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As strange as it sounds, I just can't wait for the new semester to begin.  I've prepared some interesting topics to make our grammar classes more fun.  I know that some of you did not particularly enjoy the last semester, so I am asking you to take a look at my proposed syllabus.  It is posted on my website.

I realize that I am an old man now and I may not know what my students like or want; therefore, I am hosting a contest.  If you have a better idea as to how I can improve my class, then please share your thoughts with me.  Unlike the previous contests, this one can have multiple winners.  Each winner will receive two V.I.P. gift certificates to the Taipei Country Club for each idea you contribute.

You may also win V.I.P. tickets by telling me a particular grammar lesson I may have missed in my lesson plan.  I am open to any suggestions or criticisms you have for me.  Please go ahead and post your answers in this section.  The contest ends on January 30th.  Let your imagination go wild and have fun with this contest! 

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  •  中文二魚寶寶
  • I look forward to, I know that next semester will be very happy.
  •  魚寶寶
  • by the way
    happy winter vacation
  • 9606075 中文二 俞怡辰
  • Can talk about movies, comic books, or some joke, so that the process has become a lively class interesting
  • b9609003 美術二 鄧首威
  • I am expecting the title that is "Shut Up", I think that is practical in our life, and I hope add more teaching materials like this.
  • B9611003  環設二 游顯光
  • I want to know some music, that let me relaxed and enjoy my life.
  • b9611034 環設二 冉彩彤
  • In the world, no matter adult or the children, they have something own stress. Can you provide the method which some relieve press. That can relax everybody.
  • 中文二 B9606051 劉靜蓉
  • In the USA , the people can have the firearms legitimately ( handgun) ?
    It’s different with Taiwan. I think that is a quite interesting content.
    We can get knows the American culture and some interesting firearms knowledge by this point.
  • b9603058
  • The content which attends class regarding each week is very interesting, but I hoped that can understand summer the overseas work related information.
  • 環設二 B9611043 吳思妤
  • I want to know music,Which position in Taiwan singer do you most like?Why?
  • 中文二 b9606042 李永盛
  • I want to know some clothes mark and their history
  • 吳思瑩
  • 環設二B9611042吳思瑩

    I want to know that the American Disney has anything to be amusing
  • B9608055林育名
  • Maybe we can use blog, let students choose their own subject and do it.
    I think it will be not only fun, but also can let us learn something.

    Use 200words, and pictures or music to iterduse own subject.
  • 美二 B9609014
  • I want to know African American music or Electronic music , in addition everyone can provide one song with everybody share.
  • b9605010 陳咨翰
  • I want to know some english skill for an interview!
  • B9609059黃湞羽
  • The US has many Taiwan illegal matters, but it is legitimate.
    For example takes drugs, has the firearms,Public gambling...
    What does the US have is cannot?
  • 中文二 b9606047 黃鈺櫻
  • I wanna know what's the typical American food.
    Hot Dog or Hamburger ??!!
  • 中文二 b9606038 胡語真
  • Please tell me American comic books' culture.
    By the way,why the hero wears the tights????
  • 中文2 王心妤B9606021
  • I wanna to know cell-phone brands,and which handset function is good ?
  • 電子2謝承志B9603102
  • I want to know economy of the world.
  • 工設B9504019王宛琪
  • I want to know that which places the US and Taiwan do have to be different, let the Taiwan people think the inconceivable matter.
  • b9505070 李穎玥
  • Learning English from movies makes the course fun!
  • 工設三 b9505002
  • I want to know that news in American.
  • 工設二,b9605014 張譽馨
  • I want to know the history of America movie, because every period of movie shows different life of America. You can also let us see the classic of movie in every period, i believe that will impress us deeply. From "Singing in the rain" to Choplin's movie , it's very interesting, i can't wait to learn!
  • 電子2B 陳敬 B9603085
  • I want to know some news about England.
  • 周喜文
  • 關於壘球

    I would like to know about softball supplies brand and materials, such as gloves, bats, combat gloves, sportswear and so on information.
  • 張承雯B9606050
  • I think in the class we can talk about America movie history!
  • B9611049 黃哲瑋
  • I hope i can know more about the Bon Jovi.
  • 中文二
  • Topic

    I'm sorry!I leave my message of topic in your message board.
    Could you go to your message board?
    Thank you! :)
  • B9611038莊孟儒
  • I would like to know about NBA history,ex:MJ . Kobe .Dr.J..
  • B9605057 陳麗安
  • I want to know the history of ROCK MUSIC
  • Gina
  • wow

    I regret that I didn't see your blog.........

    You work really hard!

    I just hope there's someone big who can see your dedication.