Bug Net Gun 

As a father to a seven-month-old baby, I need to keep mosquitos and flies away from my son by all means. Incense may be harmful to a baby; therefore having it around my son is out of the question.  When I was little, my parents used a mosquito zapper (lamp), and it was somewhat effective; however, nowadays these mosquitos and flies seem to have gotten smarter; what's more, they seem to be immune to the mosquito-repelling spray.  With the summer months approaching, we are bound to see more and more of these irritating bugs.


Thanks to the Backyard Safari Bug Net Gun, an innovative toy from a UK-based company, we no longer have to put up with mosquitos buzzing above our heads while we are trying to catch some sleep.  The gun works by firing four darts towards the direction of the flying bug.  The net then expands like a parachute to trap a mosquito.  I can swear I have seen a similar device used by the American law enforcement agencies to capture fleeing suspects, but I've never thought that such technology would one day be used on toys.  Initial user reviews have all been very good.  The maker of this gun claims the gun has a firing distance of at least five to ten feet.  At $30 a pop, this is by no means an expensive toy for I have Nerf guns that cost more than that.  This neat invention is available in online stores like Amazon and Gadget Shop.  


If you know a toy that also has a practical usage, then please share it with me.  The person with the best suggestion for a toy wins a toy from me.  As I always say, "Life is unbearable without toys." 











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  • TSINT - Teresa
  • T O Y S

    Hi, Jason:
    I've found quite a lot of toys, but if you want me to choose one of these, then I could recommend this for you....hehehe...

    1.Potty Putter-The Potty Putter is a true innovation in toilet entertainment and the perfect gift for the golf (or toilet) enthusiast in your life!

    (I know it looks stupid, haha)
    As far as I know, the other toys as fun as this one.
    if you don't mind;what's more, you can see!!
    2.The Hold Up- A bottle opener with a cute red man.(This is the one most practical and fun.
    3.Flying Alarm Clock- Do you know someone who has trouble getting up in the morning? Well this cool alarm clock is sure to fix that!
    4.USB Finger Dance Mat 29.95- Also is a silly one, but it's kinda cute, don't you think?

    Thank you :D
  • 9606075 中文二 俞怡辰
  • In Japan devoted to the big people toys magazine, a monthly publication, called "adult science" to like DIY, curious combination of toys and he likes to create people.

    Which have introduced a "baby tea shipped."

    This doll is very fun shipped tea, before the television in Japan, introduction of relevant reading. In the Showa era dolls have this machine, as long as this baby will be placed on the hands of the cup plates, it will help you hand delivered to the guests, and as long as the cup is removed, baby will stop, put another began to move, at that time is very interesting science and technology and modern "robot," only the rich could afford to buy homes, afford the fashionable items.

    The mini-magazine sent to transport the tea is the miniature dolls, and really go, will be stopped. According to the page, the combination of body and only 30 minutes, but when I download the map ontology combination method that, it was found that it comes to the combination of these things may take an entire night time (Huigen To this is added). .. capture part of plans to glance you can see a combination of little things that granularity.
    Moreover, only the combination of good body nude naked robot, magazines matrix was also accompanied by the production of clothing graphics (if you really want to use the cloth as you can), so busy busy East West in order to finally refined the finished thing.

    But hard work is worth it, as a gift to sell magazines with 2,300 yuan yen, but if a good combination of the online purchase has been shipped tea three times faster doll takes the price of 6195 yuan. So, if you like the fun of hand-mix, then the buy price of about 800 yuan in Taiwan about the "adult science" is actually very cost-effective.

  • Cicenly
  • Initially, this isn't a toy.

    It was deep at midnight. Time hangs heavy. Lying in bed and drifting off to sleep.
    you really want to listening Rock 'n' Roll or something cacophony. It's not so much fun for your partner or neighbor. And of course you will need this one :

    *Sound Asleep Pillows * while not disturbing others ,you can listening music both relax and comfort way.

  • 悄悄話
  • 機電二B B9602083 蘇詠評
  • The amusing toy that it simulate smoke in Japan.
    It make like to smoke fog. The fog that makeing electricity and wather.
    It is most important. The simulate smoke toy that it is environment without harm.


    The toy is it funny??
  • B9610024 李明展
  • Description

    Product Description
    Toys R Us Exclusive Power Wheels Fisher-Price Batman Trailrider is an ATV styled BPRO with a DC Superfriends Batman color and graphics pallet. The Power Wheels Fisher-Price Batman Trailrider goes two speeds forward (2.5 and 5 MPH) and one speed in reverse (2.5 MPH). It has oversized tires for a cool off-road look. Perfect for backyard adventures. The Power Wheels Fisher-Price Batman Trailrider is a Toys R Us exclusive.

    So why choose Power Wheels? The first Power Wheels vehicles came rolling along in 1971. More than 30 years later and with over 25 million vehicles on the road to date, Power Wheels continues to be the #1 battery-powered vehicle brand in the business. Every Power Wheels vehicle is designed, manufactured and tested to the highest standards, meeting precise specifications and rigorous laboratory tests. They're built Fisher-Price tough and they're backed by a comprehensive One Year Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty. Before they're produced, Power Wheels vehicles are put to the test by kids, both in the Fisher-Price onsite Play Lab and through the Fisher-Price in-home test program, to make sure they're age-appropriate, easy to operate, and of course, fun. We've got wheels for every driver, ages 12 months & up. From a Customer Service standpoint, Power Wheels has an extensive network of more than 300 nationwide Authorized Service Centers.
  • B9610084 連姿晴
  • Golive2 Hello Kitty LCD & PC Game Device. Hello Kitty figure includes 3 mini video games played on built-in LCD screen, includes 8-way controller and USB cable to connect to PC to play as a virtual avatar at the www.golive2.com web site where we serve 50 mini vides games. Each figure includes 10 passcodes and bonus coins for use with playhut's online video games. A dedicated Hello Kitty website game will be developed for release.
  • 機電2B 盧柏辰 B9602093
  • Has the actual attack capability pilotless plane, for example: Has the machine gun, the missile and so on….
  • B9611038環設莊孟儒
  • Let me introduce this toy for you,I believe you'll like it.
    "Dick in a box"!!
    Have you seem it before?
    U will know why they call it and you must see MV!
    by the way,you can buy it in Ebay or urban outfitters.

