The winner of the 2009 Most Useful Website Contest is Teresa from 北台灣科學技術學院 (T.S.I.N.T.).

She has used the website  to create many professional-looking posters.  Give it a try and see what 

you can do with this simple online tool.  

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  • 9606075 中文二 俞怡辰

    This is a love of my writer's website, I believe we are understanding of him. Most of the time in his busy to write something at him for the ecology of the performing arts circle ideas, or are some of his descriptions of things people want hair. More often, More often, I go directly to the charm of his language's...
  • 美二 b9609003 鄧首威

    This webside provide many software that you can download.
    I think this webside is very useful.
  • 環設二B9611042吳思瑩
    This is a practical the website which, moreover teach the human may make use of waste lets me profit a great deal
  • 環設二 B9611043 吳思妤
  • This is a very convenient website, no matter which you do want to go to be possible
  • 中文2王心妤B9606021
    it have gamespockets.when i'm bored,i picked on this webside.
    it's interesting.when you are bored ,you can try it.
  • 中文二B9606051劉靜蓉
  • 1.introduces some ancient book text computerization the website.
    this website has many Chinese ancient books text, might find some material in here, to our Chinese department, is the website which also well used.
    this website also has many texts, but it is the simplified version.

    2.introduced that some English website, may grow the consciousness and promotion English ability.
    this website can introduce that every day some things, usually I am looked every day introduced 4 famous sayings or the proverb, this may help us to study English.
    this website is an English dictionary, may look up the individual character.
    these three websites respectively is LA, NY as well as San Diego's Times, is may look that news, movie and so on material the websites, may during understanding current event's, promote English ability while convenient.

    3.introduced that some may relax the mood, whiles away the time novel website.
    this website has many category novels, many famous author's book, but also contains some modern literature.
    this is the mainland website, is a network platform, many network writers create in here, inside has many category websites.
    this is the love story website, it many love story's entity book computerization, may not need to spend rents.
  • 靜蓉,

    Thank you for putting in the time and the effort to participate in this exercise. It is clear to me that you are spending your free time wisely.

    esltalk 於 2009/04/07 10:39 回覆

  • 中文二 b9606006 朱英禎
  • The following three websites may help you to search for the different information:

    ● 東區頂好商圈

    This website may search for many restaurant and the shopping information


    This website may help the place which and the position you found you to want


    This website may provide you many scenic sites and the preferential benefit
  • B9611038莊孟儒
    ↑this webside introduce many DC and camera,if you want to buy one, check it
    ↑this webside can make a shorter URL,if you want to post some webside address,
    you can use it
  • 黃鈺櫻 中文二 B9606047
  • bbs://
    This is my favorite bulletin board system.Many student use this to discuss and get information.I use bbs more than use other web site.Try it !!
  • 胡語真 中文二 B9606038
    This web site provide us how to use drug and drug information.
    I use this web site very often cause' I'm sick very often.
  • Cicenly
  • 1.

    This website,provided all the tests you could think about. it's also help you developed your personality. Give it a shot !


    This webside is abound with various englishlearning resource. It's a marvelous site
    I keep it as a treasure. :)


    Jason Reeves,is a singer,who can relax me. :)
  • Cicenly,

    Here is a good website for you:
    The website features samples of student essays on various topics. I figure this may be what you need. They say that opportunities are for those who are prepared. I am glad that you are working hard to take your writing skills to the next level. I appreciate your effort in class, and I wish you the best of luck.

    esltalk 於 2009/04/07 10:36 回覆

  • Yvonne
  • 1.

    This webside to provide a lot of news about U.S.
    It's also help you to read English.


    This websibe to provide about business.
    I major in international trade.
    It's help me to make a report. :)


    This webside to provide a lot of music.
    Music is my hobby. :)

  • TSINT - Teresa
  • 1. This website is some kind of your subject (Picnik ), but more like making posters. : D
    →  http: //

    2 . There is a website called "Future me", as its name, just written some emails to yourself, don't you think that is a wonderful idea? No more hesitant ! just logon to this website !
    → http : //

    3 . If you are a person who really have no money and want to learning different languages by yourself, here is the best choice!! ;)
    → http: //
  • Teresa, all of these websites are very useful. What I like the most about the Language Guide website is that it contains fairly decent MP3 files to help learners with their pronunciation. I am curious about how you use the site to help you with your learning needs. Would you care to share that with the class next time?

    esltalk 於 2009/04/07 10:05 回覆

  • b9610024 李明展

    Google is most famous of the web.
    Google have much information.
  • 工設二 b9605014 張譽馨
    This website has many software to be possible to download, also has many games to be possible to play.
    This website has many comicbook to be possible on-line reading.
    This website has many about the design discussion and the product introduction .
    This website has many famous saying brocade sentence to be able to renew every day, may study.
  • 電2B 郭倚庭 B9602051

    It is a very interesting web which have a lot of funny flash games.
  • 中文二B9606018 吳芊玳

    You can know that new information of music,art,fashion,sneakers and culture in this website. And I like the part of sneakers.
  • 美二b9609059黃湞羽
  • Human who if has the interest to PHOTO SHOP or other software, I thought that this website has the help very much to you.
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