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Like most people out there, I too fear the prospect of unemployment; therefore, I started looking for a viable business concept that is not labor intensive.  After some brain storming, I have settled on the idea of selling unique baby products on the Internet.  I came across this rather goofy-looking Pillow Wig.  After some modifications, I believe it can effectively protect infants from hurting their heads; head injuries suffered during childhood could lead to headaches and memory problems as kids reach adulthood.

I have revealed a number of my own my business ideas in my handouts.  Now it is your turn to show off your creativity.  Albert Einstein was said, "Creativity is more important than knowledge."  I believe this statement is especially true during an economic recession.  This competition may very well be the turning point in your lives for all it takes is a good idea to strike it rich these days.  Let your imagination go wild and have fun with it.  

The winners of this competition will receive a unique gift from me.  If I really dig your business concept, I may even quit teaching and invest in your business.



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