie, singing karaoke and more thing.
  • 華梵大學(一)下午三點 中文二 胡語真
  • Dear Sir,
    I would like to ask you to consider my qualification for the position in Publishingthat you advertised in

    I graduated from the HFU University of Chinese in June of 2011. Forthe past fouryears, I have worked as a part-time student for HFU Dean's Office.

    In the past, I have been to take on Teaching Assistant in Student Learn Resource Central. My job functions mainly on to assist class-mates solve their study problem.In the meanwhile,I also hoped that can get some substantive experience although Iwas very young.

    I would like to make a change now because I feel that I can go no further in my present job, I feel that my ability and my training should enable me to advanceinto a better and more responsible position, and it appears that this will not be forth-coming at my present position. If you would like to know more about my ability, I can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.

    Sincerely yours: Hu Yu-zhen (p.s抵平日出席率)
  • (1) I'm graduating in June of ________ with a Bachelor's Degree in

    (2) What kinds of tasks were you given as a student assistant at
    the Dean's office? How has it helped you in becoming a
    suitable candidate for this publishing job?

    (3) What type of publishing company is this? How does your
    interest and passion fit into the equation? What achievements
    have you had in creative writing? Outline your talents in your
    cover letter so that your prospective employer will be intrigued
    by what he or she reads.

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  • 華梵大學(一)下午三點 中文二 黃鈺櫻
  • My name is Hu Yu-zhen. I was born on Taipei August 18, 1989.

    At present, I live in Taoyuan with my family. There are five members in my family, including my grandmother, my parents, my elder brother and me. My father works as an assistant manager in a bank. My mother works as a public servant. My elder brother is in his fourth year as a chemistry major in Taiwan Normal University. He is also like one of my close friends who knows me very well. I usually share my innermost secrets with him.
    I am an extravert and easy-going person. I can get along with all kinds of people well. During my senior high school days, I was voted to be class treasure who manages class expenses for three semesters. I learned how to use my money well from this position. I’m glad to serve for my class, too.
    Not being in the English-speaking environment, I still study very hard to improve my English ability by reading magazines such as Ivy League Analytical English and by listening foreign music.
    In the future, I am going to major Tourism, I expect myself to have an outstanding accomplishment in the field of tourism. If I am granted to enter your college, I’m willing to learn any new things diligently to live a colorful life in college, and I will make efforts to achieve my goal and to enrich my knowledge.

  • (1) I was voted Class Treasurer.

    (2) You said you plan to major in Tourism; however, you didn't
    explain why you've chosen this field. Have you been reading
    up on travel magazines or tourism-related issues in the news?
    All of the those things I've mentioned above can provide an
    admission officer a bigger picture of who you are as a student.

    (3) I admire you for having the ambition and the discipline to
    brush up on your English. It's not hard to see that you have
    put a lot of effort into this assignment. Good job!

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  • 華梵大學(一)下午三點 中文二 黃鈺櫻
  • My name is Kurojan. I am a undergraduate in Hua Fan University and my major is Chinese Literature. There are five members in my family, including my parents, my brother, my sister and myself. Because I am the oldest child, to lighten my parents’ burden, I took several part-time jobs, such as waitress, sales assistant, while studying. This makes me develop an independent personality. I am an aggressive person, and always willing to learn new things. I have positive attitude and efficiency all the time.

    My specialties are MS Words, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet. From the employment records of part-time jobs, I learn how to deal with people and qualify extraordinary communicative competence. I participated in social service club, and being the president of the club. Because of this position, I learned more skills, like leadership, executing activities and designing posters. I also take a part in school baseball team as a player, I know well a excellent guide and united team members are both required to lead a group work during as a team member.

    Due to my easy-going characteristic, I am able to cope with colleagues harmoniously in any situations. Now I feel it is time to take on more responsibility and meet new challenges. I am ready to devote myself to your company.

  • 華梵大學 中文二 B9606051 劉靜蓉
  • Dear Miss Xu :

    My name is Jing Rong Liu.
    Well ,I am responding that in your website with the ad for a compilation practice opportunity. I think this pooprtunity is may help me and very much in keeping with my career objective - to do a good teacher !Because Wunan is a publishing house with education , that is to tally with my learned and target. And I am confident that I have what it takes to make a meaningful contribution to your publishing house.

