I Feel The Need For Speed! 


Have you ever been in a car that could go from 0 to 112 km/h in 3 seconds?  For only $15, you can satisfy your need for speed at the Speed Zone.  It is a mid-sized theme park located in the City of Industry.  In addition to the dragster rides, the park has three other race tracks, a state-of-the-art arcade, and two 18-hole miniature golf courses.  If this isn't enough of an adrenaline-pumping experience for you, then I suggest you check out the Hollywood Top Gun located in Van Nuys, Los Angeles.  You will sit in the co-pilot seat of an L-39 fighter jet and climb 1.2k.m.(4000ft.) per minute.  You will be doing loops and rolls over the Mojave dessert just like a professional Air Force pilot.  If you enjoy heart-pumping action, but going fast isn't exactly your cup of tea, then please tell me what turns you on.  You name it and I can find it for you.  Well, this concludes episode #2 of Jason's Hometown Stories. Is Los Angeles wild or what?  In our next episode, I will take you to Catalina, a small island off the coast of Los Angeles.  You can get there by ferry or small planes.  My wife got her first flying lesson in a Cessna on her way to Catalina.  Sounds exciting?  Please check back for the next episode.  

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  • TSINT - Teresa
  • ?!Fabulous America?!

    Hi, Jason:

    As you said...people can drive tank even fire in U.S..
    I was wondering....
    1.Where can I find "the hot ice-cream" in U.S.?
    2.Can I bring "American Raccoon" back to Taiwan? How?
  • The answer to your first question is Old Town, San Diego. Many Mexican bars serve fried ice cream. The second question is bit tricky because there is a way to import raccoon from the states; however, you would have to be licensed. In any event, you can't bring a raccoon on a flight like you would with a cat or a dog. Does that answer your question? I will check my information with my friend in Los Angeles. He is an Animal Patrol officer. Maybe he'll have an answer for me:)

    esltalk 於 2009/01/04 19:16 回覆

  • TSINT - Teresa
  • A little of advise for this class.

    You can try some kind of American Reality Shows to inspire student to learning English.
    (Such as:The Apprentice, Project Runway or American Next Top Model, and so on...)

    We can record some shows are different from ↑ but better be funny:D

    Maybe it Sounds Crazy XD

    Is that work? Sure!
    1. Recording Student's everyday and how we're learning.
    2. Not only students can learning English but also using your photo talents.
    3. Upload to the "Youtube" to let people see how we are different in the creative teach style.
    4. We can be famous. (ha!)
  • What a great idea! I've always loved documentary TV shows. The Apprentice is one of my favorite shows. I think you've just won yourself a prize with this idea. Keep up the good work.

    esltalk 於 2009/01/04 19:18 回覆

  • b9609059 黃貞羽
  • I compare want to know that which California does have to go sightseeing the scenic spot to have stimulates the facility.
    For example the upper air bounces and the glide wing and drives the small aircraft to stroll Grand Canyon and so on.
    Also the facility which Taiwan cannot achieve.
  • b9605010 陳咨翰
  • I think you can teach some skill with love , like "how to pursue ~~" .

    Or some skill for " make a profit " " be a man of wealth "

    It a good idea right? haha
  • B9505070 李穎玥
  • Hi, Jason:

    I want to know where has the Outlet?
  • B9504019王宛琪
  • Thanks you to teach us many knowledge
    I want to understand that some about US's educational mode, have differently what with Taiwan?
  • 工設二 b9605014 張譽馨 星期一下午ㄧ,二節
  • These two exicting activities that you introduce to us are good, have you ever try both of them? It is pity that I don't have chance to try them, because I don't have much money to go there. Maybe you can introduce some good way to make much money. How about parachuting? Have this activity there? This is one of exciting activities that I want to try. I'm also very interested in their food. Could you introduce some traditional food and provide us recipe and teach us how to cook? Thank you!
  • 美術二 b9609003 鄧首威
  • Can you find a way that helps me relax?
    I want use hammer smash something that size is big.
  • 電子2B B9603069 曾上銓
  • I heard that teacher can found the things that we thought. After i saw many movies about survive, i want to know if America has places where can let tourists experience how to survive in the wild.
  • 電子2B B9603102 謝承志
  • Hello Jason teacher.
    I'd know where could with the wildlife life a long time.
    I like life with the animal.
  • 9606075 中文二 俞怡辰
  • PO some more photos of you handsome
    Or a family photo
    To write something from the young man into a man picking up a home the difference
    Students and the community there will be any major changes
  • 電子2a b9603037 郭鎮宇
  • Wut's up dude!
    I'm curious 2 know 1992 Los Angeles riots,
    do u understand wut's goin' on?
  • 電子2B B9603105 王品鈞
  • Hi,Jason teacher
    I want know something about Las Vegas what can we play and the what show can we see,what can we eat and play.
  • 電子2B B9603085 陳敬
  • Hi teacher.
    I would like to know where can let human to experience the similar treasure hunt exploration activity the place in American,thank you!
  • B9603006張瀚軒
  • I want to know that auction website can send goods to foreign
    For example, Ebay does not offer the foreign freight transportation
    Because a lot of goods are much cheaper than Taiwan
    So,can you offer me a website about auction website?
  • 電子2B B9603103 黃聖智
  • US to me is a strange place
    Has listened to after teacher's simple introduction
    Did not know has any interesting activity or the experience is our student can go to do
  • 高偉倫
  • 電子2A B9603060 高偉倫 星期一下午一二節

    Hello thacher,
    I like rock and jazz music , just like .. Aerosmith and Joao Gilberto ,
    If I have the opportunity , i want to play music with them.
  • b9603058
  • I like everywhere playing, but did not know where has the activity, therefore I
    hoped that can provide the night of shop activity information. Not only but I must go to a night of shop to play, if has each kind of exhibition venue or is many university's unions moves me to want to know these news.Moreover I hoped that can know the other university's female students, therefore I also want to know that which methods I can penetrate to know.
    電二A b9603058 楊偉智 星期一 1.2節
  • B9605057 工設二 陳麗安
  • I want to know more about the trend of design in America !

  • b9602051 郭倚庭 電2B
  • hi teacher
    I want to know which one is better to study abroad works or studying away from home ? why?
  • If I were you, I would pursue a Master's degree in the United States. Having said that, the first thing I would do is to study like hell for the TOEFL test. Once I get accepted into a Master's program, I would apply for what is known as the Work Study Program. The U.S. Immigration Department would allow you to work 20 hours a week on a student visa. If my GPA is good enough, I would definitely apply for a scholarship. If that doesn't work, then I would apply for a job on campus. After I have taken care of all the above, then I would give my parents the news in hope that they will support my decision. Questions? Visit Jason's blog and submit follow-up questions.

    esltalk 於 2009/01/08 11:07 回覆

  • Cicenly
  • Hello,Jason

    As you know. Paul Krugman,born in N.Y,awarded 2008 Nobel Laureate in Economics,for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity. I'm extremly impressed . I want to know a professor of economics who comes from U.S. . I want to contact with her/him.

    Thanks a lot.