  • 美術  B9609059黃湞羽
  • A little piano


    This entire Taiwan limits the quantity the miniature piano is Segatoys and the YAMAHA cooperation classical work.
    This piano unified Segatoys to toy's special sense of smell as well as YAMAHA on manufacture musical instrument's many year experiences.
    This piano key has 88 equally on like the first edition.
    Its automatic performance lets you just like arrive personally the scene.
    Does not have the toy to be possible nearly to do so fine.
  • TSINT - Teresa
  • ------翻抄必究,感謝配合-----

    Do you know someone who has trouble getting up in the morning?
    Well, the “Flying Alarm Clock” is sure to fix that!

    Just set the alarm to the required wake up time and when the alarm goes off the spinning rotor gets launched up into the air and flies around the room and land somewhere. You won't know where – it's totally random..
    This means you’ll actually turn the alarm off you need to get up find the spinning rotor and turn it to the base of the clock. By then you’re sure to be awake! Better than coffee!

    The Flying Alarm Clock is powered by 4*AA batteries and can also be powered by any six volt power cube you have lying around the house; What’s more, there is a Snooze function.

    Flying Alarm Clock:

  • Linda Mao
  • 貿五忠~Happy Puppets

    Happy Puppets

    Price: $99.95

    Product Description:

    Half body puppets have different occupations with the accessories to make them realistic.

    They can be used to teach children the values of having a job and one that helps
    people everyday.

  • Cicenly
  • Sound Asleep Pillows

    Are you often wake up with aching ears from wearing ear buds too long ?
    Are you something disturbing others while in sleeptime ?
    From now on, you don't have to worring about it anymore !

    The pillows have a phone jack at one end that will plug into your iPod/MP3 player/radio, and play your music gently through the pillow.

    Now others can sleep in peace, and you can listen to whatever you like! Listening music both relax and comfort way.
  • corrected
  • Are you *sometimes disturbing others while in bedtime ?
  • 華梵大學中文二B9606044鄭宇芯
  • Toys

    KONG Pet Toys!
    Thw details Look→http://www.kongcompany.com/worlds_best.html
  • 環設二 B9611043 吳思妤
  • Moon In My Room
    Product Features
    Authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape.
    Automatic or manual function shows 12 main phases of the moon.
    15 minute audio CD provides a guided tour of the moon.
    Auto shut off
    Hangs on wall
  • 資二A  B9610012  游淑雯
  • UNO
    It's a kind of puzzle. This is some of its rules:
    If someone deals a card "rad 5".
    Next one should deals a card that color as some as "rad" , or the number as some as "5".
    Moreover, there are some special cards.
    For example :stop a round or make the next player pass.
  • B9610067 張勝凱
  • For me!
    Actuary I now not any toy!
    But Taiwan is my toy
    I once around Taiwan just me!
    That`s my blog about I ride round the Taiwan!
    I will ride a locomotive travel round the whole China!!!
    I think "The world is a bigest Amusement park We knew from our just little!!"
  • 華梵大學機電四劉榮彬
  • 學號打錯哩..是B9402005...
  • 賴鏡全 B9405011
  • 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit


    Put renewable energy into growing kids hands with this 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit!

    This fantastic kit consists of 21 parts that can be easily assembled into a number of solar-powered toys and you don't need any tools!

    The 6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit teaches children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun to play with and requires no batteries.

    It comes complete with a solar panel, a small motor, and an assortment of snap-together parts that combine to create an airboat, car, windmill, puppy, and two different planes. If you run out of sunlight, you can also charge your cool robot up by utilizing a 50 watt or brighter bulb.

    This inexpensive kit is designed to involve, engage and educate; while giving your child a great sense of accomplishment!

    <星期一1.2節> 工設四 B9405011 賴鏡全
  • CaraQ公主選拔正式開跑囉~
  • =全國唯一房間佈置分享平台 CaraQ奶糖城=

    只要 "年滿16歲之中華國民國民" 都有資格參賽!

    歡迎你來熱情參予票選 ~

    1. 決賽冠軍 10,0000台幣+CaraQ限量T*1+CaraQ幣5000
    2. 決賽亞軍 50,000台幣+CaraQ限量T*1+CaraQ幣5000
    3. 決賽季軍 20,000台幣+CaraQ限量T*1+CaraQ幣5000
    4. 決賽人氣獎 5,000台幣+CaraQ限量T*1+CaraQ幣1000
    5. 決賽才藝獎 5,000台幣+CaraQ限量T*1+CaraQ幣1000
    6. 網路人氣獎 10,000台幣+CaraQ限量T*1+CaraQ幣1000
    7. 報名參加獎 Q糖1000
    8. 網路投票票數超過1000票 CaraQ幣100(只送一次)
    9. 網路初賽前五十名 CaraQ限量娃娃*1
    10. 投票抽獎 CaraQ幣100 & 限量T 等等(還有其他合作廠商獎項)

  • 美術三 黃湞羽
  • Teather,That homepage not means registration.

    What can I do??
  • Maggy
  • 你好~我這裡有一篇關於代工的英文合約,