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Bug Net Gun 

As a father to a seven-month-old baby, I need to keep mosquitos and flies away from my son by all means. Incense may be harmful to a baby; therefore having it around my son is out of the question.  When I was little, my parents used a mosquito zapper (lamp), and it was somewhat effective; however, nowadays these mosquitos and flies seem to have gotten smarter; what's more, they seem to be immune to the mosquito-repelling spray.  With the summer months approaching, we are bound to see more and more of these irritating bugs.


Thanks to the Backyard Safari Bug Net Gun, an innovative toy from a UK-based company, we no longer have to put up with mosquitos buzzing above our heads while we are trying to catch some sleep.  The gun works by firing four darts towards the direction of the flying bug.  The net then expands like a parachute to trap a mosquito.  I can swear I have seen a similar device used by the American law enforcement agencies to capture fleeing suspects, but I've never thought that such technology would one day be used on toys.  Initial user reviews have all been very good.  The maker of this gun claims the gun has a firing distance of at least five to ten feet.  At $30 a pop, this is by no means an expensive toy for I have Nerf guns that cost more than that.  This neat invention is available in online stores like Amazon and Gadget Shop.  


If you know a toy that also has a practical usage, then please share it with me.  The person with the best suggestion for a toy wins a toy from me.  As I always say, "Life is unbearable without toys." 











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The winner of this contest.  


The winner of the 2009 Cover Letter Contest is Jessie Yang of 北台灣科學技術學院.  She utilized what she has learned in class to compose a professional and concise cover letter.  Her earnestness is very inspiring, and I know that I can always count on her to set a positive example for other students to follow.

I'd also like to extend kudos to the students who worked assiduously on this assignment.  Your progress in English is the best reward for me as a teacher.     

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The winner of the 2009 Most Useful Website Contest is Teresa from 北台灣科學技術學院 (T.S.I.N.T.).

She has used the website Glogster.com  to create many professional-looking posters.  Give it a try and see what 

you can do with this simple online tool.  

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Class Topic Competition Club 

As strange as it sounds, I just can't wait for the new semester to begin.  I've prepared some interesting topics to make our grammar classes more fun.  I know that some of you did not particularly enjoy the last semester, so I am asking you to take a look at my proposed syllabus.  It is posted on my website.

I realize that I am an old man now and I may not know what my students like or want; therefore, I am hosting a contest.  If you have a better idea as to how I can improve my class, then please share your thoughts with me.  Unlike the previous contests, this one can have multiple winners.  Each winner will receive two V.I.P. gift certificates to the Taipei Country Club for each idea you contribute.

You may also win V.I.P. tickets by telling me a particular grammar lesson I may have missed in my lesson plan.  I am open to any suggestions or criticisms you have for me.  Please go ahead and post your answers in this section.  The contest ends on January 30th.  Let your imagination go wild and have fun with this contest! 

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Jail Babe 

Her name is Ashly Wright.  She is 23-years old and she is originally from Georgia.  When I learned that she is in prison for robbery, I was totally shocked.  It goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover.  What drove this sweet-looking girl to commit a violent crime?  Was it out of necessity, or was she simply at the wrong place at the wrong time?  It seems that behind every inmate is a story that is larger than life itself.  I think it would intrigue many viewers if I were to produce a television documentary on the stories of prison inmates.  Prison documentary series have been done, but none of them has gone interactive.  In her own online introduction, Ashly said, "I'm looking for that special someone whom can fulfill my desires, in finding my perfect match.  My release is within less than 2 years, and I would love to create a bond with someone that likes what they hear and can relate and appreciate a good woman.  My qualities are that I am real.  I always stay the same.  If I left my body for ten years and came back, I would be identical.  I have made mistakes in the past, but I don't dwell on it, I just know that it's over and it has only helped me grow.  I'm loyal, dependable, I'm very down to earth.  I'm from Georgia, so I grew up with that southern hospitality in my blood.  I love to laugh.  I am goofy at times, and I know how to have a good time.  I love the outdoors.  I play softball, go camping, hiking, star gazing (I love the stars), mountain climbing, and willing to try new things.  Traveling is also something that I've dreamed of.  There are so many wonders of the world that need to be seen and felt through my eyes."  

PBS (公視)sure could use a television show such as this one to boost its poor ratings.  Let today's teens look at what life is really like in prison, and maybe the show would deter them from committing crimes.  To make the long story short, I have come up with a number of ideas to turn prisons into money-making machines for our government.  I will be discussing them with all of you in class.  You can be the judge as to whether or not these ideas are even feasible.  Meanwhile, if you'd like to write to Ashly, please copy down the address below:


Ashly N. Wright #24494-001 FCI - Danbury 33½ Pembroke Station Danbury, CT   06811-3099

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Blog Babes 

There is nothing better than somebody who encompasses both beauty and brains.  Wendy Cheng is a good example of how one can successfully market herself on the internet.  I notice that she is wearing a shirt with her blog logo on it.  What a good way to promote herself while she is on the go!  For those of you who practically live on the internet, I am sure you have come across blogs that feature smart and yet pretty girls.  As an English teacher, I must say this is a good way to encourage students to learn English on the side.  

If you know a hot blogger babe, please share her link with all of us.  Here is her link:  http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/

Knock yourself out:)

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Alley Cat's Pizza  


The winner of the Jason's Cup Marketing Competition is 朱 英禎  of Huafan University.  She is a hardworking student who has never missed a class.  The ideas she came up with are not only creative, but also feasible.  To those who took the time to participate in this compeition, I want you know that I appreciate your effort.  There will be plenty of other competitions next semester. 

The winner will receive NT$1,000 and one large pizza.

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