    Now I am going study in Taibei's Huafan University, to make a study of Chinese and the minor education course. I always gave my subject in my fullest effort. And, what I am most proud of are I did maintain above 90 in results. In addition, I hold the post of some duties in the class; with partner to sponsor nationwide poetry creation competition; to serve as a TA……I diligently expand my ability in mine university profession.

    Because Wunan publishing houses with education related, this has the help to road of the I later teaching. Moreover, I demands my standard to be very high all the time, and I hold operate many software. For example, all the office system; movie maker; Dreamweaver; and some simple programming language……I am also willing to study publishing house's all business diligently. Therefore I believed that enrolls me is may let us have the profit.

    Finally, I once more reiterated that I to this opportunity's zeal, hoped you will make the correct choice-enrolls me, causes me to become Wunan’s member! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions. Hoped that we have the working together as colleagues opportunity, and wishes you satisfactory happy.

    Loyal Jing Rong.
  • 華梵大學 中文2 B9606021 王心妤
  • My Self Statement
    My name is Linda. I am 20-years old and am currently an undergraduate student at Hua Fan University where my major is Chinese literature (god knows what the hell is that). My personality is a bit shy and awkward. And my parents always encourage me to develop my people skills which I lack so much.
    I have experience in several aspects, such as being a waitress, or a sales assistant, while still attending school (though I cut courses a lot). This makes me develop a more independent personality. I am a curious person, and am always willing to learn new things and knowledge regardless of the nature. I uphold a positive attitude and work efficiently all the time even when I feel the task is WTFing boring.
    I would like to pursue teaching as my profession in the future. Because of my experience as a consoler at a cram school helping students, I learned how to deal with kids(stupid brats), even though it was tiring and the salary was low as hell in the beginning. By teaching them, I have a sense of achievement leading me toward this path to be a teacher.

  • 華梵大學 電子三A劉岳縢
  • My name is LIU, YUEH-TENG;
    I want to be an Electronic Engineer.
    Logic and computer both is my favorite subjects,
    and my accomplishment is not bad.
    On holiday I often think the logic circuit and manipulate sham software.
    Although I am not very excellent, but I will very useful in the future.
    So give me a chance I will realize faculty.
    Thank you very much.
  •  華梵大學 電子三A劉岳縢星期一下午一點
  • 抱歉忘了打 = ="
  • 華梵大學B9606044華梵大學 中文二 鄭宇芯
  • Personal Introduction

    Personal Introduction
    B9606044華梵大學 中文二 鄭宇芯

    My name is yu-xin zheng, I am from Miaoli. My family has four people and two dogs. My father is a drillmaster,he has retired now. My mother is standard housewife. My brother will graduate in National Taichung Institute of Technology. And I study in Huafan University now.

    Generally speaking, my personality is inattention, but I always do anythings carefully in my fullest effort. More people feel that I am vivacious, pretty, extrovert and kindhearted.But I am really so shy, easy tense, introvert and tongue-tied. For all that, I think that I should have confidense to face to anybody, otherwise I will do not anything. So, I usually remind myself to do a brave person.

    In school, I am a good student in majority teachers and classmates. Yeah, it’s right. Because I want to become a great person of good moral character and Good studies.I consider that Building the road for my future.If a person has good studies, but he/she is not good moral character, that is not real good studies, right?

    I have a dream. It's that I am industrious to be a formidable of scholar. So, I always unceasing learning and assimilate knowledge. I know that it is very difficult task, but I believe that--Nothing is impossible to the man who will try. The life is limited and I think we should have goal, doing some meaningful things let us live more splendor.
  • 華梵大學 星期一下午一點 美術二 b9609003 鄧首威
  • My name is Shou-Wei Teng,I am nineteen years old. I live in Taipei and there are seven members in my family that include my grandparents, my parents, my brother and my sister.
    I am the student of HuaFan University and I am studying in the department of Fine Art..
    I am male.
    This writing is my Personal Introduction.
  • 吳奕融
  • Gentleman hello: My name is Wu Luan melts, my this year 19 years old, now goes study the Taibei Huafan University's electronic engineering department, I most like the logic circuit design with the programming language, although said these two projects although I am not very outstanding, but please give me an opportunity I to display mine ability
  • 光頭才酷炫
  • 華梵大學 星期一下午1~3點 電子二A B9603060 高偉倫

    When I was young,I really very like a robot.
    It's a reason why I decided to major in electron.

