Mission Motors Electric Sports Bike 

The fifth annual Taiwan International Motorcycle Show is being held at the Taipei World Trade Center(世貿一館) this week from April 15th to the 18th.  Taiwan's very own Chinese Motors Company (中華汽車) will proudly feature its latest innovation titled E-Moving.  Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the E-Moving is said to target the young, female demographic.  The company claims that the operating cost over a period of five years is significantly lower than that of a 100c.c. gas-powered motorcycle.  The suggested retail price is tentatively set at NT$50,000 with a NT10,000 government subsidy.  While the Chinese Motors Company seems to have underestimated the buying power of the male consumers, a young American company has successfully developed the world's fastest electric motorcycle to date.  It's top speed is close to 161 miles or 260 km. per hour, and they have the video on YouTube to prove it.  Their Lithium-Sulfur battery can produce 3 times more power than the Lithium-ion battery, and it easily outlasts any other batteries on the market.


The Chinese Motors Company may not have produced the sexiest motorcycle, but its sales went up by about 43% in March of 2010.  There are many other Taiwanese firms that are making their marks in the international market.  If you can find a cool Taiwanese product, please share your findings with me.  Please describe this product in detail by using what you've learned in my classes.  As always, the person with the best article will win two movie tickets and bragging rights.  Good luck.

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  • 環設三B9611012陳柚然
  • The feeling present oil resource has used up quickly, the technological progress energy alternative, causes the locomotive no longer to rely on the petroleum the supply, not only, and energy alternative locomotive, outlook common locomotive's outlook, but may also achieve heavily machine. Moreover on the picture spicy younger sister may perform to propagandize, enables the energy alternative locomotive to be possible to promote effectively. After I read this article, also lets me think that also buy one to try to ride has a look, moreover the younger sister saw, also will let me.
  • 環設三
  • 新一代的能源機車

    Felt that the gift oil resource exhausts rapidly, not only the technical progress energy choice, the cause locomotive no longer depend upon the petroleum supply, supplies the choice with the energy the locomotive, outlook common locomotive' s outlook, but perhaps heavy also achieves with the machine building. Perhaps moreover carries out the propaganda in the picture spicy younger sister, enables the quantity is promotes effectively possibly for the choice locomotive. After I read this article, also lets me think also tries as soon as the purchase rides the examination, moreover the younger sister saw, may also quite good, on the one hand does not need for the province charge for oil, not to need each time the oil price type to rise in prices time, refuels in that side lining up, little rides a bicycle, or sits the friend to turn out, such man's face had, also others will not think that I will haggle over the charge for oil very much, the friend may the long-standing and deep-rooted friend, therefore I thought that like this will invent only then, will not have the fault.
  • 環設三B9611012陳柚然
  • Felt that the gift oil resource exhausts rapidly, not only the technical progress energy choice, the cause locomotive no longer depend upon the petroleum supply, supplies the choice with the energy the locomotive, outlook common locomotive' s outlook, but perhaps heavy also achieves with the machine building. Perhaps moreover carries out the propaganda in the picture spicy younger sister, enables the quantity is promotes effectively possibly for the choice locomotive. After I read this article, also lets me think also tries as soon as the purchase rides the examination, moreover the younger sister saw, may also quite good, on the one hand does not need for the province charge for oil, not to need each time the oil price type to rise in prices time, refuels in that side lining up, little rides a bicycle, or sits the friend to turn out, such man's face had, also others will not think that I will haggle over the charge for oil very much, the friend may the long-standing and deep-rooted friend, therefore I thought that like this will invent only then, will not have the fault.
  • 建築四 B9504013 吳欣珊
  • 建築四 B9504013 吳欣珊

    Acer main producing its own brand of personal computers and peripheral products such as product development, design, marketing and services. The emphasis on innovation, rapidly changing IT industry to self-brand positioning, while producing high quality product to consumers. But also as credible, won many computer brands. In Taiwan, Acer is the popular computer brands. In addition to the overseas market, in the Taiwan market has very high utilization rates, and information in the spring exhibition computer exhibition are sold better. For Taiwan, acer is the largest computer Group, is also the credibility of the brands.
  • 建築三B9604070湯家豪
  • 建築三B9604070湯家豪

    HTC's mission is to provide added value through design, world-class manufacturing, and logistics and services capabilities to the mobile information and communications devices, etc. take a firm position of leadership and innovation.
    Smart phone technology HTC is committed to enhancing the growth and function.
    HTC has developed strong R & D capabilities, pioneered many new designs and product innovations, and for the global telecommunications industry, operators and distributors comply with the current technology clinics and the introduction of PDA and smart phones.
    Rooted in Taiwan, HTC in accounting for 25% of the total number of the company a strong team who has invested heavily in R & D, but also invested in world-class high-volume manufacturing equipment.
    HTC produces a powerful handheld devices, and continue to expand the field of innovation, to lead the user experience real freedom of movement.
  • 建築二B9704025吳承峰
  • I found that the "Long Life" cigarettes of Taiwan Tobacco and Wine
    Long Life cigarettes in Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau in 1958 produced the middle of a filter paper, tobacco smoke low-tar products, its name and the celebration of the Republic of China President Chiang Kai-shek 70 "birthday" relevant, and have wished the Chiang Kai-shek boundless longevity meaning.
    In 2007, the Long Life cigarette and officially renamed as the English name "GENTLE", in addition to packaging to remove the Chinese "long life" should be, the only listed "GENTLE" the English brand name. However, longevity in China still have to sell cigarettes.
  • 建築三 B9604090 邱于騰
  • Many said they had no alternative to the Bicycle brand of R & D, quality control, and design
    Ability, but how many brands can Paixiong Fu guarantee?
    GIANT bike with the world's top designers, engineers, and technicians, as long as the inspired, they are ready to exchange
    The whole design and manufacture of unique resources, such as C-TECH composite plant, TECHNO-CENTER think tank, and
    GIANT division of labor around the world's top plant facilities will be immediately put into practice these ideas.
    GIANT is not only leading the industry with the technology and capability, as well as the industry's most senior qualification. 36 years after the design and R & D
    Experience, so GIANT be the first to mass production of high-end aluminum bicycle car brand, but also a few to take the lead
    The composite materials used in the bike on a perfect bike brands. But having said that, GIANT how to use these impressive
    Experience for the rider to design more sophisticated, more tailored car?
    Imagine a complete manufacturing process, from concept to engineering structures, from design to testing, from manufacturing to quality control, to store service
    Each size of the details and steps, are under strict supervision in GIANT. In short, GIANT ensure you have a
    Road is the same system under strict quality control of the most excellent bike.
    Select your technology
  • Did you use a translation software on this assignment?

    esltalk 於 2010/04/30 14:14 回覆

  • 四技國貿一忠 49861106周雅庭和49861105陳宏宜
  • GIANT...

    I introduced Taiwan produces the brand is GIANT.
    This Taiwan trade mark now everywhere obviously.
    The GIANT name was equal to that is the innovation technology pronoun.
    GIANT only then the outstanding production efficiency, cannot make many apex qualities the bicycle.
    These factors enable GIANT to become the main item which the present global bicycle produces, but the GIANT successful factor is not only restricted in this definitely.
    The GIANT incessancy the innovation, the new technology and the creativity will pour into the middle of the cycle racing.
    Also takes the environmental protection along with everybody the subject, more and more people ride the bicycle, the majority of people can choose GIANT.
    Not only brand becoming famous, the leading same business's technology and ability, are because he understands people true need anything.
    According to each different demand, he has also been different Che Zhong, lets, no matter is the child or is the females achieves safely is also comfortable!
    This is GIANT fierce place.
    If has the interest friend to the bicycle, may refer has a look at the GIANT bicycle which this Taiwan makes.
  • This has translation software written all over it. Don't use words that you don't understand. Most importantly, please make sure your sales pitch actually makes sense.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 17:25 回覆

  • 建築二 B9704004 葉奕緯
  • Future design! "May Take along Type House"

    Future, you will be able to run around with your house to live in any place you want to live. Brazilian architect Philip (Felipe Campolina) to design a concept of housing, the movable, stackable room units of housing, people live for the future way of opening up new possibilities.

    Philip will be divided into many skyscrapers shelf, and one by one on the shelf can be placed in "action housing", "action housing" like a standard box, length 244 meters, 122 meters wide, each housing move into and out, by the track control, that is, you can not disturb the neighbors moving situations.

    Philip said: "We have enough technology to at least the materials and minimal impact on the environment the way to build a house, but we keep a waste."

    Philip's vision, the "action housing" will have green roofs and walls, and recycling water system, and from 9 meters from the ground began to build. Housing special geometric design, will be a cool area out of the ground projection, to the effective use of limited urban land.

    "Action housing" is just a concept, but if true, this would likely be living in the suburbs of an innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, and can evacuate overcrowded urban living realities.
  • This assignment requires that you introduce a Taiwanese product. While your article sounds interesting, it totally missed the point of this exercise. Please do a rewrite.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/30 14:24 回覆

  • 建築二 B9704055 劉思萍
  • I-Mei was founded in 1934, as a traditional Taiwanese confectionary. The range of our products is extensive, which includes biscuits, candies, snacks, beverages, frozen prepared foods, ice cream, etc. In order to control quality, I-Mei imports many products from the manufacturers directly, and acts as an import agent for other well-known international brands. We hold ourselves responsible for the health and well-being of our customers. Commitment to provide only the best quality food . Constantly developing innovative products. Striving for excellence to ensure our customers satisfaction. When it comes to the design of product packaging, aesthetic look is not the only thing we care about. We also look for ways to reduce resources consumption by making packages that can be recycled, reused, and that are not harmful to the environment. To provide the best quality food products to customers in every corner of the world is our ultimately objectives.
  • If you wrote this yourself, then this is by far the best article any student has ever written. The assignment is for you to present a product. By doing so, you'd have to make certain comparisons with other brands of the same class. How does I-Mei differ from its major competitors?

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 17:53 回覆

  • 哲學四 B9508017 陳冠宇
  • Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (捷安特) is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer which bills itself as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.[1] Giant has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Netherlands, and China.

    Established 1972 in Tachia, Taichung, Giant started as an OEM, manufacturing bicycles to be sold exclusively under other brand names (for example, Schwinn and Nishiki). In 1986, Giant, under new president Bill Austin, established its own brand of bicycles to compete in the rapidly expanding $200-and-above price range. Today Giant has sales in over 50 countries, in over 10,000 retail stores. In 2007, its global sales surpassed 5 million bicycles and $820 million USD in global revenues.

  • Did you copy this from the Internet? I need you to be honest with me. Please come see me after class.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 17:55 回覆

  • 哲學四B9508008 陳杰宏
  • Maxxis is a brand name of tires of Cheng Shin Rubber. Maxxis has its American headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia, with other U.S. facilities in California and Texas. Internationally, Maxxis has facilities in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Germany, and Canada. They produce tires for automotive, light truck, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, bicycle, karting, and industrial applications. In the United States, all Maxxis karting tires are distributed by Goldspeed USA.

    The company is the title sponsor of the World Enduro Championship, and a sponsor of the Health Net Pro Cycling Team.

    Bicycles were the primary mode of transportation in Asia during the 1960s so it was in producing bicycle tires that Maxxis got its start, eventually becoming the largest manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world - as it remains today. The company extended its reach beyond Asia, expanding into other market segments including motorcycle, All-terrain vehicle (ATV), lawn & garden, race kart, industrial, trailer, auto, light truck, truck and bus.

    The company now employs over 15,000 people and operates in nine countries: Canada, the People's Republic of China, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.
  • I wasn't looking for company backgrounds when I gave the assignment. Why is everybody giving me background information on various Taiwanese companies? As a salesman, your job is to introduce the product. How does it compare to well-known brands? What competitive edge does it have? What innovations does the tire offer?

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 17:58 回覆

  • 建築二 b9704022 鐘郁雯
  • I want to introduce a restaurant PAUL.Many customers it need to queue.
    Salmon is good to eat!It is about lunch or dinner.Their afternoon tea is also famous too.
    So many people go there eat the afternoon tea.Of course so am I.But I like salmon more than cake.
    PAUL, founded in 1889, now has a network of 360 top quality bakeries and pastry-makers throughout France, offering a selection of country-style and fancy bread, viennoiserie (croissants, etc.) pastries, cakes and desserts, snacks and sandwiches (made to order) to more than 5 million customers every month.

