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Like most people out there, I too fear the prospect of unemployment; therefore, I started looking for a viable business concept that is not labor intensive.  After some brain storming, I have settled on the idea of selling unique baby products on the Internet.  I came across this rather goofy-looking Pillow Wig.  After some modifications, I believe it can effectively protect infants from hurting their heads; head injuries suffered during childhood could lead to headaches and memory problems as kids reach adulthood.

I have revealed a number of my own my business ideas in my handouts.  Now it is your turn to show off your creativity.  Albert Einstein was said, "Creativity is more important than knowledge."  I believe this statement is especially true during an economic recession.  This competition may very well be the turning point in your lives for all it takes is a good idea to strike it rich these days.  Let your imagination go wild and have fun with it.  

The winners of this competition will receive a unique gift from me.  If I really dig your business concept, I may even quit teaching and invest in your business.



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  • 建築二 B9704015 李佩蓁
  • sleep

    I'm think if i have this pillo,i probably take it to any place.
    But I don't like the cap that it brought on the head very much.
    A little laughable.But it is a funny,an interesting idea.
  • 建二 b9704024 陳靜玟
  • Lazy!!

    I think that this is a little impractical.
    Because places the pillow in the bag is quite artistic? = =
    Even if is must facilitate depending on rests on the wall stands in simply can rest....
  • 建築二 B9704010 郭桂秀
  • Funny

    I think that puts on this to be very funny...
    I do not dare to wear this to go out...
    i don't like...
  • 建築二 B9704055 劉思萍
  • I think the idea is phenomenal.
    It makes sleeping could be everwhere. That's convenient!
    But if its outside be more funny and gorgeous,
    I would buy one.
  • 建築二B9704028馮心昊
  • What a funny cap? or hat?
    Maybe I need one when I go to the hfu.
  • 建築二B9704047潘靜樺
  • I think a certain degree comes up to say to also be regarded as a kind of vogue.
    because some designers also have this kind of concept to design clothes now , can also find out on the magazine, but I should not wear to go out like this ,it make me embarrassed.

  • 建築二B9704029王亭之
  • I't very creative concept.
    But why did he/she wear that?
    It's kind of strange.
  • 李冠宏
  • hello av8d
    this 枕頭 is very good
  • 葉又誠
  • How a lazy person!
    sorry,I don't like it.
  • 建築二B9704056王俊捷
  • hi

    I think this idea is very special.
    You can sleep when you feel tired.
    By the way, it's so ugly.
  • 建築二 B9704043 張育璇
  • Maybe this design is very convenient.
    But, if everybody carry it everywhere that it's so strange.
    Although the pillow is a little cute, it's not fit any place.
  • 建築二B9704033楊升豪
  • That's right.

    It's so cool!
    If I have this pillow Iwill anywhere anysleep.
    That's continue,
    Altough this pillow is so cool,but this person look like an idiot.
    This person to lie down the pillow is very funny.

    By the way,
    I think Jason is funny,too.
  • 建築二 B9604019 蘇盈穎
  • It's very cool.
    If it can mix with clothes...
    can makes money greatly.
  • 建築四 B9504015 陳以廷
  • The idea is very funny and crazy.
    I think the designer yearned for sleep.
    So, created the lazy pillow.
  • 馬誠佑
  • 建築二B9704034馬誠佑

    I very like this good idea.
    this concept to have a creative
    Though is very lazy
  • 馬誠佑
  • 建築二B9704034馬誠佑

    I very like this good idea.
    this concept to have a creative
    Though is very lazy
  • 建築二B9704025吳承峰
  • Is a great product for children.

    But if it is put to the adults it would be strange...
  • 中文五b9406023陳建池
  • Has the creativity, but I do not dare to attempt
  • 建築二B9704051江曼萍
  • This product, Pillow Wig, is unique and interesting to me.
    I guess that it may be attributed to its unusual outlook.
    The design idea is worthy to be discussed thoroughly in certain aspect, just like when it comes to the protection of infants from hunting their heads.
    In my opinion, it's suitable for infants but not for adults or teenagers, like us.
    If I buy one to myself, it will let me feel embarrassed by the attention of others.
  • 建築二 方其偉
  • I have a idea. I think when people are old , they most have a dream when they

    just are children .Therefore, I have a idea that is I can create a company which is

    help old people to come to their child dream and let they can happy to the end.
  • 建築二 B9704004 葉奕緯
  • This product that is in human history most important invention .
    Because the present human work load is extremely big so they need to rest as necessary .
    Therefore this is an extremely fine accurate design .
  • 建築四 B9504015 陳以廷
  • I have a very nice business product,then,I will talk you anything about it.
    First,you need a motorbike,and then,you need to propagate your phone-number to someone who is a "geek".
    what's mean it?In any case,this job is "Delivery Service",someone don't want to go out to buy anything,I can
    in place of,this is a very probable product.
  • 建築三  B9604090 邱于騰
  • This is a very good drop, but I did not like standing am sleeping am too tired!
  • 建築二 B9704043 張育璇
  • I have a good idea of my business product.This job is a "homework gunner".
    I can do your homework ,no matter you don't have any idea,or you are a lazy man.
    I don't mind,you just pay me some money,my wage is NT300 an hour.I think this is a good idea.