    My name is Alex,I have just graduated from Huafan University.
    I just terminate my university,but I have many working experience.
    I had ever worked in 7-11,a noodles shop,a reataurant waiter,a carpenter.
    Althought I don't have any working experience about the domain,but I believe I can't let you fell disappointed,because I like the job,I can do anything and learn more even if I am tied.

    ps:I can use C++ and Java
  • 華梵大學 星期一下午1~3點 電子二A B9603060 高偉倫
  • 上一篇意外 = ="

    When I was young,I really very like a robot.
    It's a reason why I decided to major in electron.

    My name is Alex,I have just graduated from Huafan University.
    I just terminate my university,but I have many working experience.
    I had ever worked in 7-11,a noodles shop,a reataurant waiter,a carpenter.
    Althought I don't have any working experience about the domain,but I believe I can't let you fell disappointed,because I like the job,I can do anything and learn more even if I am tied.

    ps:I can use C++ and Java
  • 華梵大學 工設2 b9404035王柏穎
  • My name is Brian Wang,i am graduated from Hua-Fan University,my major is Industry Design.
    To be a famous designer is my dream.Cause design is my life.
    i can thinking about the life without design.
    I have some work experience.
    I can use a lot of design software,like pro/E,adobe series,auto CAD,ALIAS...but I am also good at freehand sketching.

    I only need a chance to provide my professional

    hope you can help me,its also help you I am sure.
  • 華梵大學 星期一下午1~3點 工設2 b9404035王柏穎
  • My name is Brian Wang,i am graduated from Hua-Fan University,my major is Industry Design.
    To be a famous designer is my dream.Cause design is my life.
    i can thinking about the life without design.
    I have some work experience.
    I can use a lot of design software,like pro/E,adobe series,auto CAD,ALIAS...but I am also good at freehand sketching.

    I only need a chance to provide my professional

    hope you can help me,its also help you I am sure.
  • 周喜文
  • 中文二【B9606070】周喜文

    Dear SIR/MADAM,

      I read your advertisement in 104 job sites on 25Feb 2008 and I am interested in applying for the post for Customer Service Assistant.

      My name is si-wen Chou. From a middle class family, I was born in Taipei City on June 18th, 1988. I am studying at the Huafan University Department of Chinese Literature.

     I have been working in the convenience store during the summer vacation. I am strong desire for acquiring new information and knowledge. I have good computer operation skills, such as Linux Operating System, Numerical Analysis, Internet Code, Database System, MS Office applications, Email, etc. I am also good at Chinese and English typing. I have got a Pitman qualification for the typewriting, and I can speak fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.I have Good communication/interpersonal skill, theoretical/practical expertise and High patience, positive personality, and oriented, fast worker. The most important thing is I can work under pressure and demands.

      Enclosed please find my resume with details of my personal particulars.

    I hope you will consider me for an interview. Thank you for your attention.
  • Your qualifications sound rather impressive. You mentioned that you are familiar with HTML coding and database management. Could you tell me what propelled you to acquire these skills? Did you learn them in one of your elective classes or did you take the initiative to train yourself in those areas?

    Do you think your part-time position at the convenience store has taught you some lessons in customer service? If so, could you share a story with us? Try to make the connections between your work experiences and your personal traits; in other words, what or who has made you who you are today.

    You add those missing details to your cover letter, and you'll have yourself a persuasive cover letter. Thank you for trying so hard on this assignment. I look forward to read the revised cover letter from you. Good job!