    The PAUL tea-rooms offer a French style of snack lunch: savory and sweet pastries, a selection of French pancakes, simple dishes and a selection of salads, etc. All prepared on the premises. The perfect stop for a lunchtime break.

    All of the products offered by PAUL are prepared to the same high standards which have made French bread famous the world over. What is the secret ingredient of PAUL’s success? A respect for tradition.

  • You were supposed to introduce a Taiwanese product. If you want to receive credit for this course, you'd better learn to following instructions.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/30 14:27 回覆

  • 建築二  B9704059  楊記萱
  • What I must introduce is the Sanyo Electric appliance Enterprise.
    A family most needs is many electric appliances,but must be able to let the user feel at ease assumes office not the easy matter with the letter.Sanyo's electric appliance has the energy conservation marker affirmation.

    In order to respond present's environmental protection idea,Its electric appliance can save functions ,static sound and so on electricity.The outlook also has the different type,enable the customer to be possible to have the multiple options.

    When the electric appliance shatters, also has the post-sale service convenience to give favored treatment.This bustles about in the present in the people heart makes the impression.

    Is product which Taiwan makes, therefore understands Taiwan weather suitable electric appliance maintenance method.Can also consider the space the temperature moist flowing.

    Although Taiwan is the island or small country.But can also develop carefully the intimate product.
  • Please refer to your handouts for proper grammar. By the way, Sanyo is a Japanese corporation.
    Before you submit the article again, please be sure to let me check it first.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/30 14:31 回覆

  • 建築二 B9704009 黃俊瑋
  • 建築二 B9704009 黃俊瑋

    I want to introduce a mobile phone brands, from Taiwan, HTC. Now a lot of mobile phone brands, gives a very wide range of choices, there are nokia, sony, toshiba, there are currently very popular iphone, press a few days ago also Reported that the 4th generation prototype machine iphone accidentally forgotten by their staff in the bar, we all think this is Steve Jobs's marketing strategy is very smart. I would say that manufacturers are now being carved up mobile phone market, to which must survive Features, this mobile phone from Taiwan, it is called HTC, they started since 1999 to design the first touch smart phone O2 XDA, products from 2002 has asked the city has launched over 50 smartphones. HTC Received a number of internationally important recognition of the industry. Emphasized that people-centered, committed to the use of mobile phones easier and more intuitive.Although I now get the nokia mobile phone, also good to use, but support Taiwan's own label is very important to allow them to continue efforts to design innovation in world wide circulation, let the world know that made in Taiwan.
  • Please print this out and come see me before or after class. Let's edit this so that you can have a winning sales pitch. By the way, you may want to study up on its main competitor, namely the iPhone. How do they compare? Why does the HTC phone offer better value? A good salesman should do his homework.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 18:03 回覆

  • 建築二   B9704008  陳逸仁
  • What I must introduce is YAMAHA motorcycles.

    YAMAHA from before receives many people in Taiwan to love.The entire Taiwan ten individuals have more than 50% use this brand.Because receives very constantly the affection to think that it has constructed the good oral traditions.
    Many people thought that its motorcycle performance good outlook is good.Will buy his vehicle also relatively to have many preferential benefits and the simple fitting.I thought that these factors also attract one of young people vision reasons.

    CUXI was the product which in the present young people eye most receives welcome.Its color much reaches several kinds, the outlook lovably is also also dexterous.Automobile body not unwieldy, therefore drives is quite relaxed.Latter sits the human sits comfortably also.cyguns-x also does is very average, is very steady, the head lamp headlamp lamp case is very big, illuminates clear neat.Moreover, YAMAHA, locomotive's color leaves many, very many kind of choices, let the human have the new feeling.
  • What happened to the English grammar I taught you? Please print this out and come see me after class, if you want a better grade.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 18:04 回覆

  • 建築二 B9704027 楊長洵
  • What I must introduce is stinky tofu .

    The stinky tofu is a bean curd spread to all big China turn and other places in the world to ferment a product, but all includes rather big difference in the manufacture method, edible method of everyplace.

    The stinky tofu divides into stinky tofu Gan and of the stinky tofu milkThe Chong is all light repast that rather spreads.

    The stinky tofu is in Taiwan, Shanghai is a rather representative light repast.
  • 阿隆
  • 建築二B9704052陳奕隆

    When I first time saw the Ankonian of blue valuable Jianni concept car by Slavche Tanevsky is in the news.
    Which first time had it come to Taiwan to display.
    I am attracted by his semblance. First time, I have had the notino which wants to make money.
    Because only I thought suddenly that if must buy, must buy such one.
    According to me understood, its design concept comes from rock.
    Entire Automobile body is different in Streamline form of Common race car.
    But has the angle and is sharp.
    It has filled hegemonist power and aggressive.
    Perhaps is not all people understands the car, but we know any work will take will let the human strikes the table to call perfectly.
    Only this offers my discovery.

    Information origin:
  • 建築二 B9704015 李佩蓁
  • TODAY many technology company like to originality many interesting USB.
    I found a website, it have many different modeling USB

    Along with small dish's outlook is now all kinds, some can also integrate in the life, what is really very interesting, onw people has collected some interesting modelling small dish along with.

    The small dish already became nowadays one of along with many person of necessary personal effects, therefore many manufacturers innovate unceasingly along with in small dish's modelling, lets you continue can follow the science and technology also to be able to follow popularly.

    There are very cute and funny, I think everyone will like to have one .
  • You are to assume the role of a sales person and to introduce to a prospective client the product. Please listen to my instructions carefully next time.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/30 14:34 回覆

  • 建築2 b9704010 郭桂秀
  • The recycling revertex frequency bottle makes the chair.

    In Milan furniture exhibition, has a green concept chair.
    This chair, is cooperates hand in hand by design furniture brand Emeco and the Coca-Cola institute.
    Four years ago, the Coca-Cola the treasure special bottle recycling plan which develops in the American South Carolina, for wants to let recycle several thousand treasure special bottle revertex every day, found the new localization and the value, therefore the Coca-Cola looked designs manufacture classical aluminum chair the Navy Chair to be well-known world Emeco, hoped that will recycle the valuable special bottle soft drink will change the body for brand-new models offset plate's Navy Chair.
    At present altogether has six kind of colors to be possible to choose.
    After May, 111 Navy Chair may buy in Design Within Reach, the selling price approximately is $230 US dollars.
  • 建築二 b9704024 陳靜玟
  • Japanese ikea number train.

    Japanese ikea number train is the ikea's motion advertisement,
    I thought ikea will make the advertisement,
    If Taiwan has this train definitely to explode red, his each carriage, each seat, each piece of window, is dissimilar, on the compartment outward appearance also paint the different design,
    the window cloth is also the different variety,
    each row of seat is also the different sofa style, I thought has the creativity,
    like this each time rides the train well to have the curiosity, also looks like is strolling IKEA!
    This train starts on the road is very remarkable.
    Everybody saw also will want to travel by.
    Will experience also will immediately perhaps have gone to IKEA to buy!
  • Mickey & Alex
  • ASUS

    Hi ! We are Mickey and Alex

    ASUS is a big computer company ,this brand is very common in our life .ASUS is the most reliable brand in computer units ,it's a comprehensive tool,and it is rather user friendly .
    They are trying feverishly to outperform other brand ,but I think ASUS need to dazzle the buyers with dynamic software applications ,and they need to creat brand loyalty among young customers .
    They attempt make more ethereal computer ,and has the more formidable software equipment .
    So...I strongly recommend the brand .
  • I should give you kudos for your effort; afterall, you have followed instructions by using what I have taught you to put together a product introduction. I thank you for trying your best. Please approach every assignment with the same level of enthusiasm from this day forward.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 17:22 回覆

  • 四貿一忠49861125潘隆翔49861107何佳錡
  • 蘋果的平板電腦ipad

    Hi we are Eric and Flower

    In fact, it seems, is a large size of the iPod touch, using a 9.7-inch LED backlit IPS panel. Price of the cheapest version is $ 499 U.S. dollars, equivalent to NT about 16,000 yuan, access to the Internet, watching movies, listening to music, books, checking maps, playing games, introducing the speaker when it has been holding a seat on the sofa , demonstrated, feeling as if tilted in the home nest on the couch watching foot magazine or newspaper feel. In fact the Apple has with several major U.S. publishers for e-newspapers, e is some cooperation, and provide end users access to iTunes Store directly iPad buy MP3 music, the iPhone App Store to download applications on the 140,000 kinds of with the game, and can purchase books through iBookstore view, use the e-book part of the ePub specifications. This product should be able to defeat the small electricity, in particular, a specially modified version of iWork, so that ordinary users in addition to sending and receiving Email with the calendar, you can also do the above in the iPad simple word processing, presentations, editing ... etc. quite attractive
  • Where did you copy this from? Have you even read the stuff you copied from the Internet? Don't trust the translation software, because they never get it right. Please come to me for questions next time. If you don't feel comfortable talking to me, you can use this blog to get your questions answered.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 17:10 回覆

  • 貿一忠  李家綺  陳詩婷
  • 力晶半導體股份有限公司

    力晶半導體股份有限公司(Strength crystal semiconductor limited liability company)

    The strength crystal establishes in 83 years in December in the Hsinchu scientific and technical park, the business scope covering dynamic random access memory manufacture and the wafer generation of labor two big categories.87 years by science and technology class stock in Taiwan official license cabinet.88 years distribute the whole world to save hold the certificate, become our country first in the Luxembourg stock market going on the market on cabinet company.

    In order to promote in the international market competitive power and achieved beginning the quantity produces the economical scale, the company sets up, strength crystal namely and Japanese Mitsubishi electrical machinery establishment technology, production and sales strategy alliance relations.At present and Japan's DRAM big plant Elpida concludes the strategy alliance, both sides hand in hand cooperates researches and develops the most state-of-art DRAM technology together.Generation of labor aspect, strength crystal also after Mitsubishi and Hitachi LSI Department merge new company Switzerland Sa science and technology (Renesas Technology Corp.# the main generation of labor partner, advances to the system chip #System LSI# the product domain.
    The strength crystal eight 吋 wafer factories #the 8A factory#, starts from 85 years to revolve the quantity to produce, at present has reached 40,000 piece of full load months to produce can the scale.89 year strength crystals construct the first 12 吋 wafer factory #the 12A factory#, the full load month produces can be possible to reach 45,000 pieces, but not only is Taiwan first for makes the advanced memory to measure 12 吋 wafer factories which the body makes, also is 12 吋 DRAM factories which the global semiconductor field first three inlets produce.92 year in October strength crystal constructs the second 12 吋 wafer factory #the 12B factory#, estimated 94 year third season inlets produce, the full load month produces can be possible to reach 40,000 piece of scales.
    Strives the technology, the service customer, becomes the stable profit the world-class semiconductor company, is the strength crystal prospect.At present, the strength crystal and produces by the advanced science and technology energy, provides standard memory #DRAM#, consumption memory #C-RAM#, the communication with memory #M-RAM#, the high-capacity dodges quickly memory #Flash), the CMOS phantom sensory element and the multiplex generation of labor service.
  • I'd bet you don't even know what you have copied. What I care about the most is your attitude toward the class. You are not going to earn any points from me by cheating on an assignment. I expect you to do this assignment over again before this Friday.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 16:31 回覆

  • Jen&David
  • Acer

    30 years, Acer in IT industry kept a fast pace to make history, confirming a steady pace of our business in the right direction. We were a step faster product development and marketing strategies is an important cornerstone for future growth challenges.

    According to market research agency statistics in 2007, Acer is the third largest PC brand, but also the world's second largest notebook computer brand, has an international operation of the management team motto of "care" of the enterprise service idea, Chi Xu to provide consumers worldwide a simple, easy to use information products.

    Acer significant transformation since the end of 2000 has focused on the cause of global information products, brands, mainly engaged in own-brand personal computers and peripheral products such as R & D, design, marketing and services. In 2007, the successful acquisition of U.S. Gateway Acer Inc. (including eMachines brand) and the European Packard Bell companies to reach peace in Europe, the U.S. firm to establish the world's third strategy.

