Mission Motors Electric Sports Bike 

The fifth annual Taiwan International Motorcycle Show is being held at the Taipei World Trade Center(世貿一館) this week from April 15th to the 18th.  Taiwan's very own Chinese Motors Company (中華汽車) will proudly feature its latest innovation titled E-Moving.  Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the E-Moving is said to target the young, female demographic.  The company claims that the operating cost over a period of five years is significantly lower than that of a 100c.c. gas-powered motorcycle.  The suggested retail price is tentatively set at NT$50,000 with a NT10,000 government subsidy.  While the Chinese Motors Company seems to have underestimated the buying power of the male consumers, a young American company has successfully developed the world's fastest electric motorcycle to date.  It's top speed is close to 161 miles or 260 km. per hour, and they have the video on YouTube to prove it.  Their Lithium-Sulfur battery can produce 3 times more power than the Lithium-ion battery, and it easily outlasts any other batteries on the market.


The Chinese Motors Company may not have produced the sexiest motorcycle, but its sales went up by about 43% in March of 2010.  There are many other Taiwanese firms that are making their marks in the international market.  If you can find a cool Taiwanese product, please share your findings with me.  Please describe this product in detail by using what you've learned in my classes.  As always, the person with the best article will win two movie tickets and bragging rights.  Good luck.

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