    esltalk 於 2009/05/07 21:18 回覆

  • b9610024 資管2A 李明展
  • My name is Ming-gian Li.
    I study while working in going to school, and during work, study interpersonal getting along, and the attitude toward work and zeal, very tired but very tangible.
    The corporation chooses the national standard dance, because like contacting crowds, do one from the most basic reception personnel of telephone exchange during school, in the face of more different person, receive customer and inside the Company miscellaneous to deal with with administration naturally, the fixed assets of ERP are operated and made an inventory to communicate with the staff in that side of the continent, the items of company's personnel, ERP purchases the homework, buy the necessary office equipment and peripheral goods of computer inside the company, equipment,etc.. Work of the staff's necessary stationery of company, general affairs' nature.
    Though the professional title is that the thing range done is very wide in a telephone exchange, say simply that mixes very much more too a bit. But whom I make very much happy, because receive experience in study, and increase and resist the pressing, with meeting the whole social system.
    After graduating, and under the restriction of the age, I will hope to study to more things even more, understand the importance of the language, so the one that has never stopped is studied to follow up and is repaired. Let read already since be able to give play to to some extent, is it can increase experience value already since to hope even more. Challenge any affairs with a brand-new working attitude.
    I understand the company wants the experienced one now, but anyone begins from new, I understand I want, draw in and the career rule. Can cooperate and work overtime too. Hope every company can give a chance.
  • b9610084 資管2B 連姿晴
  • Dear employer:

    I am writing a letter to apply for the position of xxxx,which was advertised today in 104 Job Bank website.

    People say I am cooperative because I always get along with co-workers, and I am thorough and efficient because I always organize things well and analyze situation well. When I was a university student,I had a part-time job for marketing research. I contacted,interviewed and persuaded people,and learned to be patient to the clients,I am serious and sensitive to number because my major is statistics.I can use MS Office well because I usually so my reports with that.

    I am quite confident that I am suitable for this job. Your company made a very good impression on me. I look forward to a personal interview at your convenience if you decide to follow up on this initial application. Thank your for your time and consideration.


    Lian-zi Chin
  • 01
  • 02

  • B9610098 資管2B 邱富祥
  • Dear Sir,
      In respone to your advertisement in the of January 15, I wish to apply for the position of (secretary, accountant, clerk, salesman, etc).
      I am twenty-five years old and a graduate of - college. My experience in this line of work includes six years as an assistant accountant with the ABC Company. The reason for leaving my present employment is because they are closing their office.
      I am enclosing my resume together with my photo, and believe that they may be found satisfactory. With respect to salary, I shall expect HK$5,000 a month. I assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give your satisfaction.
  • (一)上午一二節 B9602111 機電2B  林洋菘
  • Dear Mr. Zhang:

    Having heard that the situation of a cashier in your office is vacant. I wish to offer my service for it.

    I am 25 years of age, and have worked for fifteen months in a similar position for ABC Co., Ltd., Taipei. I left them solely becuse they made a reduction in their establishment.

    I hope to have the pleasure of your granting me an interview.

    Very truly yours,
    LIN Sir

  • 華梵大學 中文二 B9606006 朱英禎
  • My name is ying cheng Ju, I was born in Taipei Taiwan, on October 6th, 1988. I spent my childhood and school years there. As a student, I tried to get good grades at school. Chinese is my favorite subject and I major in Chinese and minor in Education.

    Life is more than school so in my free time, I like and reading. By I can . I also enjoy reading. It helps me .

    During my studies, I went to the cadre. Although my school work load was heavy, I still kept a balance between my studies and extracurricular activities.

    I am a mature person and I am confident that I can pursue my goals. In order to achieve them, I accept all challenges and never give up. I believe that I will continue being a good person. With my strong determination, I can fulfill my goals in the near future.

    With my outstanding credentials and background, I believe that I could be a productive member of school as a Chinese Teacher and to grow proud with you.

    To obtain a challenging and demanding position that will further enhance my knowledge and skills.

  • 資管2b  b9610137
  • Dear Sir/Madam
    I am highly enthusiastic in learning new cooking techniques and have always been a quick learner. I am hereby asking you to grand me a chance for interviewing. I am also glad to work in your restaurant for a try without pay that will give you an opportunity to evaluate my work ability.
    Best regards ed
  • B9603103 電子2B 黃聖智
  • Dear Sir

    My name is David Wang. This summer, I just graduated

    from Hoping Junior High School. My class director used

    to say that I was quite composed compared with my

    classmates. Well, perhaps this is because I am the eldest

    son in my family. I am independent in nature and I

    usually get along well with my friends. In my free time, I

    enjoy surfing the Internet and reading extracurricular

    books. I hope I can do well in my study in the new school


  • B9611017 環設2 曾子聿
  • 華梵大學星期一下午三點環設2曾子聿

    My name is 曾子聿,
    There are four people in my family.
    Father, mother, the younger brother and I.
    Father and mothers is engaged in the computer related work,
    therefore dyes under the ear breast item since
    childhood is also holding the enormous interest regarding the computer.