    Acer has established an effective "new distribution model", and first-class suppliers and distributors to develop long-term good relations of cooperation, make full use of channel partners, suppliers and resources, and sharing interests with them, with accurate global logistics capabilities, and have their own brand marketing, product development and understanding of market advantage, so consumers really need to provide the products and services.

    Acer simple and effective in recent years a new distribution model, revenue and operating income to increase substantially and PC shipment growth rate among the best products, Acer's consolidated revenue in 2007 of NT 4,620.7 billion, operating net profit of 102 million, currently employs 5,000 people worldwide and markets its products in more than 100 countries. Acer's next target is to become the world's largest notebook computer brands.

    Acer was founded in 1976, is Taiwan's IT industry brand and a pioneer in international and train a number of industry talent, more used to write a successful business model change and transformation.
  • This is NOT a sales pitch, which means you have failed to follow simple instructions. If you are confused about the object of this assignment, please talk to me after class.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 16:25 回覆

  • 貿一忠  吳榮傑
  • BENQ cell phone

    I Wu Rongjie today I want to introduce this platform BENQ mobile;
    This is a world's smallest 3G phone, compact, content, classic Phantom black, high-tech fashion sense moreBenQ S80 3G only has a powerful function, appearance design also deviated from the general appearance thick 3G phone, only 97cc in volume, the equivalent of 4 / 5 the size of card, called the world's smallest 3G handset.
    However, though small, has much meaning, S80 system with 3G services, show the action without borders wide communication and multimedia fun.I made the above description of this product. Thank you!
  • You have cut and paste an article that doesn't even make sense. You need to come see me after class for you are about to flunk this classs.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 16:23 回覆

  • 貿一忠  張姿婷(49861151) 馮珮儀(49861145)
  • 華碩

    Hello! We are phoebe and chrisetine .we company offers Be set up to an Asus inside LifeFrame a style of each notebook, will match an all having of the webcam product in the near future at least.Formely all only ASUS Camara ScreenSaver, this style of appearance that can take through the webcam while needing the operation of the program of the screen protection to regarded as to protected the effect of the screen.And the function of LifeFrame adding then differs from ASUS Camara is ScreenSaver single function and provided to take a picture,(have no voice) record image, record sound, keep watch on and browse etc. diversification function.
    Whole to see the software of Asus LifeFrame, provide to reach to six kind condition usages more, although actually make by recording image, taking photo both enhancing of function, but can find out in various.
  • You've made some fundamental mistakes in your grammar, which is going lower your grade significantly. Please try to use the grammar you have learned in class to compose future homework assignments.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 16:19 回覆

  • 貿一忠 金履安&陳冠穎
  • ipad

    The technology nowadays has become more and more unbelievable to the human being in the past. The Apple Inc. which was established by Steve Jobs had their new release “iPad” after they had launched the products like Mac, iPod, iPhone. “ It is the best way to experience the web. View whole pages in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen. And let your fingers do the surfing.” The introduction on the apple online page said. And the 9.7-inch high-resolution screen makes iPad perfect for watching HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos, and more. iPad is also provide service like mail, photo, map, iBook, and iPod included. It is really an amazing product! If you had iPad on your hand, then you cannot be boring, you can surfing on the Internet no matter where you are, or listening to the music whenever you want. Also you could put your photos in your iPad flip through your pictures one by one. Or play a slideshow and share your photos. They claim that “See more of the world with iPad, and find locations easier than ever with street view, satellite view, or new terrain view — all using Google services.” as the slogan for their map service. iPad, not only bring us convenience but lead the generation of computer to a whole new century.
  • You and I both know that iPad is not a Taiwanese product. Even if it were a Taiwanese product, you should've used your own words to describe it. Your lack of effort is going to get you a failing grade in my class. Please take pride in doing your homework from now on.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 16:12 回覆

  • 貿一忠  榮依雯  林秉毅
  • 捷安特

    Hi , I am Angela
    I am with grant.
    We're earned a solid requtation for qulity.
    We sell every kind of bicycle and related accessories.
    We will satisfy your demand here.
    Please allow me to introduce our newly developed model for this year.
    This small fold is made aluminum alloy , convenient , don't have space.
    Bicycling has fast become a trend.
    Purchase this now small break me will give you discount and send your related accessories.
    Many thanks to your patronage.
  • First, please watch out for obvious spelling errors. Secondly, please give me more details about your product so that a client may make a more educated decision. I know you've tried to use your own words to compose this article, and I applaud you for that. If only you had put more effort into this, you would have gotten an A on the assignment.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:53 回覆

  • 四貿一忠江薳李慧文
  • English homework
    HI,We are Wing and Ghost, with Sanyo and now we are going to introduce you the HEPA 528RC air cleaning machine.
    The HEPA air cleaner has a superior filtering performance for a much cheaper price. The filtering process has five steps, the filters are made in Japan and has a timed system. It also includes a turbo option to speed up the cleaning process . If you care about your health or you love your family then you should get one right now.
    Only my company can guarantee you after-sell services so you don’t have to worry about glitches because our products are always better.
    With no glitches and better quality our product will be the fist choice for any customer out there.
    So if you are interested please contac us, we are pleased receive your call.
  • How exactly is the filtering system superior to that of a major competitor? You've failed to answer this key question; however, you did at least try to use the target vocabulary to put together this sales pitch, which is good enough by your class standard.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:47 回覆

  • 貿一忠  田莉雯(49861118),林婷婷(49861149)
  • HP印表機

    Hi, we are dolli and Jessica, to sell the product today is HP multifunction printers. Enjoy the diversity of multifunction printers, the most suitable for everyday printing and photo printing, scanning and photocopying.
    Each product can print laser-quality text and show a distinctive pattern. Color using the optional 6-color printing, you can enjoy the long generations of laboratory-quality photo collection.
    There are more convenience features, such as built-in 1.5-inch color image display, HP smart web printing 3, scan / copy with the touch-sensitive buttons and flatbed document scanner, allowing you to easily accomplish more work . As long as a compact multifunction machine that can get things done.
  • HP is not a Taiwanese brand; therefore, you must do a rewrite. Please talk to me about your assignment before you turn it in next time.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:43 回覆

  • 貿一忠   49861110高淑珍 49861137林千惠

    Our parent company, Seiko Epson Corporation (SEC) holds leadership positions in each of three major business areas:

    The Seiko Business Unit is world famous for innovations in superior-quality watches.

    The Information Technology Unit is a leader in the graphics imaging market with our award-winning Epson family of printers, scanners, cameras, and projectors.

    The Electronic Devices Unit pioneered Energy Saving technology in Epson semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, quartz devices, visual instruments and device-applied products.

    For more than 15 years, Epson marketed electronic devices through two U.S. affiliates. The first, Epson America, Inc. (EAI), was responsible for developing our quartz devices, LCDs, motors, magnets and device-applied products. The second, S-MOS Systems, Inc., was responsible for semiconductors, CARD-PCs, silicon foundry, packaging and services.

    We established Epson Electronics America, Inc. (EEA) as the regional headquarters for our electronic device and component business for the Americas, covering the United States, Canada, and Latin America. EEA markets and sells our electronic devices and delivers the engineering support necessary to ensure that designers developing advanced systems select our products over those of our competitors.

    The EEA management team and key personnel come from both EAI and S-MOS, thus retaining the experience and knowledge required for this smooth transition.

    Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., EEA is located in Silicon Valley, the heart of the nation's high-tech industry and home to many leading universities.
  • I should fail the two of you for turning in something you have copied from a company website. Please do a rewrite before this Friday to avoid a failing grade.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:31 回覆

  • 貿一忠 連怡婷 陳巧容
  • 南亞半導體

    Nanya Technology Corporation was founded in 1995. The company conducts research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales of DRAM products, with worldwide sales offices in USA, Europe, Japan and China. The main shareholder is Nanya Plastics Corporation of the Formosa Plastics Group.
    Nanya Technology Corporation currently owns both 8-inch and 12-inch Fabs, located in Taoyuan and Taipei County respectively. The Company has started mass production of 50-nanometer (nm) stack technologies from the first quarter of 2010, and plans to complete its maximum capacity of 50,000 wafers per month by the end of year 2010, mainly for 2Gb DDR3 DRAM products. Meanwhile, the new copper-based 42nm stack technology is progressing well for a production scheduled in the second half of 2010.
    In 2008, Nanya and Micron Technology executed a Joint Technology Development Agreement. Both Companies have successfully conducted 42nm development and 3X nm Technologies are being developed jointly in the R&D labs. Nanya and Micron will share the total output from Inotera Memories Inc., which is also being converted to 50nm stack technologies now. This strategic collaboration will leverage Nanya and Micron’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and will greatly enhance both companies’ competitiveness in the DRAM industry.
    Nanya has invested NT$40 billion in research and development funds since it’s established and built up unique strength of technological proficiency. Back up by the strong financial supports from its parent company together with the leading R&D technology from the strategic partner, Nanya Technology Corp., the leading DRAM maker in the world, will strive to pursue the maximum value for its shareholders.
  • Please do not attempt to pull a fast one on your teacher by presenting me with a cut-and-paste article. This is cheating at its worst. This assignment reflects your attitude toward the class, and I am deeply disappointed in you. Please try to write a sales pitch with the words I have taught you. If you need help, please come see me after class. As a teacher, I will be more than happy to help you do a rewrite.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:27 回覆

  • 倪偉席 張元豪
  • HTC HD2

    First saw HTC HD2, you will carry on its screen; theater-level results are astounding. A little bit closer look, you'll find everything HTC HD2 features is all top-level. Whether the appearance of texture or ease of operation of mobile phones, HTC HD2 in more than you expect.
    HTC HD2 to convey a kind of never had cell phone experience. Large 4.3-inch high-definition touch screen, the screen spectacular eye-catching. Carrying the world's first capacitive touch technology, Windows ® Mobile; its built-in 1 GHz processor, can be smoothly and quickly respond to every touch of the action, exactly right.
    Quite worth mentioning is that it is the world's first embedded HTC Sense ™ for Windows Mobile; make phone operation more intuitive. HTC Sense to the three principles for the design of the core - Make it Mine, Stay Close, Discover the Unexpected.

    Detailed explanation:
    Photo Source:
  • There are numerous spelling as well as grammatical errors in this article. I don't need you to list the specifications; what I need you to do is to give me a sales pitch. Why should a customer pick the HTC HD2 when there are other choices out there? Answer those questions and you have a completed assignment.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:22 回覆

  • 貿一忠 49861103連彥慈  49861114曹文馨
  • 中國石油

    Hello, We are Angel and Naomi. We would like to introduce China's oil. We provide a quality living resources to promote economic prosperity. Our business philosophy, quality first, service supreme, the greatest contribution. Oil market liberalization, in order to market share, business is more focus on sales and service side. We implement service-oriented business philosophy, continued to maintain the market "leading" brand on its size. Global financial turmoil, the industry faces unprecedented domestic and international operating difficulties, CPC is committed to business transformation to improve the financial position and enhance operational efficiency, service quality does not insist on discounts. CPC, CPC in the future towards a cover oil, petrochemical and high-tech vision of the process of energy groups can still continue to get the most supporters.
  • Who would be your potential client in this case? Can you honestly picture yourself selling CPC's product? By the way, please use your own words to compose any and all future assignments.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:10 回覆

  • 貿一忠  張佳宥  劉怡虹
  • 落跑鬧鐘

    Hello,we are lala and messi. World-renowned MIT media lab invented numerous leading technology products, is now a simple idea: "How to use an alarm clock can wake-up" and become a research theme. Clocky's goal is to alarm sounds, alarm will immediately run away, so you have to "wake up" by off it. Yes, when you press down it, you have already get up the.
  • While the Clocky may be an innovative product, it is sadly not manufactured in Taiwan, nor was the product invented by a team of Taiwanese designers. Having said that, I must ask you to choose another product that is representative of Taiwan's innovation.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:07 回覆

  • 貿一忠  汪怡君  鄭靖穎

    Hello,we are Betty and Killer.

    We would like to introduce the CHIMEI LCD.

