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A few years ago, I ran into the former CEO of Playboy Enterprises Christie Hefner at a five-star Santa Monica hotel. I was a reporter with the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, and I was there to interview the royal family of Jordan on that day.  At that time, neither the Playboy Enterprises nor the Palms Casino in Las Vegas was doing too hot financially; however, things are drastically different today with the Playboy bunnies serving as casino dealers and the weekly Ditch Fridays pool parties, Palms Casino has transformed itself into one of the hottest spots in Las Vegas.  If you are looking to get away from the noise and the air pollution of Taipei, I definitely recommend a trip to Las Vegas.  For those of you who are interested in a kick-ass, adult adventure tour of Nevada, please be sure to attend my workshop on December 3rd.

By the way, if you know a hot party spot or two, I'd appreciate if you could share it with me.


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