    What I excel is the offices related software,
    then the wish studies the more thorough programming language again,
    therefore I have joined the great master team.
    Has learned more skills not only in that process,
    how is together with the human,
    leads other people is also the rich growth and the harvest.

    In studies disciplines I to train the good nature,
    I can be together harmoniously with other people,
    and faces all sudden outbreaks and the challenge together,
    hoped that can have the opportunity to be possible to enter your firm,
    I will devote to yours company.
  • TSINT - Jessie
  • Cover letter

    I am responding to your ad in the 1111 website for an Administrative Assistant. After a careful review of your requirements, I believe I am the right person for your company.

    My name is YI JIE YANG. You can call me Jessie. I am 20 years old. I hold an A.S. degree in International Trade. I gave every subject my fullest effort, and I have managed to maintain a B average; nevertheless, what I am most proud of is having similar business experience. I have been the assistant of a special aide to Hsinchuang citizen representative. My works included from accounting, inventory managing, and data processing to general services etc. This job taught me how to coordinate and made me able to sharpen my skill of communication, crisis management and customer relationship. Thus my leading ability could have a great improvement.

    Please read my following talents that would meet your requirements:
    1. I can type thirty Chinese words and English words per minute.
    2. Language : Chinese, Taiwanese, English
    3. I have Word, Excel, Power Point licenses.
    4. I have passed the required qualification examination of class C skill category of International Trade Management and Computer Software Application Technician Certificates.
    5. I can handle up to three applications at the same time.
    6. When the going gets tough the tough me gets going and going.

    I hope that my qualifications, along with my drive and enthusiasm will convince you.
  • This is a well-written letter in that it addresses your qualifications in a concise manner; above all, I found few mistakes in your grammar.
    I must say you did one hell of a job on this assignment, and you deserve a reward for this. Keep up the good work.

    esltalk 於 2009/05/24 21:57 回覆

  • Yvonne
  • Dear Sir:

    I would like to apply for the position of Assistant Sales Manager in your office. This sounds like an opportunity that is very much in keeping with my career objective.

    ◎ About :
    Name: Yvonne
    Date on Birth: November 24,1988
    Education background: Associate’s degree
    Application for : Assistant Sales Manager
    Major in: International Trade

    ◎As per my other criteria:
    → the pith『effectively』

    ◎leadership quality:
    For some traits of charisma. I have been the class leader for several semesters. That experience helps me a lot. I have learned how to well-communicate and build a bridge between teachers and students.

    ◎international trade practice:
    C skill category of International Trade Management

    ◎computer operation skill:
    1. Advanced: word 2003, Excel 2003 , English Key_in 50 words/min, Chinese Key_in 65words min
    2. Primary: PowerPoint 2003
    3. C skill category of Computer Software Application

    ◎Language : Chinese, Taiwanese, English

    Though I have no actual experience in office work, I believe that I have sufficient confidence and can perform the tasks mentioned skillfully and effectively.
    To sum things up, I am confident and capable of meeting your special requirements. I hope that my qualifications, along with my drive and enthusiasm will convince you that I am the right person for your company. and I sincerely hope I will have an opportunity of seeing you and proving my words. Thank You!
  • Cicenly
  • Cover letter

    Dear Mr. Wright

    As an avid loyal viewer, I can’t imagine a better internship in Discovery than sharing my enthusiasm and gaining worldly perspective. After reviewing of your ad, I am confident that both my ambition and zeal is what it takes to this intern.

    Once, I took part in the competition you hold and fought for the opportunity to interact with chef. When I am there, I noticed that the crew organized the party very successful. There is no chaotic and overcrowded. The quality of coordination and conduction inspired me to become one of the member. But unfortunate I didn’t have a chance to taste delicate desserts which the chef made is really a shame!

    As a student of international trade I contact with many new subjects. My motto is “Time control, or controlled by time.” I gave every subject my fullest effort. I draw up a plan to effective control every moment and keep a record to make sure I’m improving every day. As a result, I got some certification in different fields such as computer software, Accounting Affair and international trade management.

    Two years ago, I actively participated in English summer camp. This experience motivates me to work on English every day. I started to listening English radio and read English article voraciously. I have this insatiable drive to get ahead. Now I set several goals for myself, such as writing a perfect English essay and learning Arabic, along with my drive I will do everything in my power to achieve it. With this attitude, I can fulfill my duties as an intern.