    Wide-screen panel is the future trend, the general Notbook and Apple products are showing wide-screen design,

    Market acceptance is also high. For the current computer hardware and faster processing speed, with wide-screen will be able to synchronize more work,

    For example, two windows open side of the Internet while doing other things. And our LCD brightness and contrast are the best the industry standard;

    In addition to high resolution, ultra-wide angle, low power consumption, environmental protection and other advantages, the price of our products to the civilian population, let the consumers get rid of the impression of wide-screen high-priced.

    To enhance the visual enjoyment of consumers, we constantly improve our product quality and performance, but also perfect after-sales service; three-year warranty, free home inspection and parts replacement.

    CHIMEI LCD display, with the most vivid colors, touched every detail of life, see the color of happiness can not put into words.
  • Okay, you've mentioned LCD brightness as one of the advantages of your product, but you have failed to compare other important features with the so-called leading brands. In your rewrite, I'd expect you to come to me for advice before you turn in an assignment. The key question is why a potential client should choose Chimei over other brands.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 15:00 回覆

  • 四貿一忠 林盈君 林巧苹
  • acer

    Sorry, we are Acer Inc.
    I Miss Lin
    Please allow me to borrow just a few minutes of your time.
    We are having a promotion.On owr Aspire 4810TZ
    It’s design satisfies the most discriminating consumon.
    Aspire 4810TZ is Aspire Ultra light weight light notebook series, 14-inch special edition notebook, It gives outstanding performance and a more.
    Aspire 4810TZ has a classic silver aluminum cover, it’s unique and durable. Acer FineTip features full-size keyboard and multi-level floating-point touchpad, there no mouse is required.
    Under the hood it has High-quality rendering performance
    Aspire 4810TZ special edition packs a well-known
    energy-saving processor with high-speed DDR3 memory, high-quality image effects with Dolby ® Sound Room technology.
    The unit stays cool even after 8 hours of continuos operation.
    A fully-charged battery will last you the entire day,literlly.
    The main consumers can use the peace of mind, happy mind the three principles
    Services to consumers absolutely careful and patient
    If for the company's products and want to do in-depth information of
    Please find Acer service Miss Lin.
  • I didn't expect any of my students to list every feature of any product. I just wanted you to give me a brief sales pitch. Nevertheless, I must say that your effort is noted.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 14:47 回覆

  • 貿一忠 49861160黃汝萱 49861156韋佳妤
  • Eee PC 1008HA

    we are Peggy and Penelope

    2.5cm be ultra-thin design, weight only 1.1kg.

    Super Hybrid Engine provides you 6 hour ability to carrying away.

    Circular arc filament thin fuselage curve and pearly luster outer covering .

    Let it becomes you the perfect travel companion.

    Complete application program promotion communication and operation experience.

    In constructs the bluebooth you can links two or the more far-end users.

    It can execution the reproduce by pantograph multi-point to touch easily controls the board.

    When long time typing also prepares the feeling comfortably not easy weary.

    In constructs 130 ten thousand picture element camera.

    Carries on anytime and anywhere with anyone face to face communicates.
  • You were supposed to use the adverbs and the adjectives you have learned in your handouts. I don't understand why you would choose to copy from an online source. This is going to cost you your grade.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 14:40 回覆

  • 49861133游佩嫻49861152唐燕姿
  • 台灣機電體路製造股份有限公司:
    TSMC serves the global semiconductor market through its network of worldwide manufacturing facilities and offices.
    TSMC's operations comprise two advanced 300mm wafer fabs, five eight-inch fabs and one six-inch wafer fab.
    300mm Wafer: TSMC currently operates two 300-mm GigaFabs (Fabs 12 and Fab 14).
    The combined capacity of the two GigaFabs reached 271,000 wafers by the end of 2006.
    Production within these two facilities supports 0.13-micron, 90nm, 65nm and 45nm process technologies.
    Part of the capacity is reserved for research and development work and currently supports 32nm and beyond technology development.
    GigaFabs demonstrate TSMC's unceasing effort to improve manufacturing excellence and deliver manufacturing breakthroughs.
    GigaFabs attain lower operating costs by achieving near 100 percent automation, including real-time wafer dispatching, automated materials handling systems (AMHS) search engines to optimizedroutes , full automation of production wafers and non-product wafers, and a lean work-in-progress control.
    TSMC is the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry's leading process technology, library and IP options and other leading-edge foundry services, such as mask making and IC packaging and testing.
    The company provides fabrication processes, including CMOS logic, mixed-mode/RF, volatile and non-volatile memory, BiCMOS, High Voltage and CMOS Image Sensor.
  • Did you copy this from the company website? It sure looks that way. Do you even know some of the words that you have copied from the Internet? I'd strongly encourage you to do a rewrite for this is definitely not acceptable.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 14:36 回覆

  • 哲學四 |B9508009 張皓凌
  • I would like to introduce the world's leading video game company-Blizzard
    In the current technology industry development, electronic games are also constantly innovate in the computer game category, with Blizzard games produced the most well known.

    In 1994, Blizzard released so far are loved by the players of "Warcraft" and started to establish reputation, and later after another with "StarCraft," "Diablo" series, etc. Game, caused a sensation around the world also have high regard.

    In the November 23, 2004, Blizzard tenth anniversary, the launch of the MMORPG online games - "World of Warcraft" until 2008, in the same type of network gaming, the market share of 62% of the world Paid users over 1150 million and successfully scored World Guinness world record
  • 貿一忠49861122簡凱彬49861146呂宜庭
  • Sharp WX-T923

    Sharp WX-T923:

    The T923 is Sharp the fifth generation AQUOS cellular phone, it inside set up a LCD of 3.3 inches front-panel, have 16,700,000 colors of whole colourful show ability;The resolution of screen is extremely high, is Full WVGA, also is the 480 xes is 864 pixels, the quality is delicate to plus an AQUOS fresh gorgeous color, by hand the machine watch photograph and film is a greatly enjoy.In addition, the T923 also can make a screen like the T92 generally agreeable clock 90 degrees revolve, the cellular phone lifts cover shaft to adopt two type designs and revolve a screen 90 degree and after lifting to cover to segment 1, the cellular phone then can place on the table's top and be convenient for the customer to watch film.

    In addition, although the AQUOS screen emphasizes a breadth angle of view, joins "the screen defend to peep" function in a T923 still an in hand machine, can keep side from person to wait for an opportunity to peep the content of the cellular phone screen.Its principle is after opening, will have already been similar to the wood grain of the water mark on the screen, this wood grain not and easily sees out while facing a screen, but sees from the flank very obvious, therefore the writing content of meeting interference appearance, reach to defend to peep of purpose.And in the T923, and defending of 7 kinds of different styleses peep wood grain and can choose and include the piece, plum flower of windmill, square, red heart, dog, fish, and panda...etc., very interesting.

    The T923 adopts 5,200,000 module of the pixel cameras, biggest can take the photograph of 2592 xes 1944 pixels, and inside set up LED flash light, support auto-focus;It also in the Sharp model that becomes available in the market in Taiwan, is the model that supports a face department to recognize to focus for the first time, and also have a hand earthquake of defend function.However, the T923 has no inside set up only can make use of main camera to take a view inside the video camera of screen, while stiring to make image telephone call, more inconvenient.On top of that, the T923 has the highest 480 xes the film of 864 pixels record function, and inside set up a photograph editor, you can make use of a creativity to edit photograph.

    The T923 supports the applied function of one Luo basket, in addition to general of the PIM's information manage in addition to program, there is also document browser, can open Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint/ PDF to wait for a format document, and inside set up open account book, hour to remind, QR Code decoding machine, pedometer, and can point out the electronics compass of directions, and some Japan versions possess singly of function, like OneSeg digital TV, E-Wallet, and GPS...etc., Taiwan the version all along together cancels.

    At the network, the T923 supports the high-speed on-line of WCDMA/ HSDPA, most Gao can support to 3.6 Mbpses;The cellular phone also prepares to carry NetFront 3.4 network browsers and supports a Flash animation, the ability is also correct to show most of the web page contents, and the function is rather high.Set up a blue tooth inside the T923, specifications such as support file transfer, headphones speech and A2 DP etc., and can store capacity through the microSDHC memory card enlargement file.

    Multi-media aspect, the T923 owns a complete music player and supports MP3/ AAC/ AAC+/ eAAC+ wait for music format, through the cellular phone built-in exercise controller, can with the jolty way make fast mute, song top and bottom the head cut over, the size of the message writing, web page size cut over etc. action.

    The Sharp T923 is the cellular phone that each love of beauty girl wants most , now a lot of females of love of beauties, almost the hand is 1, it is thus clear that the Sharp T923 caused a very strong unrest.
  • You have put a lot of effort into this project; however, you could have submitted your rough draft to me before you posted the article. There are numerous grammatical mistakes throughout this aritcle. Please print out a hard copy and have me correct the mistakes for you in person.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 14:27 回覆

  • 建築二 B9704014 鍾牧桓
  • GIANT bike
    Many bike companies say they have an uncompromised commitment to innovation, quality and performance. But how many of them can back that up?

    GIANT not only then the leading same business's technology and ability, meanwhile have the field most senior qualifications and records of service.

    GIANT is not only leading the industry with the technology and capability, as well as the industry's most senior qualification. 36 years of design and development by
    Experience, so GIANT be the first to mass production of high-end aluminum bicycle car brand, but also a few to take the lead.

    The composite materials used in the bicycle the perfect bike brands. But having said that, GIANT how to use these impressive.

    Experience for the rider to design more sophisticated, more tailored car?

    Imagine a complete manufacturing process, from concept to engineering structures, from design to testing, from manufacturing to quality control, to store service
    The details of every size and steps are under strict supervision in GIANT. In short, GIANT ensure you have a Road is the same system under strict quality control of the most excellent bike.
  • b9704033 建築二 楊升豪
  • Taiwan's betel nut culture.

    I want to introduce Taiwan's betel nut culture.

    Betel nut (Areca catechu, LINN.) Is the seed of areca palm, and coconut palms are both evergreen tree, the trunk can grow Zhinian meters. "Betel nut" is derived from Indonesian. Penang was originally one of the important medicinal plant, but most of all be used to act as a modern refreshing food.

    Culture of Taiwan betel nut chewing is Sheng, a conservative estimate of Taiwan's "betelnut" (addicted to chewing betel nut) per year to pay for such commonly known as "Taiwan chewing gum," the amount of more than thousand billion Taiwan dollars. Huge amount of revenue, according to COA data, planting betel nut farmers, as high as 70,000, while the betel nut is also in the 1990 period, to become Taiwan's most important cash crops. However, the results of crazy nut planting, soil and water conservation on slope land in Taiwan, causing great harm. Taiwanese betel nut consumption significantly strengthen the way the carcinogenicity of betel nut. Even more harm than good, this is still Taiwan's betel nut chewing is common, and also by the male population of blue-collar food, extended to white-collar workers, and even women. Because of high consumer value, selling betel nut stalls, filled the streets of Taiwan, the final result of intense competition, and finally rise to female characteristics to attract consumers, "betel nut beauties" culture.

    Definition and distribution
    In general, the more exposure to the beauties refers to the sale of betel nut dressed women.

    Taiwan's betel nut stand, decorated with bright neon lights, in western Taiwan to the longitudinal north-south highway and suburban roads are quite common. The composition of its main customers for the truck drivers, their long-distance driving to help the refreshing betel nut chewing. A betel nut shop competition brought to the high profits, and access to the attention of customers, we hired a sexy girl wearing a pin to help. More to follow later with the industry, competition intensified and the sale of betel nut girls begin to wear less and less.
  • B9704045 建築二  葉又誠
  • I want to introduce bike, from Taiwan, Merida.

    Taiwan made bike 30 years ago because of poor quality popular abroad humiliation, when the young metal mechanical engineers have Ding Huang (Ike Tseng) Responding to the President, founded Merida in 1972, the company, focused on R & D and advanced bicycle production and quietly.

    30 years, Merida uphold the idea of consistency and determination to produce high-quality bike for the eternal vocation, "to be honest sound business minded mutual enthusiasm to create limitless competitiveness, business people back."