  • 建築二 B9704025 吳承峰
  • Some times, many parents worry that their children often only concentrate on playing, doesn't want to eat anything.
    so, my product is to make oatcakes or cookies as animal imaging appearance of the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle,
    so that kids can have fun as eating and playing it.
  • 建築二 B9704009 黃俊瑋
  • I think now the path and pace tightly packed of office worker and even connect to have a rice all has no time, so I see fit to at lunch this time give order special food, the lunch box of convenience store early satiates with eating, canning order can quickly eat, again nourishment, fast, certainly can have shop front than the food of fast food restaurant nourishment, can also outside send, even can let have to the guest in the store ability the noon sleep of space, reserved box type of, there is personal space being not bothered.
  • 建築二 B9604019 蘇盈穎
  • I want should some people to invent a folding safety helmet such locomotive knight not to need to fear that the safety helmet too occupied the spatial compartment also to be possible to put many things
  • B9503101 黃科翔
  • B9503101 黃科翔

    One day put an English byword in the network for free and Place English teaching tape on the network ,only become a member then can download to the MP3, also can put some advertisement to make money on the web page or you can sell the baby food of marijuana

  • 建築二B9704056王俊捷
  • b9704056

    I want to make one kind to be possible to float on the water surface the shoe, even may let give people a hard time floats in the aquatic surface, looks like the dead sea to be the same! If the humanity may free walk on the water surface perhaps to the global transportation is also another item of new milestone.
  • 中文五 B9406023 陳建池
  • Valuable special bottle pillow

    Prepares 6 spatial rectangular valuable special bottles first,3 bottle mouth that sides trims off,Inserts the other 3 treasure special bottle, mounts with the adhesive tape,3 treasure special bottles which completes mount in the same place make a big rectangle, finally covered a towel to complete.
  • 建築二 B9704014 鍾牧桓
  • I think the idea is vary good.
    But it has a small drawback no way to be turned around when you sleep.
    I like this idea.

    I have a good idea of my business product.
    Koreans hired to come to taiwan to the establishment of korean language schools
    Beacuse now Taiwan people hot the Korean drama
    Like long ago .Taiwan people popular watch Japanese tv drama.
    Japanese language schools on the following fashion.Like Global Village.
    Now Taiwan not have well-known korean cram schools
    This way can bring good business opportunities.
  • 建築二 B9704049 許家翌
  • I think this idea is very different.But modeling can be re-designed to look at.

    I have a very nice business product. Some people can't make model by himself .
    I can help hin to make model. and I wage NT300 for one model.

  • 建築二 B9704032 潘彥良
  • This idea is very good,but must consider the social populace's impression, When parents see this product usual first sees the outlook,the outlook does not conform to social populace's fondness, the product will not have too many sales.
  • B9602062   陳晟維
  • If has one phantom which puts with the wristwatch or the handset is may touch may the free business thing also be possible to be some post-sale service me inside the space to think that this thing did not know how long only will then present this will be may ponder
  • 建築二 B9704037 黃榮吉
  • I think this idea can't conform to everyone.
    There are too much drawback in this idea.
    I'll feel uncomfortable , if i used this "pillow".
    It look a little bit ridiculous.
    But, can sleep on anytime is a covet thing to me.
  • 建築二 B9704030  鄭喬之
  • The pillow is supposed to be clean!
    If one uses this stuff, it will be taken everywhere and become really dirty!
    So I suggest it should be a disposible product, and leaves a lot of garbage in our environment.
    Don't wash it frequently, because we are lazy!
  • 建築二 B9704030  鄭喬之
  • Go gambling everyday!
    If one is out of his/her fortune, it would be the destiny!
    He/She will never get rich!!
  • 建築二  B9704059  楊記萱
  • I have a good idea of my business product.
    Now the guardians are busy with the work, does not have the time to look after the child.May have the child-care worker who a method is please all do take care of everything.Looks the little baby or after the child is on rest from school the time.
    May hand over him the schoolwork or extracurricular talent and skill.
    Enable mothers to be possible to feel at ease goes to work gives the child-care worker.

  • 建築二   B9704008  陳逸仁
  • I think on the road the big intersection should be equipped with direct the traffic similarly the machine, like this only then not when the coming and going to work summit time the traffic jam, will establish in a mountain peak time starting, but will make this machine's company also greatly to sell, because police became are with ease many.
  • 建築貳B9704012李居翰
  • Things like why do they do? So, I told his partners created a popular brand "swagger leo" s fashion studio "
    By themselves do what we are in the 09 a / w shop
    Are currently preparing for our first Hooded Jacket
    We believe that the pandemic is life, fashion, free
    Therefore, we use our own approach to the epidemic
    This is our life
  • 陳奕隆
  • 建築二 B9704052 陳奕隆

    I have an excellent idea. This idea will make you feel that you are displayed a white magic. But in fact, it just begins from a simple concept. This concept is that humans want to be better, especially in appearance. However, many people don't know how to dress themselves, so I want to help them. First, establish a consultation team and cooperate with department stores. We not only provide some suggestions about choosing suitable clothing but also tell you how to become perfect from head to toe. Second, after making certain achievement, we will start to expand the range of service. We hope to promote this service to general consumer.
    Our goal is to let customer complete transformation magically by the lowest expense!
  • 楊長洵
  • 建築二 B9704027 楊長洵
    Sometimes, when the housewife in the vegetable, they are easily injured hand, there is a hand guard to allow them to use in the vegetable, to protect their hands are not injured, if the promotion of this product should be able to develop the market.
    This is what I think of ideas!