    “There is nothing you can’t do until you work on every day.” I believe that my ability to be persistent, ambitious will convince you that I am perfect for this position.


  • Teresa
  • Dear AmCham:

    I am applying for the internship position at American Chamber of Commerce In Taipei, because I believe this post will broaden my perspective on the most current trends in the service industry and provide me with the hands-on experience every student needs prior to graduation.

    I hold an A.S. degree in Department of International Trade. From the very start, I was sixteenth place in the class. After that, I gave every subject my fullest effort by effectively applying spare time and self-control, then I am the Top 3 now, in the meanwhile, I have managed to maintain a B average; Nevertheless, what I am most proud of was the Conduct of student by 92.2 grades and I have a Good Conduct Prize. I was successfully been a class officer by perfectly fused, lead by example and do justice to everyone, so I gain four Minor Merit and three Commendation of this term; Besides, I was one of the Guest Receptionist of Evaluation Assessment.

    Why you should hire me?

    1. I am a fast typer: I can type 30 English and 53 Chinese words per minute.
    2. I am an over achiever: I did on the report with excellent job every time.
    3. I can deal effectively with anything: I can do things in a timely manner.
    4. I am terse / punctual: No matter what occasions I was always on time.
    5. I have leadership quality: I have been a leader in Ai-Shin elementary Camp and Tai-Nan English Summer Camp
    6. I am a coordinator: I have been a scriptwriter in the short plays of Tai-Nan English Summer Camp.
    7. I have communication skills: I link up with teachers and students by been a tactful mouthpiece and response student’s advice to teacher when I was a vice-class chairman.
    8. I am a team player: I have learned from graduation monograph by distributed and to find the balance of conflict, and we earned a third place.

    I'd like to stress that my nimbleness, coupled with my can-do attitude, and result-driven, will enable me to fulfill my duties as an intern. I look forward to your phone call. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with any questions. 0921-111-843 or bobi2291118gmail .com.


    Teresa Shiu

    P.S., I have the class C skill category of Computer Software Application and International Trade Management and TOEIC Certificate of Achievement in Brown.
  • TSINT 二技貿四忠 李大偉
    Hi everyone:
    My name is David Lee, I’m a student who is studying at the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan. My major is International Trade, I'm scheduled to graduate in June. EXPERIENCE:
    I already accmulated a significant amount of working experience since a student. After I graduated from high school .I decided to work at chen-chi sports shop in XI-MENH area as sales man.
    I learned a lot of sales skills and I took the initiative to collect valuable customer feedbacks and very fortunate to have learned how to get stocks from overseas. I can take more chances to
    Comprehend more area of purchase stocks than others. After 2 years of selling of shoes and sports wear, I decided to change another field, I get in a clothing design company, this is not just a normal clothing shop, but encompasses fashion items from gathers the internationals from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong, so I have to deal with many foreigner bosses or customers,and at same time they improved my English a lot .I learned about how to making clothes,the progross is much much complecated when i thought before.It really get a lot works after the designed is done. And have always to studiede at the market,what is on hot,what will really sells.It's not that easier than others thought just making clothes.I really apperciate can know deeper about this area.
    And as above is my amazing work experiences, hope it will make help of my future job.

    In my free times. I like to get some research on my computer,
    How can upgrade the equipments, and how to use internet much faster … etc,
    Besides studying in computers, sometimes I like to go to movies with my girlfriend or play basketball with my friends in neighborhood. Both of them can really relax my mind and body
  • 華梵大學 星期一下午3~5點 資管三A B9510034 張舒晴
  • Name: 張舒晴

    Objective: Servitor

    Summary: Computer technical ability, Chinese

    Education: Department of Information Management, Huafan University

    Once worked in the convenience store half year, the main work is that the goods are on-the-shelf and sweep a retail sales, counter to ring it up...The type of etc..Once did a part-time job in the Thai cuisine and the Japanese cuisine store as well, master a lot of Thai cuisine and name and content of Japanese cuisine, the main work is to serve a guest and lead to clean up inside the guest's position, store and the telephone connect to listen to...Wait for.These works let me learn how treating of the benignity of manner is each guest and the EQ wants to be high.