    Current carbon reduction, the global anti-warming trend, Merida to make the body, money and efforts for many years with a way of organizing large-scale cycling events, and vigorously promote the most healthy, vibrant, and environmentally friendly cycling. Now, welcomes cyclists to become the most popular outdoor activities, the expectations of all public and private sector organizations and companies, men and women at all levels of society, everyone will work together for the establishment of a bicycle friendly bicycle-friendly environment to work!
  • 建築二B9704019許湘宜
  • 建築二B9704019許湘宜

    Trade description ◆ the changes in temperature dual purpose's Max changes in temperature ventilator, blows out the cool air in the summer day for you, even if is the cold weather ~Max warm braw can also eliminate the chill in the air timidly for you; Lovable does not occupy spatial the modelling, except the general manufactured products' impression, increases in the life more importantly the pleasure and the creativity ◆ MAX peaceful will blow between the greenhouse to create a suitable the temperature, MAX already may do for the electric fan may also warm you in the winter in the office ice-cold foot, will let the cold room becomes comfortable pleasant MAX has 600W with the 1200W adjustment function, may blow out the temperature which the changes in temperature the air and may adjust you to need, in addition, has the constant temperature adjustment function, will blow out the suitable warm heat/warm braw, you may also momentarily adjust the demand the temperature, also will have the overheated protection safe design, will also have the machine overheated to be automatic immediately the power failure function
  • 建築二 張育璇
  • I would like to introduce Taiwan film. Altought the Taiwan film not powerful than Hollywood,Taiwan movie is full up friendliness and intimacy. Taiwan film director and the actors are all Taiwanese, so let us feel very familiar. Even the location is not only the actors almost all of Taiwan, so it is more than kind to watch.
  • 建築二 B9704005 黃豐閔
    Spec Seats is the world's most famous chair manufacturing experts.
    Followed more than 80-year-old X-Frame technology system chair.
    Innovation improvement, adopted a new and special structure.
    All R & D, manufacturing, production were completed in Taiwan.
    Sold around the world!!
    Unanimously affirmed the clients praise.
    Over the years, customers have been with Spec Seats are:
    Coca-Cola, Disney, American Airlines,HONDA,NBA,NCAA,CBS Sports,NFL......
    This shows that Spec Seats excellent quality and perfect customer service system.

  • 建築二B9704020田恩霖
  • I want to introduce L’OCCITANE.L’OCCITANE products Is a real art of living, to bring pleasure to users and maintenance of the fun. Through the accidental discovery of the legendary spirit of adventure and love to make the brand more robust and development.
    In 1976, founder Olivier Baussan in Provence Market stall selling the first bottle of essential oil production using Shampoo. In 1980, the world's first L'OCCITANE stores in Volx (Woke Si) opening. Since then, it has been in 85 countries, the establishment of more than 1000 of directly managed stores or counters. 25 years, L'OCCITANE constantly to natural ingredients, to create a high quality body care, skin care and fragrance products. L'OCCITANE always hold with respect to environmental attitudes, the product has been carefully selected raw materials, adhere to the local community and only with reputable suppliers. In product research and development to follow the core, is to use natural ingredients and has a quality assurance.
    L’OCCITANE skimmed milk the smell is very good and the skimmed milk rub the body is very comfortable.
  • 建築二B9704023黃珮嘉
  • DHC

    Make reference to brand and then will let me think of DHC.This is me from the junior high school and then uses brand till maintaining of now.The DHC product is to take olive oil as foundation.Real let me like DHC reason is that his product is diverse and cheap.Each winter I only need to spend 1,000 dollars not to can make my skin no longer dry, this price I feel very worth.
    Besides I also like their cosmeticses very much.Natural don't add the thing of spice to let I the easily allergic skin will not feel uncomfortable.And uncertain expect the bargain item announcing to let me can buy quality with the very cheap price good thing.
    DHC believe that it’s everyone’s destiny to look and feel beautiful and that it’s our job to help you achieve your destiny.DHC our beauty be into their obligations, I also trust and give myself to DHC.
    DHC is my most favorite brand.
  • Unlike most of your classmates, you actually wrote this yourself, which is good. Having said that, I would ask you to check your grammar next time before you submit an article.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/30 14:40 回覆

  • 建築二  B9704047 潘靜樺
  • 原生細胞藏書櫃
    well, the product constitute small cellules of creation configure a ground form several estheticses,
    gradual this that fall and enriched big thousand worldses.
    The layer space constitutes to of incise a body,
    whole configure in although it's parallel and perpendicular to only keep a few,
    however the decomposition being entirely different with combine a way.
    It is no longer a pure book case.
    Enrich by this feng and mysterious vitality, guide you to the sea of konwledge.
    the shape is also special for bring a little intresting felling in the life.

  • 建築二 b9704056 王俊捷
  • I would like to introduce the Tatung Company .

    Founded in the Republic of China for seven years, Tatung Company is one of Taiwan's first listed company (company code: 2371), the Group is headquartered in Taipei, is a global integrated manufacturers. Nearly a century quenching chain, Tatung has always "positive, honesty, diligence, thrift," The entrepreneurial spirit of the highest operating principles.

    Tatung main business includes digital electronics, systems integration, home appliances, energy, motor and other five business, manufacturing and marketing logistics system covering Europe, the United States, Canada, China, Southeast Asia, 12 countries provide global customers outstanding R & D Manufacturing, perfect of logistics operations, fast excellent service network.

    Tatung Group, the market value of more than NT 100 billion yuan, its investment across the optoelectronics, energy, telecommunications, systems integration, industrial systems, brands and channels, asset development and other industries. Among listed companies including Chunghwa Picture Tubes (2475), Howard E (8085), Hisashi Semiconductor (3579: Emerging exchange listing applications), Green Energy Technology (3519), Hisashi Fine Chemicals (4738: Emerging), Elitegroup Computer Systems (2331), One World Technology (8099) and so on.
  • 建築二B9704016鄭安淇
  • Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system; the iTunes media browser; the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software; the iWork suite of productivity software; Aperture, a professional photography package; Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional audio and film-industry software products; and Logic Studio, a suite of audio tools. As of January 2010 the company operates 284 retail stores in ten countries,and an online store where hardware and software products are sold. As of 2010, it is one of the largest technological corporation in the world by revenue.
    Established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and incorporated January 3, 1977, the company was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 years, but removed the word "Computer" on January 9, 2007, to reflect the company's ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers. As of September 26, 2009, Apple had 34,300 full time employees and 2,500 temporary full time employees worldwide and had worldwide annual sales of $42.91 billion in its fiscal year ending September 26, 2009.[3] For reasons as various as its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design to its distinctive advertising campaigns, Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the United States.Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008, and in the world in 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • B9704035 建築二 方其偉
  • I would like to introduce our Taiwan snacks, Taiwan has a lot of snacks at the night market such as fried chicken, stinky tofu and chicken butt. Fried chicken is a common a snack in Taiwan, , there are many foreigners would come to Taiwan maybe just for the purpose of fried chicken.

    The stinky tofu and chicken ass are that I most want to introduce to foreigners snacks, as both the eyes of foreigners, but not both fresh attempt. The stinky tofu is crispy cabbage and accompanied by a unique sauce, although it is a bad smell, But it is taste very good, many foreigners also dare to look at but not dare eat it. Other foreigners also eat chicken breast and chicken, very few foreigners to eat chicken ass, may feel it will be eaten shit?
    I have a friend introduced foreigners started to eat chicken butt. But he never heard that so my friend did not only tell him what is that but also tell him to try it, and when he ate it and then has certainly raised his thumb and said: "It was the first time I eat chicken so tasty," and finally my friend said that it was the chicken butt for both angry and helpless that shock foreigners.

    There are many foreigners in Taiwan have been aware of Taiwan's snacks, many foreigners come to Taiwan not only in addition to go night market but also taste of Taiwan's favorite snacks, like export successfully drink, pearl milk tea, is a drink foreigners definitely will to buy.
  • 建築二 B9704001 李冠宏
  • S.H.I.T.
    [S.H.I.T.]is the abbreviation of brand name:"Spectacular Humble In Taiwan."
    [S.H.I.T.] began from an idea of a Taiwanese, M.J. Jack, who has studies in Tokyo,Japan, as a social observer since August 8th, 2008.
    [S.H.I.T.] style is spectacular and himble fashion which comes from Taiwan.
    They realize that Taiwan is a "Hybrid" society and mix culture,so we combine it with American relaxed quality, Japanese exquisite cutting, Chinese traditional culture, and Taiwanese local consciousness, then design it by [S.H.I.T.], which are the concepts of "Simple," "Humor," "Idea," and "Taiwan,"then try to establish an international clothing brand name with Taiwanese Style
  • 建築二 馮心昊 B9704028
  • Growth in Taiwan almost all ride off "Giant (GIANT)", but this growth along with many children are often thought of bicycles imported brands, in addition to quality by the affirmative, the it is saying the "foreign" name of the . In fact, the Giant was founded in 1972 in Taichung Tachia to exclusive bicycle original equipment manufacturers (OEM) started the huge machinery in own brand in 1981, and soon became the first domestic brand also made to break into the OEM-based Giant International, go its own way.

    With the "Giant" in the European and American market, popular, great mechanical movement into a significant international market, starting in 1986 set up the European sales company in the Netherlands the following year and then in the United States set point, then gradually in the Germany, Britain, France, Italy and other places set up branch offices. Great as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer, Giant's more than 10,000 stores around the world more than 50 countries, the Giant is now the sales of Taiwan and the mainland first bike brand in the U.S. and Europe are separated II three.

    ◎ large customers to switch to Chinese companies, open the opportunity for investment in the mainland

    Of course, the other brand of domestic assault and international markets, the huge face in the fast-growing but also the fate of low profits, especially the United States over 14 years experience of loss is painful. Until ten years ago, Giant's largest customers in the United States suddenly decided to change suppliers, selected state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen, China CBC, take away about Bacheng the foundry business, which is almost a major blow to a huge desperate, but the huge and did not give up, choosing instead to embrace competition, in order to achieve the same competitive niche, the client switch to a single event while a large open great opportunity to accelerate investment in China.

    Liu Yongchang that customers in the market do not hold the switch to single-lute, despite frequent, but the huge success of the main reasons for the crisis is beginning to turn to OEM-based, self-brand reverse adhered to the business as a whole, starting from the generation of Industry transformation to self-brand. But this way, existing customers pained face the embarrassment of a sudden become a competitor. However, this part of the great handling it well, is not launched the brand with customers similar to the cheap goods, and is committed to developing their own brands, in healthy competition with our customers on an equal footing.

    ◎ landing decade of effort, the second year became the first brand OO

    Liu Yongchang said the huge machinery investment in the mainland's decision began in 1991 to 2 OO a year up the Giant won China's first brand just ten years. Practice on the mainland at the beginning is the largest bicycle manufacturer Phoenix Group to set up a "Shanghai Giant Phoenix companies" into production, manufacturing and operational management techniques, and stroller responsible for OEM produced for export. However, as a joint venture targets state-owned enterprises, departments and regions, many problems with communication roads, the company decided to venture in Shanghai Association on slowly, a wholly-owned factories in Jiangsu plan ahead.

    1992 Kunshan City in Jiangsu Province set up a great "Giant Chinese companies", adopted early in the domestic and export processing mode of operation re-mainland market, and the other complementary to industry re-established in Kunshan is responsible for producing aluminum and aluminum alloy parts Spring new company, opened the first step in vertical integration of production, after years of effort, 2 OO a year, sales for the first time the mainland over the Phoenix Giant, became the first brand bicycles. Jiangsu provincial government has assessed the economic Kunshan Giant on the drive has contributed a lot to lay the foundation of the Giant solid foundation in the Chinese mainland.

    ◎ domestic market development, brand marketing, channel deployment both

    Taiwan bike makers landing leading investment Giant brand and marketing channels adopted deploy both, brand management, in addition to the international reputation of the GIANT quite outside the control of different consumer groups to demand for male and female car models, design horse Sturgeon (MASTER) and Ka Pasha (Kapasa) deep plowing of two sub-brand market.

