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A few years ago, I ran into the former CEO of Playboy Enterprises Christie Hefner at a five-star Santa Monica hotel. I was a reporter with the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, and I was there to interview the royal family of Jordan on that day.  At that time, neither the Playboy Enterprises nor the Palms Casino in Las Vegas was doing too hot financially; however, things are drastically different today with the Playboy bunnies serving as casino dealers and the weekly Ditch Fridays pool parties, Palms Casino has transformed itself into one of the hottest spots in Las Vegas.  If you are looking to get away from the noise and the air pollution of Taipei, I definitely recommend a trip to Las Vegas.  For those of you who are interested in a kick-ass, adult adventure tour of Nevada, please be sure to attend my workshop on December 3rd.

By the way, if you know a hot party spot or two, I'd appreciate if you could share it with me.


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  • 北台灣科大 Alex 49861129
  • My business plan is a partnership and opened a restaurant with friends, which I drink as part of my classmate is responsible for meals.
    And to innovative products and expanding network of people and so on way to our store expansion.
  • 北台灣科大 Eric  49861125
  • My business plan is the creation of a servant training of professional schools, where mostly Bani into a professional maid or a male domestic helpers, as in every person's heart, maids and male domestic workers can be said that we aspire to a vision, I think In the future, may become a major trend, so would like to create a such a school
  • 北台灣 貿一忠190 BECK 49861104
  • My business plan is to create a partnership with the health food health beverage
    The purpose is because the modern lifestyle eating habits of many ailments caused by the body
    With health food and drinks to stimulate mass consumption have served their purpose
    If successful, can be extended enterprise
    This is my business plan
  • 北台灣科大 Sherry 49861132
  • My business plan is to open a restaurant there is a significant aquarium, so we look at these fish live in the surface there are other living creatures is how how to survive, and will attract many tourists come, so that tourists come to this resort will have a good mood.
    That point must be built between the van near the beach where you can see the sunset when the sun sets in the morning when getting up has come to sunrise, will go seek with the romantic benefits most people in the summer season, with particular planning Some activities, particularly the summer of that year is different.
  • 北台科大 David 49861144
  • My business plan is fed restaurants, the recruitment of a number of sexy or cute girls, dressed in a boys dream of clothing, but also you can eat with no hands-on things, so that the men's Fufutietie obediently handed over the money! This is my business plan
  • 北台科大 dolli 49861149
  • My business plan is a clothing store, hire some girls to play the trend of boys to help the guests how to dress is the most suitable, you can also tell the guests wearing a small number of common sense, you can also wear to the guests when the modeling perspective, This is my business plan
  • 北台科大 jessica 49861118
  • My business plan is a hot pot restaurants, I wanted to do with the other stores only difference is that I would like to add some dessert pot, in addition to the general pot, etc. in addition there will be a pot of fruit and diversified tastes, and this is My business plan is
  • 北台科大 Tomato 49861126
  • My business plan is to sell tomatoes
  • Johnson49861109
  • My business plan is the future and a group of like-minded partners in the creation of a trading company, and with our respective expertise allow the company to become the largest cross-strait a trading company.
  • b9602120 陳曦涵
  • My business plan is the clothing store. Combined with a wider range of countries as well as future or past style. Marketing aspects. Could go to some well-known artists to wear my clothes at big occasions. Try to open a number of well-known.