    Pathway deployment more display Giant ambition has always been located in the high-end products, Giant cars, sales channels are also higher style of the store, and in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, a city of Direct selling, and to enhance brand awareness as to the secondary and tertiary cities to expand. Liu Yongchang, by means of direct sales stores and maintenance of supplies statistics, information can be brought together to research and development, contribute to research and development corporation to issue more in line with consumer preferences, style and more in line with market demand models. In addition, as has the advantages of vertical integration, secondary markets, live, and for the Attacking secondary market, a huge set up X-net (the new Di-resistant) low-cost brand, and the main access to the discount market, sales of the same record success.

    ◎ upscale Giant, who generally agree that in mainland China,

    Liu Yongchang said, deliberately take high road to the Giant and the mainland cheap bike to complete the image segmentation, walked into the Giant's directly managed stores, both exhibition space, display mode, and even sales techniques, have brought to the mainland Consumers feel completely different from the past. At the same time continue to educate consumers through Giant quality and performance are essential conditions for a bicycle. Of course, the sponsorship of national events such as car racing, soccer and other sports competition is also essential, its vast territory, also through the activities started with the media brand awareness and brand recognition for the best way.

    In addition, unlike the production of bicycles in China and local distribution methods adopted, Giant only through a home to open his own shop sales, and consumers face to face in order to achieve the opportunity to expand the Giant in a large number of directly managed stores, later also increased the number of stores, shops, etc., now can buy almost all of China Giant bicycle. And a price of 1000 yuan is called the Giant bike, although people on the mainland is expensive, but the car is still a lot of people, this is the Giant's charm!
  • 建築2 B9704039 陳柄瑞
  • Jellyfish lights like a touch color palette, which has 1.6 million kinds of lighting changes, the company developed the first lighting situations, did not expect to immediately be in Germany this year, the red dot reddot Design Award. Qin Qing court's sword chair, chairs gentleman, using bamboo as the material, the same shine the international race.

    To martial arts for the situation, non-ferrous creative company job "Hero" Wu prime ring, the combination of Taiwan's culture and laser cutting, creating a unique ball laser cutting shade, light, revealed also reflected on the wall one by one in the tung tree floral pattern, very charming.
  • 環設三 B9611004 張婉蓉
  • Asustek Computer was founded in 1989
    The world-class manufacturer of 3C integration.
    ASUS has won 2,569 awards in 2007.
    Eee PC also won the Consumer Electronics Show CES Best Computer Hardware Innovation Award.
    More than 8,000 employees worldwide, the name of a world-class R & D design team, for consumers and enterprise customers to provide innovative technology solutions. 2007 turnover of up to 2,272 billion Taiwan dollars (about 6.9 billion U.S. dollars), and the U.S.
    Engaged in own-brand products such as personal computers and peripheral R & D, design, marketing and service
    Business magazine (Business Week) and ranked as the world's top ten technology companies, and the eleventh consecutive year in the top 100 technology companies. Asian Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal Asia) also hailed as the first Taiwan enterprise and service quality, leading brand of world-class science and technology.

  • 環設3 B9611020 黃筱真
  • STAYREAL to less than one year of the original attitude, kick-shirt sales hit a record more than 10,000 results.
    Continued introduction of innovative full point, the quality of the T -shirt carefully selected works of street punk rock fusion style as the main design.
    Each shirt is a stage play, each convey a belief
    That a good T shirt Jiugen a great song, like, you can change the world!
    STAYREAL, 2006 year May, two high school Classmate shin and Fuji Liang, common component to the stage for creative T-shirt, style across the childlike, innocent, rock, antiwar, virtual reality and other techniques, continuous release simple and focus on quality work clothing.
    I recommend the section of that Snoopy T-shirt, they added many new elements, so that family's clothes look childlike, pure, rock, verisimilitude.
  • 建築二 B9704037 黃榮吉
  • would like to introduce Tatung rice cooker.

    Taiwan's Tatung rice cooker is an electric pot, nine from the Republic of China 40 listed so far, selling close to 13 million, Taiwan is also home but 六五 ○ million households, almost one per household at least, there are more than 9 into the amazing market share.

    This is the oldest of the "National Electric pot" to the full five-year-old next year. Datong this year, please design company Nova Asia's largest design, re-build for the Tatung rice cooker with a modern appearance, but also by the German iF design award, next month, according to a further improvement of Nova Design's new Tatung rice cooker market in preparation for the next half century, a new way to play.

    Even the recent launch of miniature toy Tatung rice cooker, there are thousands of shipments a month, young people rush, there is the quick-thinking restaurants were used as tableware, increase retro freshness.

    Long sold for half a century, Tatung rice cooker appearance and almost never change, always remember all the people, "chubby, Soil and" traditional appearance. Even if the aftermath of immigration snatch electronic cooker, home appliance brand in Europe and America divided up on high, Tatung rice cooker sales growth rate of almost zero, but still sold each year three, 400 000, a stable base of support.
  • 建築五 B9404010 蒯乃瑋
  • Taiwan is a very wonderful island. It has many culture, salient features, delicous snacks and even the weather. Many foreigners had been eye-catched by our particular culture with their envy.
    I would like to introduce Taiwan night market food to the foreigners mostly. No matter which place we are, we can also taste the diffent snacks and local products in Taiwan.
    Just like the steamed buns, stinky toufu, intestine noodles, spring rolls, baked cakes, crullers and the most famous drink- bubble tea. I will also eagerly covet when i'm thinking of that. Taiwan snacks are really famous all over the world.

    There are different features and defects in every country. Maybe the confusion flees of the motorcycles and the betel nuts are the most representive cultures in their eyes.
  • 建築二  B9704034 馬誠佑
  • Motor vehicle folding
    This can be folded over Europe to sell, is selling more in Europe from the global use of the most comprehensive in Taiwan, launched jointly designed by the three companies, which is led by SYM. Earlier this year this RoboScooter (motorcycle folding?) Or concept design, through development of the company continued its efforts may start mass production in the second half of next year, oh the road.
    Can be folded as a first motorcycle, so the advanced design concept, of course, it's power source must meet the trend, with the lithium battery to power and do not eat oil. This is for motorcycle emissions dropped to its almost complete performance equal to 0 (Taiwan motorcycle emission is notorious!), Together with lightweight aluminum body and foldable design, really to Electric motorcycle into another level.

    Electric cars do not break any design, but can be folded on is amazing, after folding the amount of space after the body is almost only half of the original motorcycle, this super-tight for the metropolitan area there are one small contribution to the parking space. Designed for easy replacement battery means no electricity in the concern for a number of slightly loosened, the price tag of around NT 60,000 or so, dynamic data is unclear.
  • 建築二 B9704049 許家翌
  • I would like to introduce a brand of Taiwan's electronics industry ASUS!
    . ASUS brand Description:
    Asustek Computer is a world-leading R & D team, technology-oriented companies. Maintaining its high quality, technological innovation known. As a leading full-3C one of the leading solutions, ASUS offers a complete portfolio of computer to meet the next new millennium.
    ASUS motherboard shipments in 2003, up to 30 million, the whole world in the last full year of desktop computers were sold, there is one every four is to use the ASUS motherboard. If we would have sold the number of tables, the length will exceed the distance between New York to Los Angeles. In earnings in 2003 reached 6 billion U.S. dollars more than the 2002 growth almost doubled.
    ASUS products from high-quality research and development in quality products. This is the same with the Chinese martial arts learning must begin from the qi and cultivate internal strength. In addition to continuously exceed the limit and innovative features, the Asus engineers are also many groups under the efforts, such as electromagnetic interference, thermal module, the noise test, and many easily overlooked small details, just to let the customer really satisfied . Such as Asus laptop is the world's first international anti-electromagnetic wave through the TCO'99 certified manufacturer of notebook computers. Need to include, radiation control, energy control (battery consumption#, ecology #must be environmentally sound) and the ergonomics and many others to get tested, certified on behalf of the world's first R & D and manufacturing ASUS solid effort.
    In order to compete in this great industry to stay ahead, ASUS various outstanding products must be in the market, cost and services to stay ahead. That's why Asus ASUS 40,000 employees strongly follow the "Total Quality Management" program. To cost control is now time to market, between the customer still retains all the ASUS world-class quality of service.
    In addition, Asustek Computer in 2003, won over 700 awards, and for 6 years in BusinessWeek's "InfoTech100" in all top the popular list. The world's largest hardware review site Tom's Hardware Guide readers, even Asus named "best motherboard and graphics card manufacturers." In addition, Asustek also award confirms once again the World Award "ASUS quality, rock-solid."
  • 建築二 B9704026 羅友駿
  • Tatung rice cooker

    Continuation of Germany's iF Design Award fashion modeling

    Special shape Antimicrobial handle: the handle of the silicone material, add SGS antibacterial nano silver by fungicides, bacteria can interfere with cell wall chitin biosynthesis, inhibit the bacteria produce spores and lesion expanded role.

    Buffalo advanced composite materials used within the pot: good thermal conductivity of the outer layer of aluminum material, stainless steel, hard and tough inner layer, made of composite materials within the two pots, both the advantages of two materials, capable of cooking a variety of complex needs .

    Nano far infrared ceramic pot handle things: the inner pot and outer pot inside outside, even far-infrared ceramic paint coating Bu Naimi, the toughness is strong, will not change color, easy corrosion and oxidation, while nonstick good cleaning. Far infrared can deep penetration of food, the water molecule activated softening, increased food and energy and to retain the original flavor and nutrition of food.

    Refined silver metallic paint shell: shell high gloss metallic paint handling, wear a good clean up and enhance the overall texture.

    New material by heat-resistant phenolic lid, the lid button shape specially designed, isolated heat source with excellent grip and feel.
  • 建築二 B9704042 林玉瑤
  • Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. Ice blended versions of the drink are also available, usually in fruit flavors. Bubble teas also usually contain small tapioca balls or pearls called "boba". Pearls made of jelly are also available in many places. These teas are shaken to mix the ingredients, creating a foam on the top of some varieties. This drink is called bubble tea because of the marble-sized tapioca balls or "pearls" that are present and sit at the bottom of the cup. These chewy balls, although having little flavor, are sucked up through large wide straws and are consumed along with the drink. Sometimes the customer will be asked if he or she wants "boba" or "bubble" added in the drink. Both these terms refer to the tapioca balls.[1]

    Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, first spread to nearby East Asian countries, migrated to Canada before spreading to Chinatown in New York City, and then to various spots throughout the West Coast of the United States.[2]

    There are many variants of the drink, depending on types of tea used and ingredients added. The most popular kinds are "bubble black tea" , "bubble green tea", and "pearl milk tea" .

    In the most common English usage, the name "bubble tea" is often associated with pearl milk tea, as it is the most popular variant of the drink. Pearl milk tea, also known as "boba milk tea", is traditionally made by adding boba balls (made from a mixture of tapioca and carrageenan powder), large or small, to shaken milk black tea. Some tea houses use pre-mixed milk tea to simplify the steps and reduce cost, thus removing the "shake" part from step.
  • 建築二 B9704070 張鈞惟
  • From an enterprise, a nation and even right up to the world as a whole, people are all linked to one another as they grow together.
    And the spirit of "People, Car & Life Together" is the most fundamental element in YULON's corporate culture.
    Base on this philosophy, YULON will take an even more forward-looking, digitalized vision to lead Taiwan's motorcar industry development to a new milestone of 21st century.
  • 建築二  B9704030 鄭喬之
  • Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. Ice blended versions of the drink are also available, usually in fruit flavors.
    Bubble teas also usually contain small tapioca balls or pearls called "boba". Pearls made of jelly are also available in many places. These teas are shaken to mix the ingredients, creating a foam on the top of some varieties. This drink is called bubble tea because of the marble-sized tapioca balls or "pearls" that are present and sit at the bottom of the cup.
    These chewy balls, although having little flavor, are sucked up through large wide straws and are consumed along with the drink. Sometimes the customer will be asked if he or she wants "boba" or "bubble" added in the drink. Both these terms refer to the tapioca balls.
    Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. There are many variants of the drink, depending on types of tea used and ingredients added. The most popular kinds are "bubble black tea", "bubble green tea", and "pearl milk tea".
  • 建築二 B9704041 林憶蓓
  • Cuisines in Taiwan (traditional Chinese: 台灣菜; simplified Chinese: 台湾菜; pinyin: Táiwān cài; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tâi-oân liāu-lí) have several variations. In addition to the following representative dishes from the people of Hoklo (Hō-ló) ethnicity (see Taiwanese people), there are also Aboriginal, Hakka, and local derivatives of Chinese cuisines (one famous example of the last is beef noodle soup).

    Taiwanese cuisine itself is often associated with influences from mid to southern provinces of Mainland China, most notably from the province of Fujian (Hokkien), but influences from all of Mainland China can easily be found. A notable Japanese influence exists due to the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Traditional Chinese food to be found in Taiwan, alongside Fujian and Hakka-style as well as native Taiwanese dishes, includes dishes from Guangdong, Jiangxi, Chaoshan, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan and Beijing.
  • B9704012李居翰
  • Master Kong Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong Stock Exchange in China, Taiwan-owned industrial companies, Wei Changhua County, Taiwan, named by the four brothers founded the major business is the manufacture and sale of instant noodles, cakes, biscuits and drinks and other foods, especially instant noodles and Both the main beverage, each about 45% of Chinese companies based in Tianjin.

    Master Kong is the largest company in Taiwan, while Taiwan has one of the major food companies ─ ─ Wei Chuan.

    Companies in the Cayman Islands, President of Wei-chou. 2009 turnover of 5.081 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of 383 million U.S. dollars. June 2008, Forbes announced a new chairman Wei top state family net worth 2.65 billion U.S. dollars, the highest is the ninth in Taiwan.

    August 21, 1992, Master Kong has invested 8 million U.S. dollars in China, was established in Tianjin Development Zone of Tianjin Ting Yi International Food Co., Ltd., "Master," the birth of the first bowl of braised beef noodles
  • 建築系2曹立錦
  • The design ideas from paper to complete into a car inside the store, from the body material to the first line store services, GIANT has always maintained a proud and process quality control to customer service. At the same time all over the world through the service systems and resources, GIANT constant feedback from the market to improve the riding experience, whether it is children, casual gamers, or the top rowers. Departure from Earth Day to the International Car Free Day, in Taiwan, we finally started in 2007, has its own "bicycle day." Japan's evolution from a bicycle, GIANT has witnessed each person in Taiwan with a Taiwanese bicycle life history. Walk from transport to leisure playmate, and we began to understand Taiwan's bicycle. Cycling Central Taiwan is no doubt the people of Taiwan themselves into international friends know the best way to Taiwan. GIANT-depth all over the world, they also live for the island of Taiwan bicycle for sale worldwide.
  • 建築3王俐文b9604027
  • 〝T4〞turnable in-line skates

    The patented in-line skates have four wheels be fixed on twin joined frames, thus they can make a turn smoothly and naturally when the skater inclines his body. They’re just like the part of your body. The skates will become the trendsetter and leader in the world.

    The in-line skates have the honor to own 6 Taiwan patents and many other patents of different countries. After numerous researching, physical testing and improving with professionals and scholars, the skates become the Hi-Tec and international competitive product.
  • 建築二b9604019蘇盈穎
  • Cuisines in Taiwan (traditional Chinese: simplified Chinese: pinyin: Táiwān cài; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tâi-oân liāu-lí) have several variations. In addition to the following representative dishes from the people of Hoklo (Hō-ló) ethnicity (see Taiwanese people), there are also Aboriginal, Hakka, and local derivatives of Chinese cuisines (one famous example of the last is beef noodle soup).

    Taiwanese cuisine itself is often associated with influences from mid to southern provinces of Mainland China, most notably from the province of Fujian (Hokkien), but influences from all of Mainland China can easily be found. A notable Japanese influence exists due to the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Traditional Chinese food to be found in Taiwan, alongside Fujian and Hakka-style as well as native Taiwanese dishes, includes dishes from Guangdong, Jiangxi, Chaoshan, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan and Beijing.
  • If you choose to turn in a cut-and-paste work, you should at least try to hide some obvious signs. While I don't expect students to turn in professional-quality writings, I do expect you to approach this assignment with some degree of pride. Please do a rewrite as soon as possible.

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  • b9602120 陳曦涵
  • Products from Master Kong since asked the city, its healthy and delicious, excellent value for money brand already enjoys popular support, a spokesman for the minds of consumers instant noodles, and "innovation, professionalism, delicious" business philosophy.

    Master Kong is a young enterprise, full of creativity, and create a lot of instant noodles in the history of the first of instant noodles in Taiwan established a new benchmark, the consumer tastes the product in accordance with the adjustment, the establishment of mobility to adjust the product strategy, rapid response market conditions, Master Kong has repeatedly challenge yourself constantly, Innovation and Innovation.
    Master Kong instant noodles as the experts - local production, spend 100 million units? Introduction of Japan's most advanced machinery and equipment, with new and advanced Touliu factory instant noodles production line, for the whole of Asia's fastest, best quality, in line with international advanced standards specifically for the production of Taiwanese consumers the freshest, most delicious noodles.

    Delicious health products adhere to the demands of Master Kong, taking into account the color, smell, and taste.
    1. Face increased body weight, body surface bulk! Weight and more! q King full!
    2. A variety of seasonings, seasoning powder packets, sauces, pack weight increase!
    3. The best material! "Add a packet of vegetable package", with the price of instant noodles at home than other more material!
    4. The best health! "The overall content of the amount of weight than instant noodles!"
    5. The best value to enjoy! Delicious weight doubled, the price fair value ~
  • I believe you may have employed an online translation software because the sentences simply don't make sense. Please approach me with questions if you have difficulty expressing your ideas in English. I want you to walk away from this class with the ability to introduce a product in simple English. Having said that, I think a rewrite would be required, unless you are satisfied with a D-.

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  • 建築二 b9704018 王靖嶼
  • Taiwan is a very beautiful islet, there are a lot of cultures, special featureses, the delicacy a light repast even aring weathers!Many foreigners to the taste that our special culture throws to envy.
    I want most to introduce the delicacy of Taiwanese night City to the foreigner, Taiwanese delicacy a light repast no matter where it is each places edible different light repast and the speciality!Seem the small steamed bun, stinky tofu, large intestine noodles line, spring roll, the baked wheat cake twisted dough-strips and most someone the beverage pearl milk tea of the spirit, the oneself thinks of to all drool with envy first, a light repast of Taiwan is really a world to be known for.
    There is merit and shortcoming in each nation, perhaps more representative in the foreigner eyes perhaps is everywhere the confusion flees of the motorcycle and the female betel-nut-stand attendant.
  • I believe you have totally misunderstood the object of this exercise. If you want to choose a Taiwanese cuisine, you must be specific about what it is that you want to present to a foreign client.

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  • 建築系 B9704062尉宏章
  • Many bike companies say they have an uncompromised commitment to innovation, quality and performance. But how many of them can back that up?

    Frame Technology
    The charm of CityStorm’s award-winning modern design is the first thing that strikes you, but it’s the speed, performance and functional form that really wins hearts. A recipient of the coveted Reddot Design Award, CityStorm features an elegant lightweight aluminum frame, upright positioning and modern touches including integrated lights and lock. It’s the perfect choice for street-savvy urbanites. .
    - Frame: ALUXX-Grade Aluminum
    - Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO Nexus Inter-8
    - Cassette: SHIMANO I8 18T
    - Shifters: SHIMANO SL-8S20
    - Colors: WHITE
  • The whole articles is flawless, which tells me that you have copied it from somewhere. I expect my students to try their best. What's the point of learning English if you can't use it?

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  • b9620256 機電系3A黃文瑞
  • It's was a famous of Giant in the goble.It is Taiwanese brand of bicycle.I remember when i was chlid.My father bought Giant bicycle for my sister and me.No body don't know this brand.It's world famous that why so many people like this.There are many kind of bicycle let you choice .Giant has started an undertaking since 1972 take people one idea " The human nature idea service life "for people.It's not noly comfortable but also beautfuly.
  • "Theree are many kind of bicycle let you choice" is incorrect.
    There are many models to choose from.
    Your assignment is to write a sales pitch. What you have written is NOT a sales pitch.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 12:07 回覆

  • 建築系 B9604013 康澍之
  • From the world leader in composite bicycle manufacturing comes this highly engineered, professional-level road racer. Constructed from Advanced-grade composite, it’s light, it’s stiff and it’s still compliant enough for weekend races or all-day epics.
    - SHIMANO Ultegra 6700 drivetrain
    - Giant Contact women’s handlebar and stem
    - Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheelset
    - Color: Composite/Light Blue

    Learn more about the Giant for Women program at


    Check out the article here:
  • The whole point of this exercise is for you to utilize what you have learned in class to write a sales pitch. Please do not underestimate your teacher's intelligence by submitting a cut-and-paste work. I'd much prefer a poorly-written sales pitch that shows some degree of effort from my student. I am confident that you are capable of producing good work if you would only take the assignment seriously.

    esltalk 於 2010/04/26 12:00 回覆

  • 建築二B9704002吳怡萱
  • About Giant
    Across seven continents and fifty-odd countries, underneath thirty-two of the world's brightest professional cyclists, in over ten thousand retail outlets, and throughout the streets of the world's most populous nations, you'll find bicycles designed and built by Giant, 'The Global Bicycle Company'.

    For nearly three decades, Giant has devoted itself to the growth of both cycling and cycling culture. Giant has actively participated in the development of cycling, from that of simple transportation to its current popularity as a recreational and sport activity. Giant believes the bicycle brings quality to life, and it takes personal responsibility for improving the cycling experience. The ability to bring new and healthier lifestyles to customers around the globe makes Giant proud.

    The Giant name is synonymous with technological innovation and the state-of-the-art throughout the global bicycle industry. It represents a dedication to proving the best quality and most innovative bicycles to its customers. Behind the Giant name is a unique Global Giant, Local Touch and Total Best Value approach in designing, manufacturing and selling bicycles, and a commitment to not only recreational and competitive cycling, but also the bicycle industry and the environment. Not Satisfied with being the world's most widely known bicycle brand, Giant is in constant pursuit of its vision of becoming 'The Best Bicycle Company in the World'.
  • 建築二 B9704004 葉奕緯
  • Taiwan invented the traffic signal little green men

    People in through the "Road pedestrian crossing," sometimes see the green signal, there is a "little green men" in the walk trot. Although the facility has up to five years in Taiwan, but some people may not know that it is Taiwan's inventors. Now want to introduce the idea abroad, but unfortunately the Taipei City Department of Transportation's "collective creation" and not patented, it may not be used to make money and royalties.

    Little green men walking animation, in fact, the human figure by seven different images composed of Taipei City Bureau of Transportation road based on hope and ambition No. Under the concept of public goods, there is no patent for the little green men, it will not only creativity and technology All by the manufacturers, from Keelung to Pingtung in Taiwan, can see "little green men" accompanied the figures of people crossing the road. Years from now, abroad to consider the idea of introducing little green men, but the Taipei City Department of Transportation may not be so royalties.
  • 建築二 b9704022 鐘郁雯
  • I want to introduce the bubble milk tea.
    Bubble milk tea is Taiwan's most famous drink.
    There tea shops are uncountable in Taiwan.
    Bubble milk tea is the best selling in all kinds of tea.The most importance is you just only pay twenty five dollars, and get good tea.
    Many foreign celebrity arrive at Taiwan we always commend this drinkfor them.
    I very like to drink bubble milk tea.I will also eagerly covet when i'm thinking of that. But the quantity of heat is very high.
    This is a life.We need to enjoy this.Do not fear to become fat!

  • 建築二 B9704037 黃榮吉
  • Taiwan is a very beautiful island ,I want to introduce Tatung rice cooker.

    Tatung rice cooker is the first rice cooker in Taiwin.Since 1990, has sold 13 million.Almost every home at least one.

    Taiwan Tatung rice cooker invite Asia's largest design team to redesign Tatung rice cooker, and received the German iF design award.Listed next month.Selling for half a century, Tatung rice cooker almost never change the appearance.Always the "chubby" appearance of traditional.
  • B9704039 建築2 陳柄瑞
  • This is one kind of new translation. A lamp can shin 16000000 kind of colors.
    Like a translucent jellyfish to float around in sky. Just one touch. It can make you surprise. This new translation wins the "Red dot Design Award".

    The electronic company sold department head to say:"The work is a crowd of high pressure tech engineer, take decompresses as sends thinks, the creation".

  • 建築二 馮心昊
  • Bubble tea 珍珠奶茶
    A kind of milktea what mix the milktea and 粉圓(i don't know english)
    It is popular in teenager
    Because it's taste is special

    "Bubble" is maked by the sweet potato,the 粉圓 before adding to tea,and usually soaked in 糖漿 before ensure Bubble can still maintain the sweetness.
  • 建築二 B9704041 林憶蓓
  • Instant noodles were first marketed by Momofuku Ando, a Taiwanese man who was born in southwestern Taiwan when the island was under Japanese colonial rule.
    According to a Japanese poll in the year 2000, instant noodles were the most important Japanese invention of the century. Karaoke came second,with the Compact Disc only coming in fifth. As of 2008, approximately 94 billion servings of instant noodles are eaten worldwide every year.
    Instant noodles are not only popular with college students, they can also be an economic indicator. In 2005, the Mama Noodles Index was launched to reflect the sales of Mama Noodles, the biggest instant noodle manufacturer in Thailand.
    The index was steady after the recovery from the East Asian financial crisis, but sales jumped by around 15% in the first seven months of 2005 on a year-to-year basis, which was regarded as a sign of recession. People could not afford more expensive foods, hence the increase in the purchase of instant noodles, as instant noodles are usually cheap.
  • 建築二B9704020田恩霖
  • I want to introduce BeautyMaker. The designer is Kevin who is great at color cosmetics and famous in program. He always help the artist make up or compare before make up and after.
    “Because I want to enable Taiwan's female student to feel directly belong to us, to belong to Taiwan's cosmetics” Kevin told that once. He uses angle in every way to develop beauty maker. Under any condition can conform to Taiwan female student demand cosmetics brand.
    “the first-class quality and the reasonable price” are BeautyMaker and the present stage Taiwan cosmetics biggest difference. BeautyMaker was cosmetics Master Kevin accumulates 10 years, to test innumerably, no matter were European and American perhaps the date department's cosmetics feeling and the experience, only then understood that what cosmetics were suit the Taiwan people truly, also understood that Taiwan female in the cosmetics with the other local feminine different demand, BeautyMaker was the achievement which the time and the experience accumulated.
  • 建築二 B9704027 揚長洵
  • Tatung is one of appliances brands in Taiwan,it was set up since 1918 .
    Tatung Gcompany also one of the first listed in Taiwan.
    Tatung has always "positive, honesty, diligence and thrift," The entrepreneurial spirit of the highest operating principles.
    Tatung Tatung representative products are rice cooker,in early Taiwan Tatung rice cooker is the best rice cooker in Taiwan.
    Tatung is still standing,it was not only one of Taiwan's successful brand also a World-class brand.
  • 建築二B9704026羅友駿
  • Taiwan bamboo charcoal:
    Emphasized the effectiveness of bamboo charcoal deodorant product, purification

    Bamboo charcoal can absorb the major energy sulfide, formaldehyde, benzene, phenol or chloroform and other chemicals

    Because of its porous characteristics of absorption, therefore a better ability to absorb and decomposition can be used for indoor paint vapors, chemical synthesis of agents

    Bamboo is also a low resistance type with the conductor, but also both porous and electromagnetic shielding properties of the materials found

    Therefore, Taiwan's output of bamboo charcoal made many products today, "charcoal paint" green building new ideas, with resistance to water, dirt, heat and so the effective absorption of volatile organic compounds and the role of a humidity can make a healthy comfortable home environment
  • B9704074 建築2 李育函
  • Regarding motorcycle which leaves newly, although the modelling is more attractive, the performance is stronger, but I compare like Taiwan's domestically produced old funds motorcycle, simultaneously is also my love vehicle---FZR.
    FZR150 ‧ FZ150 ‧ FZ150N going on the market until now, after 19 years, although may say that is undergoes the long time not to fade, but helpless any kind of vehicle, general meeting faced with production suspension destiny, stopped since 1997 producing new car's that moment to get up, the FZ/R vehicle owner started faced with the components department day after day the scarce predicament, until now, many important components several nearly broke the material, regardless of the vehicle owner treasured the use, the part always unavoidably the natural attrition, perhaps many irresistible factors created the damage, most common had exhaust pipe ˋ front fork ˋ cowling and so on, but this did not affect the FZ/R vehicle owner to continue to have this good vehicle's determination, in original factory componentsThe production suspension breaks under the material premise, on the one hand the most vehicle owner also meetings want to promote the vehicles performance while convenient, will therefore then choose " Re-equips " A way, the re-equipping intention, is not the pure choice expensive components installs constantly, but if the vehicles perhaps the driving demand decides.
  • 建築二 B9704005 黃豐閔
    Nobody thinks about seats the way we do.
    That’s why nobody else builds them the way we do.
    Spec Seats is the world's most famous chair manufacturing experts.
    All R & D, manufacturing, production were completed in Taiwan.
    Sold around the world!!
    Everyone at Spec Seats is committed to providing the most complete, most flexible, most comfortable and most durable multi-purpose portable folding seating systems. They are able to achieve this by demanding quality materials, quality workmanship and innovative design.
    They have developed a highly advanced manufacturing facility and processes that allow they to maintain these high standards and to provide highly customized products for specific orders without loss efficiency.
    Just compare they.
    Their passion, know-how and detail can be seen in every chair.
    They ask the obvious questions and then the questions others wouldn’t think to ask.
    Is this seat as safe as it can be?
    Can the seats be folded and stacked to maximize space?
    Why can’t the seats last as long as the arena?
    They answer these questions with the innovations that follow.
  • Isn't this an American company?

    esltalk 於 2010/05/04 15:27 回覆

  • 建築二B9704047潘靜樺
  • About brand's introduction, I prefer to talk design.
    In my impression, Taiwan brand always keep trying to better
    and it seems on creates property.
    It proved on award-wining in international competition.
    For example, I think DEM inc. 's image are different from other design brand.
    they have special sales way make they in Taiwan have a steady market.
    I also like they batch production, because creation is unique.
    only self holding that value product is so amazing.
    I think that's why they can outstanding in design world.
  • 環設3 B9611020 黃筱真
  • I want to introduce a Taiwan brand Stayreal.This brand is sien 2006 year May.Have tow good friends together the creation.
    They Created T-shirts have Janitor one faith.From theirs T-shirt I feel I finally found I want .For example,they have a snoopy T-shirt. I bought two .the snoopy is lie on the ice is so cute. I recommend the section of that Snoopy T-shirt.But they Design work all have produce desire to want to buy.So I feel they are success businessman. Stayreal’s T-shirt is deserve to try.

  • 建築二 B9704023 黃珮嘉
  • Beautiful from DHC


    Make reference to brand and then will let me think of DHC.This is me from the junior high school and then uses brand till maintaining of now.
    Japan DHC cosmetics division was established in 1983.The DHC product is to take olive oil as foundation.
    Real let me like DHC reason is that his product is diverse and cheap.Each winter I only need to spend 1,000 dollars to make my skin no longer dry, this price I feel very worth.
    Besides I also like their cosmetics very much.Natural things don't add spices, so I can easily allergic skin will not feel uncomfortable.And the occasional introduction of preferential commodity so that I can buy goods cheap and easy to use.
    DHC believes the beauty of each person is their mission.And I trust dhc let me become more beautiful.
    DHC is my most favorite brand.
  • 環設系 b9611004 張婉蓉
  • Today , I wand to tell you about ACER. This is my first notebook brand .The brand was founded in 1976. They have very good design team .It is the third largest PC brand in the world. Is the brand with the international pioneer in Taiwan. ACER products produced have laptop, small laptop, smart phones and projectors.
    I think the service is not bad after use. Maybe that was kind of a spirit to uphold the brand share in the world. They are promoting green. I think this is a good brand in Taiwan. Hope you like me to introduce to ACER.
  • 建築二 B9704051 江曼萍
  • The products which I feel like introducing is ACER computer. Actually, I have no idea about Taiwan's brand at the beginning. But what I think of at the first time is ACER.I guess this is the popular brand all of the world. They have superior graphics, high-resolution screen, convenient interface, and so on. I really hope everyone will love it, just like me. I have used ACER computer for almost 5 years. It never make me disappoint.Playing online games or searching some information, its speed is fast than any products. Thus, if someone who want to buy a computer I think it will be the best choice.
  • 建築二b9604019蘇盈穎
  • Wonderbra,push-up bra,magic bra
    After unceasing experiment, promotes the first generation of magic bra in over year, mainly “puts in using the principle department two kind of proportion different liquids in the identical vessel, when likely the vessel meets is the human body walks rocking, produces one kind to the effect which flushes, this kind to flushes the effect a little likely sits the high board, both the nature and has the massage effect.”
    The magic bra besides must be able to walk along with the human body rocks, lies low when must flat, stand when wants sharp, can let the bystander not be able to see the flaw.
  • 哲學四B9508017 陳冠宇 重寫
  • I'm going to introduce IDF(Indigenous Defensive Fighter) jet of Taiwan Air force ,it's Produced 1990–2000
    it's Taiwan Air force first to produce fighter jet, also produce 135 jet ,their can load defense Taiwan Strait mission.
    IDF performance just like F-16 but speed slow than F-16,and IDF fly range is short
    so can't load to attack china along the coast area mission,It's a pity.
    The IDF program was initiated when purchase of the F-20 Tigershark ran into political problems.
    i very like IDF(Indigenous Defensive Fighter) jet ,i hope at next year it's still being

  • 建築二b9704062尉宏章
  • I would like to introduce a new product. The product he is almost essential in Taiwan in each family.
    It can make anything steamed, perhaps a bowl of rice, meat or a simple pier
    It reminds us of some native memory of the taste of yellow lights in the house
    Let me introduce you to this product now! It is the Tatung rice cooker!
    It may not be such a buzz they have created many warm memories.
    Try to imagine your mother in the kitchen looks like, add as a bowl of rice in the post-work fatigue how pleasant it is one thing
    I hope you can bring such happiness to take home
  • 哲學四 B9508009 張皓凌
  • I want to introduction the project is TL-55X7500D. This is Chi Mei company product, the project is very nice video LCD, it have more better than the previous LCD image process, also have more better quality color than before to show.
    If you want watch movie, you can fell and surprised it’s quality color image and fell just like go to the movie theater enjoy.
    The project not like traditions LCD, for the image dpi, it have Full HD 1920*1080, the traditions often seen HD only have 1366*768 image dpi. To contrast the previous project, Chimei company’s project is the good choice foy you enjoy life.
  • b9508008 哲學4 陳杰宏 重寫
  • I introduction is Taiwan bicycle and this bicycle is Giant bicycle company product by Japan expert ideas exquisite making production.
    This bicycle is beautiful and have modern age simple style.
    This bicycle is a dexterous and comfortable and this is a folds the bicycle.
    It name is CLIP 7 .
    It is completely automobile body by aluminum alloy making and have now special interest coupon arm front fork and the double round may carry out the advance at after the fold and the modelling treadons and grips, the matching overall image folds opens quickly has the safe buckle design.
    This bicycle is very convenient and dexterous.
    Product specification

    Size: Diameter of wheel 20”
    speed change: 7 section of speed change
    colors: White, flesh color, green, loose skinned orange
    weight: after 12.0KG folds
    size (long * wide * high): 95cm*85cm*40cm

  • B9504013 吳欣珊
  • 新篇文章內容

    Acer have made a notebook. It’s called ASPIRE. ASPIRE Timeline series notebook is the most flimsy in the Acer’s notebook. The ASPIRE Timeline series breaks through that convention notebook has weight. Acer makes the ASPIRE series that size more and more but weight softly. The depth only 24mm. The notebook loose hot more fast and could put at thigh to us. It could be convenience when you have used long time at outside. ASPIRE only have to charge for once and it could to keep eight hours. Generally, notebook have to limit in computer hardware, but ASPIRE not have the question.
    If you need a notebook that more big and more softly,the ASPIRE is a good choice.
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